Texting While Riding With A Machine Gun

Lucky he’s not driving, or he would get a ticket in most states:

The picture was actually taken in Syria, while they were travelling 80MPH into the city of Aleppo to kick some ass (or get lunch and some beer with his bros when they respond to his text).

Source – CJChivers (Author of THE GUN)

First of all I thought he had his finger on the trigger… but upon closer inspection of the hi-res pictures on CJ’s site, the guy has it behind the trigger.  Interesting choice of resting spots.

Other guesses on what he’s texting?

Hat tip: Steve


20 responses to “Texting While Riding With A Machine Gun”

  1. “Help! Carolyn McCarthy is chasing us screaming something about a shoulder thing!”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha nice Steve.

  2. “Yes Mum, I’ve got my ballistic plates on…”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good one!

  3. “Hey Hamid, you’ll never believe what I’m doing!”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  4. My guess is he is Instagram-ing a picture and posting it to Tumblr

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s gold haha. *double taps picture*

  5. EchoVictor76 Avatar

    probably getting instructions from his Muslim Brotherhood bosses.

  6. These Sunday drivers are irritating me.

  7. “No mom, I won’t be home from dinner. YES! I remembered to take vitamins. No, I didn’t have the oil changed. No, it probably won’t matter. Yes, I’ll grab you some bread on the way back.”

  8. MrMaigo Avatar

    Friend: having party. byob ;)
    Gunner: another sausage fest? lul

  9. whatcha doin man?

    just bustin sum caps at sum niggas all caught up in sum bullshit

    fo real?

    lol yeah. #btichbettahavemymoney

  10. BS on the doing 80 MPH. There is NO blur of his shirt, which would be flapping. The linked ammo would be arcing back, the strap would be streaming straight back.

    Moving? Possibly. 80 MPH, NO WAY!!!

    Its is a funny pic, though!

  11. I imagine the finger would be behind the trigger because he can easily hold himself still while the vehicle is moving and he doesn’t have to take his hand off of the gun. That’s my guess.

    As far as the text goes: “Any place to get a decent burger around here? Last place gave me the runz”

  12. Cuban Pete Avatar
    Cuban Pete

    3 bar reception bitchaz. Luv 4 all my ngga #ahmedkillinnigga

  13. +1 on holding inside the trigger guard to steady himself. Plus, if he is going 80 mph having his finger on the trigger guard would give him a huge chance of hitting a bump and slipping onto the trigger.
    Text= Directions?

  14. Gunner: U ever been to Aleppo?
    Friend: Nope, have u?
    Gunner: On my way.
    Friend: I’ll go someday, seems nice.
    Gunner: Better hurry if you know what I mean ;-)

  15. Text: “lol, dude I accidently shot Tariq and a goat back there, WTF!? I though Allah was supposed to guide my bullets?”

    Driver: “ABED! Watch your damn sector!”

    Abed sends new text: “Sheesh, Mr. Super-Saladin is breakin my balls over here : ( “

  16. Text message is the easiest way to communicate. He could easily be getting a mission update from a mass text to everyone. It’s easier then trying to yell on the move.