AK-47-AR-15-M4gery Assault Rifle With Target Grip And VFG

Editorial cartoon troll at its finest:

Looks like somebody watched Echelon Conspiracy.

The only thing I’m slightly impressed with is that they managed to capture the essence of the curvature the 7.62x39mm magazine has.  I’m sure that was on purpose *eye roll*.

At least with sights like that the shooter would just be hitting the ceiling.  Although since the rifle has a pistol grip, a high capacity assault magazine and a vertical fore grip (VFG) the damage is bound to be incomprehensible. 


Hat tip: Kev


19 responses to “AK-47-AR-15-M4gery Assault Rifle With Target Grip And VFG”

  1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    “Although since the rifle has a pistol grip, a high capacity assault magazine and a vertical fore grip (VFG) the damage is bound to be incomprehensible.”

    Don’t forget the “shoulder thing that goes up.” ;)

    This made me laugh a lot:

    “At least with sights like that the shooter would just be hitting the ceiling.”

    To think someone wasted who knows how long drawing that. Must’ve been on the toilet, watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” at the time.

  2. Wow, wtf? Way to go…

  3. ThatGuy Avatar

    I’m not sure how the cartoon is intended, but I read it as “gun control doesn’t work.”

  4. It’s a caricature of an “assault rifle” not a technical schematic and the text makes a good point.

  5. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    I have one of those! lol

  6. Total Failure. No sinister muzzle device.

  7. Mike, I think you’re being too hard on the drawing and not praising the message enough. I hope this cartoon was actually printed in newspapers because sheeple need to see this.

  8. I think i’m missing the humor in this…probably because only someone in support of gun control would get it.

    1. Komodo Saurian Avatar
      Komodo Saurian

      The humour is that a criminal is not going to ask for a permission to use a gun, you silly wackjob. Taking the guns away from civilians by law will effectively restrict gun use to public shootings and other related activities.

  9. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    Lovely sarcasm, I like it.

  10. hydepark Avatar

    Didn’t we all agree to start calling them standard capacity mags?

    1. BrowningBottoms Avatar

      I prefer to call them fuel cells. When you use the automotive analogy it makes more sense to the uninformed.

  11. Is it pointing out that these are the only places that restrict citizen carry? I cant tell if this is pro gun or anti gun????

  12. It’s saying that gun control effectively makes gun free zones (movie theaters, malls etc) the only place that shootings will happen, because that’s where good people are disarmed.

    Perhaps the wording could’ve been better on the cartoon considering so many people aren’t getting it.

  13. That could just as easily be an AWB legal AR-15. No muzzle device, fix the stock, and it could be a 10 round magazine that simply looks like a 30 round magazines with a bullet button.

    Most liberals don’t realize how pointless the AWB was. It was a looks ban.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha you and I obviously have different tolerance levels for artistic licences taken when it comes to firearms.

  14. dave w Avatar

    i like the very bat-wing-ed influence in the stock, pistol grip and sight/handle.

  15. What the fuck bro…lol it’s like looking at a cartoon and saying the guys head is too big. He looks down and he’d execute a front flip. Really? Reeeeaaaaalllly!? I’m mean….reeeeealllly? That’s all you came up with? Those sights would hit the ceiling. Lol who the fuck are you? Lol…at least I got a good laugh. It’s a …CARTOON….dumbass!

    Look up the term…

    Cartoon = Noun
    A simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in an EXAGGERATED way, esp. in a newspaper or magazine.