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  • Some Rifles Are Assaulty Looking And Therefore Bad

    This is pretty standard anti-gun rhetoric: Yawn. I really wish they would get new material. The whole “this rifle looks scary” thing just shows their ignorance. The NEED argument is getting annoying too.  Come up with something better. Thoughts? Hat tip: Weerd

  • AR-15 Banana Clip

    A Del Monte x Dole collab as you can see: High capacity assault clips oh my! Who knows maybe if there’s another war, companies like Dole and Del Monte really will start stepping up and manufacturing AR-15 magazines with their current equipment?  Stranger things have happened. Actually, it’s important to remember… 30 is standard.

  • Ping Pong Ball Assault Rifle Art

    Optical Illusion art at its finest.  This is incredible: Artist Michael Murphy of Milledgeville, GA want’s to get the conversation about gun control going.  On display at the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) in Chattanooga TN until the end of June. “Guns are fetishized in the U.S.,” says Murphy, an artist and assistant professor of art…

  • Assault Muskets And The Mentally Unstable

    I don’t think this video was originally meant to be funny: But as you can see it’s hilarious.  Ban assault muskets.  I know some of you are going to say “It’s because the powder is black, isn’t it?” OMG How did he miss that shot?! The group that came out with this hilarious vid is…

  • Thoughts On The Vilifying Of The AR-15

    FACT: The AR-15 was initially designed to fire bubbles and butterflies: People are going to believe whatever the mainstream media tells them, unless they care enough to do the leg work to educate themselves.  I agree with what MrColionNoir said though that all guns are definitely dangerous, that’s the point. <— Ban t-shirts that mock…