Christian Bale Visits Aurora Colorado Hospital

Christian Bale is the Goddamn Batman and also “the” man:

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Bale spent about two-and-a-half hours at the Medical Center of Aurora, Bill Voloch, the interim president of the facility, told the Denver Post, adding that he met with five people being treated there and two others brought in from another hospital.

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What’s also really awesome is that Christian Bale is seemingly staying out of the whole gun control argument.  You know he’s been asked a million times what he thought in the last few days…

On another note, LOL @ James Holmes that piece of shit… I can’t wait until he goes full-sideshow-bob and gets dreads in that mop.  It’s too bad they won’t throw him into general population and let the wolves deal with him. I’d rather see that than the wimpy death penalty.



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  1. Aftermath Avatar

    I like that at 1:31 they scroll across a still image of a .22 sub caliber rifle with the text “bought high power rifle” (while the audio repeats what you are reading), not even getting into the fact that a standard AR-15 wouldn’t be high-powered either.

    Common unintentional trolling by the media.

  2. Unfortunately, the so-easy-a-caveman-could-do-it insanity plea will probably preclude the death penalty.

  3. Doyletoo Avatar

    Cant fault him for showing some decency and not making a spectacle of the visit.

  4. Yeah, given that Bale is a Brit, its natural to assume that the 2nd Amendment and American gun politics might be very strange and alien to him, and he might be tempted to give the British perspective on how to handle “Gun Violence” (which is ban more lawful activities, and pay the police bonuses for covering up gun crimes in the commonwealth).

    He didn’t, he just paid his respects to a bunch of people who had been out late that night specifically to see HIM.

    Class Act!

    1. I live about 5 minutes from where the shootings happened. It was good to know that Mr. Bale, while likely not out saving the world (e.g., probably relaxing after thinking about how much he was going to make in royalties opening weekend), I’m glad to know he took some of his own time to do this.

      With that being said, I’d imagine someone on his PR team suggested he avoid the gun politics debate, especially around people whose thoughts were not fully centered on gun laws/politics, and rather about the horrible events that had just taken place, and how to personally recover from them. While the gun control debate will likely spiral way out of control over the next few months (on BOTH sides), I think the place and time for it is not during visits to critically injured/those grieving over lost ones.

      I’m curious to see how the victims stand out for/against gun rights. I was forced to watch Bowling for Columbine in one of my high school classes – we had an aging liberal douche for a teacher – and I was really shocked when they interviewed the kid from Columbine who was AGAINST gun control. But I was young and naive then. I’d really be ecstatic to see some who were victims in this tragedy try to bring some positive change about by creating more freedom against these “gun free zones” here in CO.

    2. I resent that comment entirely, whilst it might seem that way what with the law here in the UK, there’s a huge amount of opposition to the way firearms are shunned, but believe it or not, there IS a healthy shooting community and industry.

  5. i should say, “especially around people whose thoughts MIGHT NOT BE fully centered on gun politics, ect.”

    I know if I had been in that movie theater, and putting my opinion on guns out the window for the moment, I would be less concerned about gun control and how the f*** to get my life back together after an event like that. At least for the imminent future.

    This is a Simon Mall owned mall, and they aren’t exactly known for their gun friendly stance. I dunno if they had security at the doors and/or metal detectors at the doors (I never go into the Simon Malls on principle) but if they did/do, in the state of CO, anyone carrying on mall property is committing a crime. Felony, I dunno – I would assume it has the possibility of being one – most people who lawfully carry a gun appreciate that right. Therefore, they don’t want to risk a felony and perhaps give up their guns unwillingly for trying to protect themselves/their family. Two solutions – break the law, or find somewhere else to shop. I don’t want to point blame at Simon malls for this tragedy, but I always wonder how it could have been different had they been a bit more friendly to gun owners.

  6. Joe Mama Avatar
    Joe Mama

    Denver Chris – How would carrying in the theater be a felony??

  7. spencer Avatar

    Christian bale has a reputation as being a bit of a method actor. That’s why the director of Terminator Salvation stood up for him when he bitched out that lighting crew member by saying he was in character. Method Actors try to become their characters by trying to think like their characters. IOW Christian Bale was probably telling himself he is batman when filming the batman trilogy.

    Of course this isn’t the same as someone who honestly thinks their a comic book character.

  8. I really like the fact that he didn’t let any media into the hospital and that he didn’t want them alerted. He did the right thing.

  9. The Aurora Mall and the Century Theater are two different occupancies owned by two different companies. However both have posted No Gun signs -(According to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners – In Colorado it is not a felony to carry at an occupancy with a posted no gun sign (Other than schools or government buildings etc.). All a private business can do is ask you to leave – if you do not leave you can be charged with trespassing. You cannot be charged with a weapons violation in an occupancy like the Century Theater or the Aurora Mall.

    I say kudos to Bale. Seems like a good guy and nice to seem him here supporting those affected by this shooting. Kept a good low profile.

    1. Joe Mama Avatar
      Joe Mama

      Gotcha, thanks. Same here in GA.

  10. CO uses the mcnaughten rule, with the state having the burden of proof. They will have to prove that he was not psychotic. However, they have from the beginning of the crime, 6months. I think they will find some instance during that time period to show that he was cognizant. Furthermore, the execution rate in CO is arguably the lowest in all of the 37 states that allow capital punishment. I am going to bet that bubba is going to f&*$ his eye sockets and s$&@ down his neck!

  11. FlynnCastle Avatar

    Gotta love how fickle people are. Back during the filming of Terminator Salvation Bale was an asshole who snapped on someone. Never mind that most of us didn’t get the whole story, never mind what was going on that day, or the day prior, or the week prior we heard Bale yelling on video tape he must be a prick. Now he’s visiting some people who got shot by some dickhead while they were seeing one of his movies. Suddenly he’s a great guy. Again, no way of truly knowing the story, it’s still someone else’s word.

    Me, I tend to hope he’s alright. Not a dickhead. Seems to me that someone who goes and visits the people who get shot while being nice enough to see his work and give him a paycheck is at least somewhat grateful that the paycheck exists. He is, after all, an artist.