Mainstream Media On A Shooting At A Local Mall

The Onion kills it on this one:

hahahhahhahah so true.


Hat tip: Kyle


9 responses to “Mainstream Media On A Shooting At A Local Mall”

  1. That’s awesome. Almost woke the baby up while laughing in bed about the journalists ‘facts’ list when he said it was now shown to be all false.

  2. On the money – just like most Skynews coverage (or Fox), missing the experts back in the studio!

    “Our thoughts are with the victims… if there are any!”

  3. The Onion is my favorite news source. I figure since they’re all jokes it make them far more reliable than and other news media.

  4. Only thing missing was the description of the ‘military styled semi-assault HK47.’

  5. That was spot on!

  6. EnfieldEM2 Avatar


  7. the shooter must have been armed with a Glock 45 armor-piercing assault machine gun – the same one used by terrorists to shoot helicopters out of the sky from 5 miles away… the reason no one knew what was going on was because he had a silencer which makes the gun inaudible

  8. Martin Avatar

    Hey, this is more accurate and better done than what they show on any of the ‘real’ major networks. Good find.

  9. I smell a Pulitzer.