Canon and Nikon Kit Lenses Auto Focus VS IPSC Shooter

Done by the greatest Asian guy with a British accent to ever review cameras:

Poor guys have to practice IPSC with airsoft. :/  Oh well as long as they’re having fun I guess.  Definitely a cheaper way to work on the fundamentals.

To me, the best part about IPSC is seeing the ridiculous scenarios they come up with.

I’m a Canon guy (I’ve got a Canon 60D), and not because I don’t like Nikon, but I’ve just never seen a reason to buy one over a Canon.  I definitely have to start doing double taps with my camera, just because.


Hat tip: ColionNoir who has been known to put in solid work in front of the lens.


14 responses to “Canon and Nikon Kit Lenses Auto Focus VS IPSC Shooter”

  1. Vhyrus Avatar

    If there was ever a man who looked LESS like he sounded I have yet to hear of him.

  2. Rickenbacker Avatar

    Since we got digital cameras, ‘film’ is suddenly free! I always set my camera to take sequential pictures and snap 3-4 each time, because if the light is tricky, that guarantees that ONE of those shots will be free from motion blur.

    I also have a Nikon, always have had, but don’t really see a difference between them and Canon other than the exterior design and ergonomics.

  3. Danny Ondrey Avatar
    Danny Ondrey

    That voice does not sound like it should be coming outta that face.

  4. Gilbert Stroud Avatar
    Gilbert Stroud

    I hope this isn’t foreshadowing the next “evolution” in IPSC and other shooting competitions – aiming a camera installed within a mock gun to record hits, that way no projectiles are being used. Almost as bad as using lasers a la Olympic competitions now.

  5. BrowningBottoms Avatar

    Someone needs to eat.

  6. someone give that man a sandwich!

  7. Andrew Avatar

    not gunna lie, I would rock a IPSC airsoft rig all day long!

  8. That guys voice is wild, and that airsoft gun is legit!

    1. Andrew Avatar

      Glad I’m not the only one who sees that!

  9. I’m a big fan of the DigitalRev guys… their videos are always entertaining.

  10. Andrew Avatar

    He needs to work on his accuracy. I saw too many C zone hits or full on misses!

  11. I’ve just recently started watching these guys’ videos…I could watch (and listen) to them all day, lol.