*insert 1911 jokes here, and standard comment about how I wish I could get a glock grip on my AR* :P


Hat tip: Paul


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  1. I’ll take six of those, please.

  2. LOL that looks terrible. I’d much rather have a deagle grip. OBVIOUSLY.

  3. Why would *anyone* sully a 1911 by making it part of an AR-15 lower.

    /me ducks


    1. Viktor Avatar

      Because they have an ar-45? :p

  4. but…. I want it. :(

    Was thing a kitchen gunsmith thing, or is someone making these?

    1. It is a real thing and is made by Pearce Grip for about $15 bucks. The left side grip however will need some modification to allow the safety lever to function correctly.

  5. This is an awesome idea !!
    I run home and try this, and then I’ll say if I prefer the classic M16-M4 grip.

  6. ok, but where’s the one for the AK? Or does that get a Makarov style grip?

  7. Bryan S. Avatar
    Bryan S.

    You’ve been able to buy 45 grip blocks for M16 mounting lugs for easily over a decade. Pearce makes one, and various paintball accessory outfits made them as most of the early paintball guns used M16 (AR) grip mounts.

    Ive got a euro style (similar to an HK) grip on mine, came from a paintball gun.

  8. Glock grip on a AR? That’s simply Plumb Crazy! lol

  9. That looks weirdly comfortable. I might unironically want one.

  10. Not my style…

  11. Dom P. Avatar

    Amazing the rifle starts to rust and jams on the first pull of the trigger.

    1. uherdme Avatar

      The Glock version is available no… want to suck a cock on the first trigger pull, then the rifle kabooms

  12. Martin Avatar

    Now you can buy grips for yo grips Dawg! Insert Xzibit Meme here.

  13. What, no Ed Brown Bobtail conversion?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  14. k.rollin Avatar

    I ran a similar setup on my first AR, using the grip from a CCI Phantom VSC.

  15. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    No thanks.