Manufacturing .22 LR Ammunition

CCI breaks it down for us:

They manufacture 4 Million rounds of rimfire in a day?!   Wow… that’s a lot of shooting.

CCI does make some beautiful looking .22 LR ammo, compared to the Winchester and Federal bulkpack stuff.  Interesting how much human interaction is still involved in the process.  The video looks oldschool though, so I wonder how many of those people have been replaced with machines since then.

<— They really need to put an ammo dispensing machine in their lobby where customers can sample after a tour. :P



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  1. Well considering it was uploaded in February 2011, it probably can’t be that old.

    And they probably added a few more humans in just for show.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea uploaded in 2011… the video looks like it was made in the 80s or 90s though.

      1. TomThumb Avatar

        I don’t think that video is over 5 years old… it was first aired durring the Odumbshit scare and I wondered how they could make so much ammo a day and I couldn’t find ANY…

      2. Can you send the video to me?

  2. Rob S Avatar

    That is an interesting process. Thanks for posting it.

  3. I wonder if they work 365 days/year? I keep hearing the ammo makers are running extra shifts and running all the time to keep up with demand. That’s almost 1.5 billion rounds of .22 from that plant alone! Even if they only work 5 days a week and close down for two weeks, that’s still 1 billion rounds.

    One factory.

  4. Huh… that’s cool.

  5. I’ve seen that one before. Cool video for sure. I love watching how companies work and how things get made.

  6. 5:57 mark
    Standing over a vibrating table of lead dust, handling the stuff all day long.
    I wonder what the turnover is for that gig?

  7. the_boo Avatar

    just letting you know…i work there…its made the exact same way today…the video is about 4 years old…the fat chick spreading the priming mix is what i do lol

    1. TeosSon Avatar

      Do you have the vid?????

    2. Ken Mattern Avatar
      Ken Mattern

      What’s the scuttle butt on 22 ammo on the inside ….@CCI?

  8. TeosSon Avatar

    Does anyone have the video????? It has been deleted for some reason.

    the_boo, you have vid?????

  9. Why is this video no longer available??

  10. Timothy Boswell/Triple B Guns and Ammo Avatar
    Timothy Boswell/Triple B Guns and Ammo

    interested in buying 22 LR ammo and brass for loading, 45Long Colt, 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 45 ACP. Thanks

  11. OK, so I didn’t get to see the video because it’s gone but according to what’s been said this Factory produces 4 million rnds per day, one factory, 4 MILLION ROUNDS OF .22LR PER DAY!!!! I am in the Firearms Retail Business and have not seen .22LR on my shelves since September 2012 in any consistant numbers. My question is this, “WHO IS GETTING ALL THIS AMMO?”.

  12. richard mason Avatar
    richard mason

    1 canot find 22mag 0n the internet or stores in fl;ala;ga? what up!

  13. s.r.smith Avatar

    Where id the video go? i have not found it on any other site.

  14. Thomas Elam Avatar
    Thomas Elam

    I am looking to purchase all the manufacturing equipment needed to construct, prime, and load all 22 rim fire ammunition to include 17 hmr. This is to include bullet forming, aneling, primer, powder loading, and bullet seating equipment, Please make all bids F.O.B. Anchorage, Alaska USA Sincerely Thomas Elam

  15. james davis Avatar
    james davis

    Why cant citizens find 22 ammo in any stores in the south. It seems the government has curtailed the supply of 22lr and 22mag ammo.The walmart super center in my town receives about 20 225round boxes of remmington ammo every 6 weeks which is sold out within 10 min of placement on the shelves.The limit is one box per customer. I havn t seen any cci ammo in this store in over 2 years.If you produce 4 million rounds a day it would seem that sooner or later there would be any plentiful supply at my local walmart store . What is goi;ng on and why is there a shortage of 22 rimfire ammo.Pease answer this with a truthful answer.

  16. Ken Mattern Avatar
    Ken Mattern

    CCI et al would rather we pay $48 per brick and feel like we are getting a deal. Spending millions to increase production and drive the price down is foolish Capitalism.
    I’m 67 and my squirrel ammo used to cost me 59 cents a box of 50 at the Western Auto. Most of the shooters who come to our range don’t even remember $18 a brick, they just pay and spray.


  17. Thomas Elam Avatar
    Thomas Elam

    I live in Wasilla, Alaska and have a very good friend whom is a Winchester factory rep. We have discussed the lack of rimfire ammo and he worked for a few months to try and get a reasonable answer. This is what he came up with. The great Obama created gun scare, the school shootings and all the gun turmoil they created actually caused about 20,000,000 (twenty million) people whom never cared for, or didn’t like guns to purchase them. Well after a few visits to s place to shoot, they discovered what all of us gun enthusiasts all ready knew. It was a hell of a lot of fun. so 20 million x 100 rounds per day = 2 billion rounds per day over and above what the rest of us use. made sense to me. Thomas Elam

    1. so I take it then that the next precious metal will become LEAD so forget all the prepper BS and silver and gold, BUY LEAD NOW

  18. wayne greene Avatar
    wayne greene

    why is it impossible to find your 22caliber ammo anywhere?

  19. I am interested in purchasing all the machines required to manufacture .22 LR ammo. Would you please contact me about this? I would also like to discuss the possibility of purchasing a large quantity of .22 LR.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Steve Howard

  20. Thomas Elam Avatar
    Thomas Elam

    Hello Mr. Howard, Just to manufacture 22 cal’ ammo. short, long, long rifle, in all categories, 22 magnum in all categories, and 17 hmr. it costs in the neighbor hood of 25 + million dollars for all machines. This is over and above all the permits, licenses and the legal crap, the trained personnel, the environmental issues, ect ect. This is to produce 500,000, rounds a day. If you have this kind of credit line contact my friends at CCI in Lewiston, Idaho and I’m sure they will work with you. Good luck I hope this helps you. Tom

    1. Mr. Elam, I spent my life in the machine/manufacturing field and I think you should tell the folks here the real truth, and not blow it out of proportions

    2. David Avatar

      Mr. Elam, do you have 25 mil? Just a little while ago I thought you were writing about looking for the equipment to load .22. Now you act like its an impossible dream, have you reconsidered?

  21. marvin evan Avatar
    marvin evan

    If you produce 4 million rnds a day why cant I buy them anywhere?????????????????? Don’t understand

  22. john dembicky Avatar
    john dembicky

    what is going on with the 22 long rifle shells i was limited 2 boxs of american eagle shells 50 count box. last week went back and was told that 40 count now is the new standard. but the price went up a 1.00 a box. instead of my 100 rounds now im only getting 80 rounds and paying 2.00 more per box. rhis is bull shit i guess i will sell my 22. march 3 2016

  23. jay faust Avatar

    cant get .17 hmr in cornwall uk . but there as many .22 as you want .

  24. Ralph Saville Avatar
    Ralph Saville

    I chased our 2 local Wal Mart stores here in upstate NY and our local Dick’s store relentlessly for 2 years. I had more unsuccessful trips than not, but when I was all done I had over 47,000 rounds in Super-X, Remington, CCI, Federal, American Eagle and even some Philippine brand I cannot recall at this moment. 9000 rounds of M-22 by Winchester alone! Persistence paid off. I finally had to quit when I realized I had more than I would ever need and when I ran out of space to keep them. Let the Dumbocrats try to take them away now!

  25. Bill Patterson Avatar
    Bill Patterson

    The answer, I believe, relates to basic economics. Specifically, the interplay between supply and demand. So, the underlying ? is “What caused the .22 LR rimfire ammo scarcity?” I believe the answer lies within basic economics, specifically the oldest of economic principles…the interplay between supply and demand. That principle states that if demand exceeds supply, the price of the product/service increases. Look at the two items, supply and demand. From all the info I have seen, the supply of .22 rimfire ammo has increased quite drastically. Obviously, demand has increased. Remember that it costs a retailer $ to maintain any given product on his shelves; it is $ not turning over. So, the retailer, if he has the product, is going to turn it over. But, at what price…and THAT IS THE POINT. Suppose any given retailer is constantly supplied 100 bricks of 500 rounds each of .22 RF per quarter at a cost to him of $10/brick. If he sells all 100 bricks to first demand @ $15, he has taken in $1,500, with a profit of $500. However, if he shelf stocks only 10 bricks at a time at retail price of $20/brick,and in doing so suggesting a scarcity of supply, he eventually will clear $500 EXTRA profit. Do not forget that the U.S. government’s military branches do not use .22 cal. rimfire ammo in operations. Their only use is what they issue to TOTC rifle teams, and this process is declining; how many ROTC cadets do you know? Conclusion……the retailers are making a huge profit while claiming they can not get resupplied. Proof, you ask? Yesterday, 11/24/2017, I bought 10 bricks @ $19.99 each at Dick’s an hour before closing. The retailers are coaching their supply of .22 ammo into greater profit.