Griping About Guns For Girls

The gun store guys handle some pink guns and show alternatives:

I really think the whole “pink” conniption some people have is hilarious.  In general i’d say women like pink as a color, so why wouldn’t manufacturers make guns in that color?  The bottom line is if that color didn’t sell, no one would offer it.  They don’t make burgundy colored firearms for either sex for a reason…. or do they? :P

No thoughts on shooting illegal Mexicans immigrants in this particular video, so that was refreshing. I still can’t believe they went there.

Thoughts?  Ever see a guy with a pink gun?


15 responses to “Griping About Guns For Girls”

  1. Vhyrus Avatar

    My woman HATES pink and refuses to even look at a pink gun….

    She wants purple, which is literally impossible to find.

    1. TomThumb Avatar

      Duracoat… make your lady happy…

  2. TomThumb Avatar

    @ 9:00 breaking basic rules of firearms safety… “I don’t want to shoot someone but I want to scare them off with my gun (aka point my gun at them and not be ready to destroy them)” = your not informed, educated and confident enough to carry a gun for protection…

    carrying a gun for protection means you have to be willing to use that tool to defend your (or someone else’) life…

  3. I find their videos less and less useful as time goes by.
    Choosing a rifle for kids was interesting, shooting gangsta style was really fun, but they tend to be less accurate (like $200 in 1920’s equals $9000 now), and less objective.

    Who the hell cares about the color of your gun? It’s like the color of your car, it depends on what you like, and it doesn’t make it faster or safer… Like they say, it’s sometimes EXACTLY the same gun, but with a pink frame or with a golden rose on the top. As long as it’s OK for your purpose and it doesn’t make it shoot funny… Keep selling them for 1 1/2 the price of the regular one and shut up. Or you women step up and make the manufacturers understand the color is not your primary concern…

  4. And I agree with Tom, if you want to deter someone, get a dog, not a firearm.

  5. Andrew Avatar

    My wife is not a gun nut like me, but she wanted to give it a try. So first we found a gun she liked, and then we started finding a color she liked. We ended up getting her a bit-tone XDm, and she’s not sure if she wants to get the frame painted pink. If she wants to do it, I’ll get it done for her. I’m more interested in getting her into shooting than scaring her away by ranting and raving about her color choices.

  6. What if I want a manly salmon-colored M&P?

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      No no its CORAL not SALMON. Get it right Bear!

  7. Andrew Avatar

    When I bought my mom her first gun it was a single action .22lr/22Mag and it had Pink Mother of Pearl Birds head grips on it and the pistol was black. TBH it looked slick and still looks like a nice gun. But when I was buying it the sales staff looked at me in a odd way and even odder when I came back the next day to shoot it at the range. Colour is all personal taste. I still take my moms pink revovler to the range with me…

  8. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    The only reason Gun Manufacturers would make some guns have colorful grips ans stuff like that is because there is a market for it. If there were no market for it then it would not exist. These guys love to hear themselves talk.

  9. They do have a valid point though about these “ladies” guns not really being necessary. Where are the pink full sized pistols? Do gun companies think all women are too small and weak to handle a full sized pistol?

    1. BradmanX Avatar

      I think they do, sadly…
      There are women who could handle a full-sized pistol, just like there are men who can’t, myself probably fitting in that latter category.

  10. Tyler Avatar

    I think you have to look at this from a different angle. literally. if you were a bad guy how would you feel getting shot by someone with a PINK gun. its psycological warfare and ACTUAL warfare at the same time. I’ve always thought (if i were an LEO) that it would be interesting to carry pink handcuffs. sure I may be carrying them. but the guy I arrest has to wear them into the jail.

    1. Very good point, I got find myself a glitter-pink-colored pepper spray, with a girly-girl “my little pony” body!

    2. I was channel surfing the other night and watched a female officer from Broward(sp??) county FL hook a guy up with some bright pink cuffs. Very funny.