Fixing The Glock Pig Nose

I’m one of those “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” kind of guys.  My full size Glocks both suffer from pignose, but I really couldn’t care less because they work fine. Come to think of it, I should start blaming my less than impressive marksmanship on that hahaha.

I’m actually surprised that the “fix” he demonstrated in the video actually worked.  I though the Glock frame would be made from a polymer that wasn’t so affected by heat.  Sure those heat guns blow air that is “hot”, but they don’t get that hot.

Thoughts?  Does pignose actually bother any of you?  Are you going to fix it?


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  1. L.Jefe Avatar

    I don’t carry a Glock for cosmetic purposes. If you want to look pretty, go get yourself a matching Gucci holster to match your purses. With that said, my Glocks have always been ugly, abused, and maintained. I carry them because they work.

  2. Jayson Avatar

    i’ll be damned. I’ve never even considered the front of the glock ugly or pig-nosed, but I’ve noticed the frame sweeping up towards the front for as long as i can remember. I must be one of the few people who think the glock is freaking cool looking, totally stock, and needs no meddling. The grip angle is fine, the cosmetic is fine, and it shoots straight. I stone the extractors (just a LICK) to get an even, consistent ejection path but that’s it.

    I personally am not surprised that the heat gun allowed that frame to bend; I tthink the heatgun I got from harbor freight could freakin bend steel ! on the high setting, it is brutal. my IR thermometer can’t go that high so i dunno it’s max. But there are some brutal heat guns out there. a red hot coil with a fan, without all the pleasentness required to dry hair safely.

    I do think meddling with the frame is a less than good idea.

    tl:dr, sorry

  3. Patrick McD Avatar
    Patrick McD

    Weird, my xD’s don’t do that.

  4. TomThumb Avatar

    Glock, what a pile of shit… if I had one and it did that I’d send it back to them and make them fix it…

    (if you hadn’t noticed by now that was sarcasm…) what a useless waste of time, first to fix it then to top it off he made a video of it… eesh…

    on the other hand, the Glock shouldn’t warp like that anyways… for shame Glock, for shame…

  5. Andy from CT Avatar
    Andy from CT

    My XD .45 doesn’t have that issue. My FNP Tactical doesn’t have it either. Neither did my USP .45

    But hey, this is Glock “Perfection”. I’m sure the pignose trait can be attributed to limp wristing or using crappy lead reloads.

  6. Jake Whitepaw Avatar
    Jake Whitepaw

    Heck, I don’t let it bother me. All the Glocks I have used have been used hard and stay reliable year after year. “Pig nose” is pretty much a non issue as far as I’m concerned.

    To all you fellows hating on Glock just because of the “pig nose”, get your tiny little wieners back in your pants. Nobody cares about hearing how your favorite pistols are superior to Glocks. (;

    1. Andy from CT Avatar
      Andy from CT

      I’ve let go of my Glock hate a couple years ago. But I’m an instructor now and I recommend Glocks all the time. I recommend a lot of different guns too. Glocks are just not my cup of tea. Regardless of my personal preferences I will not do a disservice to my students by telling them to get anything but a Glock. They are very reliable and robust pistols.

      But being able to bend the dustcover with an index finger screams “chintzy”. Gives it a “cheap” feel. And the fact that it doesn’t affect performance whatseover doesn’t change that. For some, perception is reality. A video like this doesn’t help in that regard.

      1. Jake Whitepaw Avatar
        Jake Whitepaw

        Good stance, and good point about perception being a reality. A while back, that was the case with me, and though it doesn’t bother me any more, I really can’t blame anyone who is put off by the “pig nose”. Good thing there are many other fantastic pistols out there for a comparable price.

  7. jpcmt Avatar

    I wonder what causes the inclination upward. It’s not like a holster pushes the dust cover up like that. Oh well, obviously insignificant. Also, i think the video maker, who’s normally quite the comedian, is doing this for fun (hence the commentary and captions), and not to encourage anyone to notice or do something about this non-issue.

  8. JonMac Avatar

    Interesting. Did the Gen1 & 2 suffer this effect too?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yes, they did.

  9. NikonMikon Avatar

    “Sure those heat guns blow air that is “hot”, but they don’t get that hot.”

    nah bro they get hot as fuck, dont confuse them for hair dryers. that would be a semi fatal mistake!


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Cooking bacon in 5 minutes is hardly what I’d call ridiculously hot.

      1. NikonMikon Avatar

        if you touched a stove that was hot enough to cook bacon you’d say “man thats hot as fuck”

        coincidentally a heat gun’s output is like 700 degrees so i’d say “hot as fuck” is a safe description. ridiculously hot i dunno….. hot enough to scorch paper instantly though

  10. John D Avatar

    If the “Pig-Nose” really bothers you- field strip while setting to boil a small pan of water- when water has come to a boil, dip and hold the dust-cover portion of the frame under the boiling water for no more than a minute- immediately press the hot frame flat against a counter top- not too much pressure – hold there until mostly cool- Presto- no more “Pig-Nose”. Surprisingly, it will hold the now flatter shape, even after running 3 15 round mags in a row. This method is fast and carries little to no risk of damaging your frame.
    (And yeah, the “Pig-Nose bothered me).

    1. Thanks. Just did it and worked perfectly.

  11. The bent rail does not matter until you want to mount a laser to it… and you run out of adjustment. Then out comes the heat gun.. fixed.