BMW M5 Bullet – High Performance Art

Damn this is awesome:

The M5 still is one of my favorite cars in that price range.  They really did a nice job capturing the slow motion breaking of the targets, and the essence of shooting with the commercial.



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  1. The M-line from BMW has been pure awesome since the 80’s, but I’m skeptical to the new developments. They’ve always been badass naturally aspirated engines, but the newest M5 has turbos. Haven’t driven it, so can’t say if it affects the feeling, but…
    With the 1-series, the turbos and the rumored shift to FWD, seems they’ve forgotten their customers are drivers…

    1. Top Gear UK tested the new M5 in season 18. They loved it. It’s even faster than the V10 was. I doubt BMW will go to FWD. It would be like the Catholic Church turning Hindu. The only thing I don’t like about the M-series is that I can’t afford one and also I live in an area of the midwest that is usually covered in snow except June-August. I have a WRX right now, but in five years I’d like to trade that for a Nissan GTR.

      1. You kidding me? Wintertime is the best time to drive a BMW :D
        Well, if it’s sufficiently powerful, any time of the year is great, but when you’re rocking a 20 year old E36 320, winter is when the real fun happens, at least here in Norway :D

  2. Jayson Avatar

    When I drove a C5, these fuckin M cars used to embarass me constantly. Yeah, it’s badass. I want one totally murdered out, flat black. That would be swell. Armored too if possible.

  3. Best car commercial since Ricardo Montalban’s 1975 Chrylser Cordoba commercial, where he praised its “soft Corinthian leather.”

  4. Stonking piece of kit !
    I’d be interested to know how fast they were driving with this baby!

    1. bikeman Avatar

      If you pause at 1:17 you can see they are going about 290kph, or approx 180mph.

  5. dave w Avatar

    rifling would have made it even better

    1. so true – firing an M5 out of a musket, although impressive, is not nearly as accurate as shooting one from a rifled barrel ;-)

  6. Bonneville salt flats?

  7. Pretty cool… I have a ton of friends that are BMW fanatics.