Water Ricochet Trick Shot

22plinkster gets it done:

Pretty cool idea.  He’s on private land and the bank seems to slope up so I’m not to worried about the safety aspect.

Wait until it’s windy and there’s waves though fancy shooter boy, then we’ll see whats up. :P

Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?


10 responses to “Water Ricochet Trick Shot”

  1. Hickok45 has a son?

  2. Dom P. Avatar

    Cool. Now do it with a .45 ACP.

  3. Andy B Avatar

    I couldn’t do it WITHOUT the ricochet, so.

  4. ozwald Avatar

    this settles it, my next purchase is gonna be a .22 pistol. any suggestions?

    1. Dom P. Avatar


  5. Brandon Avatar

    I thought that actually was Hickok45 in the preview image from behind.

    1. So did I!

  6. People were giving us shit about “firearm safety”. We know what we are shooting at. http://youtu.be/R6QZsKxUGmU

    1. BrokenForks Avatar

      Hey great idea I should plug my youtube video on everydaynodaysoff.com for extra views and adsense money