Taking A Woman On A Date To The Shooting Range

Funny he came out with this vid, as I was just looking at renewing my indoor range membership so I can take a date there soon.  I probably should go brush up on my operator skills though, because when I last shot a few weeks ago it wasn’t anything to write home about.

1:40 – hahahahha tiger striped gold plated Deagle.  I’ve got a friend with a non tiger stripped .50 DE.. i’ll have to borrow it.  Thanks for the tip! :P

3:16 – “This little girl”  <— *shifty eyes*  stellar recovery though dude…  hahah

I’ll keep you guys updated when I take a girl to the range, and if I get schooled.  Tomorrow night I’ve got a date lined up, but i’m playing it safe and we’re doing sushi, ice cream etc… so I don’t think much could go wrong.



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  1. ol dirty bacon Avatar
    ol dirty bacon

    What you do is you subtly let her think you’re sandbagging and letting her “win.” Works with mini golf too.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea good call.

  2. For me, the range would be date 3-5. I wouldn’t take anyone anywhere near a firearm until I’m pretty sure they have the maturity to accept instruction and handle a firearm safely.
    From then on, the rest of that date is somewhat of a learning/maturity test. It may impress the girl, but it’s more useful as a test. On the way up it’s Four Rules with explanations. Before hitting the lane, I spend a some more time before hand going over safety and instruction and such, if the girl can’t deal with a few minutes of safety and operations before shooting, that’s usually a bad sign.
    Then at the firing line, almost any new shooter will eventually / accidentally do something bad or unsafe or break one of the Four Rules. Finger in the trigger guard during reload, muzzle on the sidewall, that sort of thing. I stand close and immediately point out such a thing if it happens. That’s the real test (for either gender). A mature person will realize their mistake and correct it, an immature person will get annoyed at being corrected.
    Point of all this- most girls in my area haven’t been shooting before. Putting them in a situation where they have responsibility for a dangerous object (the gun) tests how they react to it and to being instructed. And knowing that is IMHO far more useful than a ‘wow I’m manly with my gun’ type attempt to impress.

  3. Ooooooo you got a hot date! Details for sure. Ya know a dating / gun blog has not been done before. I think we got something here!

    1. I own a domain called armedandsingle.com. Seriously.

  4. Dude…photos or the date didn’t happen!

  5. k.rollin Avatar

    What I’ve found works best on the first range trip is just making sure that new shooters are safe and are enjoying themselves; don’t bother trying to impress them, just make it fun. I don’t profess to them that I know everything about shooting or that I am an expert marksman; I just teach them how to be safe, what methods/techniques work best for me, and some alternatives. If corrections are needed, make them, and don’t be an ass about it.

    Of course, I really lucked out with my current girlfriend, as she already owned a G19 and had her WA CPL. She told me she wanted to eat a rabbit, so I restored a Marlin Mod. 60 for her birthday. For our one year anniversary, we took a handgun course with NextLevel Training using the SIRT pistols.

    1. I think women learn faster on the shooting range because they walk up to the firing line with no preconceptions and no bad habits to break. They are willing to listen and learn and don’t let their ego get in the way.

      As men, we know how to shoot because, well, we’re men, just like we know how to hook up a stereo or start a fire with one match*.

      * Actual results may vary.

  6. jodark Avatar

    Don’t forget about the “Henry Bowman Effect”.

    It starts off like this in the second story:
    “Professional shooting instructors have known this for a while. I have heard it referred to as “The Henry Bowman Effect”. Nearly every woman I teach to shoot gets gina tingles so blatant that you can practically see the snail trail when I send them downrange to paste their targets. Now, it doesn’t work so well if you’re a neckbearded fatty, but let me give you a sample of an email I got from a 24-year-old nurse I taught some defensive shooting to last summer:”


    1. k.rollin Avatar

      Henry Bowman, the main character of ‘Unintended Consequences’? He was pretty good with the ladies and handy with a gun IIRC. Maybe it’s time to reread it.

  7. *heartbreak* I started subscribing to MrColionNoir after reading about him here. Damn, if only he was into men.

  8. Phil C Avatar

    don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!

  9. Sean E Avatar

    The first formal date I took my now wife on was to a gun range where she totally smoked me by having an uber customized .17. On the next range date she won the rifle contest we had. I could not have been more proud.
    Lesson for the day

    When you find a gun bunny. Keep her!

  10. Not going to apologize for being a man. That might be my new catch phrase.

  11. I’ve only taken one lady to a range. It was a while after we started dating. She didn’t object to guns, but had never had a chance to learn how to shoot. She was able to get on target. It was with a 1911.

    We probably should have rented a range gun, but she said no.

  12. EdTaylor Avatar

    Where does one find the fine 7.62 t-shirt?