Zimmerman Recounts The Trayvon Shooting Incident

I really don’t know what I believe when it comes to this case.  I know i’d like to take a peek under those bandages. What’s the verdict on his head injuries anyway? I remember there being something at the beginning saying he wasn’t arrested with any.



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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Initially I was pissed at this guy cause I hate it when the media has a reason to come after gun owners and pro legal carry laws. Oh and yes he did have some wounds on the back of his head. Its easy to judge this one after the fact. Hindsight is always 20/20. I don’t think he is guilty of murder.

  2. Sir Stunna Lot Avatar
    Sir Stunna Lot

    @ENDO Mike:
    the liberal media lied about his lack of injuries on the back of his head at first because they “couldnt see any injuries from the surveillance cameras at the police station.” however, he did have bleeding injuries on the back of his head as well as nose (from police and doctor reports). i recommend you look into the evidences of this case by listening to the audio recodings and the police report. im completely on his side on this one.

    1. Jwhite Avatar

      Stunna Lot…

      Can we drop the “liberal” media… All major media outlets spun this into a bigger deal that it was. They made up facts, and statements that had little significance to the actual case. Before GZ was out on bail, he was guilty in the eyes of the media. The only reason this is still dragging out is because o the flurry the media created.

      There is no need to imply that media is liberal. It’s a well known fact that there is also right wing media. That said, we still havent come to the bigger picture. Professional Journalism. I suggest you read a bit about the difference between professional and investigative journalism.


      1. hurf durf Avatar
        hurf durf

        The media is not lefitst. Its only a coincidence that 90%+ voted Obama, have shown themselves time and time again to carry water for leftist causes and distort facts when it comes to anything smelling of the right, such as the white hispanic Zimmerman shooting the 12 year old high school athelete and cutie Martin.

        1. WillAndWind Avatar

          What’s amazing is how you managed to find out who in the media voted for whom. That’s just fucking astounding. Opening with a made up statistic does WONDERS for your argument.

      2. Sir Stunna Lot Avatar
        Sir Stunna Lot

        Whether it is professional journalism or investigative journalism, it was still the bias, race-motivated, liberal media that stirred up this event to a “racist act”. You might not like the word liberal media used, but i am correct. It certainly wasnt the conservative media that edited the original audio recordings shared by ABC that portrayed Zimmerman as a racist…

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ah yea cool thanks.

    3. hydepark Avatar

      What actually happened was MSNBC purposely doctored that video so as to obscure his injuries.

  3. Dr Kranknstein Avatar
    Dr Kranknstein

    I generally agree with James on this one, however I do believe he is guilty. My reasoning behind this is an armed individual cannot go after an unarmed individual who was not breaking a law, not menacing/endangering anyone, and was generally just a person walking down the road…THEN claim the right of no retreat. Does not work that way. He actively sought out and placed himself in a position were he might have to use his firearm. Now I will say that it should not be a murder charge…maybe a reduced charge. However this man has pissed me off by bringing a tremendous amount of bad media attention to law abiding gun owners. Up until the Travon case there were several petitions to have Florida return to an open carry state. Those are out the window now. Thanks dick.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young


      also, the police dispatcher specifically told him NOT to follow Travon, yet he did.

      1. Jon Hutto Avatar
        Jon Hutto

        Actually, he said ‘ok’ and stopped at that point. Most of the media are editing out the end of the call. That is why he was back near the street when the incident happened.

      2. It was not a police dispatcher, it was a 911 dispatcher, they have no authority to command a citizen.

        1. matt RRC Avatar
          matt RRC

          The dispatcher has to cover their ass. In other words they don’t wanna say “Oh sure, shoot him sir”.

      3. hurf durf Avatar
        hurf durf

        Did the police tell Trayvon not to jump Zimmerman and beat his ass?

        Does everybody forget this fucking fact?

        You aren’t allowed to jump on someone and beat their head into the concrete just because they are following you.

    2. George wasn’t going “after” Trayvon, he was trying to keep within sight of him so he could help the police locate him for questioning. When the dispatcher told him to stop following Trayvon he DID. George didn’t bring bad media to gun owners, the bad media USED George along with twisting the truth and straight out lies to further their anti-gun and racist agendas.

    3. SidViscous Avatar

      Right of no retreat doesn’t come into play. Trayvon was on top of him beating him, retreat wasn’t an option. It was plain self defense.

      Granted it is likely Trayvon wasn’t or hadn’t done anything up until the point he assaulted Zimmerman, but that is completely irrelevant once he did assault Zimmerman.

      1. Agreed.

        I would just like to add that we don’t know what Trayvon was doing. As the evidence shown so far is able to enlighten, had he simply been walking back to his father’s girlfriend’s apartment he would have been sitting safely inside instead of dead. Since it was drizzling rain, it would have only made sense that he take a direct route. But, if we take George’s depiction as near accurate, then Trayvon was scoping out the neighborhood. Taken together, it lends credence to George’s cueing on him as possibly “up to no good”.

        Had he been the choir-boy-angel-good-citizen that he was initially portrayed as then he would be dead. He would have walked directly to the apartment and go inside. Instead, he decided to play spy-vs-spy and then physically confront the neighborhood watch. He is dead for his choices.

      2. sapper911 Avatar

        Maybe he hadn’t done anything that evening. But i don’t think that is a coincidence that he was caught with a bag of women’s jewelry at school and there had been a series of robberies in the neighbor hood. My guess would be that the robberies have since stopped. Treyvon was a gangsta wana be thug.

    4. You are absolutely right, if you put yourself into harms way you forfeit your right to self defense.

      The question is, where do you draw that line?

      Drawing that line at your front door is what a lot of people would like us to do. I don’t agree with that.

      Unfortunately the jury is going to decide this one.

  4. Hey Doc, no laws were broken untill slim started beating Zimmermann. I guess when your CC and there is any sign of danger you stand in a corner and face the wall? Your points are invalid anyways because you think open carry is a good idea.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      There’s NOTHING wrong with open carry. There are more benefits than detractions with open carry, they compliment those who ccw.

      1. That comment was more sarcasm than anything. I am not a believer in advertising to criminals and yuppie scared liberals that I am armed. But I agree that every single gun related right must be fought for, tooth and nail. First no open carry, then no carry, then only bolt action rifles, pretty soon were European.

        1. hydepark Avatar

          That’s interesting seeing as how the 2nd Amendment is pretty darn clear on most everyone’s right to be armed. I’d call that fantastic advertising.

          1. NikonMikon Avatar

            Agreed, and furthermore, states that allow open carry generally are more gun friendly than states that dont. The cops GENERALLY understand that its legal and either way if you get arrested by a stupid-ass cop who doesn’t know the law you will be in the right.

            It gives the citizen peace of mind when carrying.

            Imagine for some reason a cop wants to harass you for your firearm and you alert him that it is an open carry state. Unless you’re in a previously defined off-limits area, you are literally untouchable by the law (given that your state has preemption) if you weren’t brandishing your firearm or being menacing.

            I like the open environment. States like Texas who “dont want to know about it, don’t want to see it” make me feel oppressed when I have my firearm.

            1. hydepark Avatar

              The only thing I would like to see is more informed police. You are absolutely correct, but haven’t we all seen the videos where the cops think they can detain you for an extended period of time just for carrying a weapon? They need to understand some of the more recent and important Supreme Court cases and how they apply to the right of not just the keeping of arms but the bearing of them.

  5. I hate this “if he wouldn’t have…” mentality. If he wouldn’t have got out of his car, if he wouldn’t of thought Treyvon looked suspicious, if he wouldn’t have bought a gun…. Lets start from where a law was actually broken.

    1. Raph84 Avatar

      agreed…that’s another hindsight is 20/20 situation. I am sure if Zimmerman thought he was going to be in a fight for his life he would have stayed in his vehicle. The reality is he saw a person he believed to be acting suspiciously who happened to fit the profile of persons who were up to no good in the neighborhood. He called it in, and when he realized the police would get there in time to throw up their hands and say, “dag nabbit we missed them again” he decided to get out and attempt to get some details on direction of travel etc so maybe the officers would at least have a direction to look for him.

      Whether the rest of the story is 100% accurate or not, I don’t think he is guilty of murder. He is definitely guilty of bad judgement, but not to the extent that it was a crime. From a political standpoint he would have been way better off if they just booked him initially let him bond out and got a no bill from the grand jury.

  6. crazed Avatar

    This is a story that we only have one side of and unfortunately I think this will get uglier as time goes on. The stand your ground law is also going to take a beating over this case.

  7. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    Oh, there was a head wound. NBC edited the contrast of the video when they said there was no wound. They said they upped the contrast so you could see details, but it made his whole head look like a marble.
    Just like NBC edited the 911 call.

    If you are on top of me slamming my head into the pavement, expect a bullet in the chest. F U MEDIA. I don’t care your race, childhood, who your daddy is, or why you are there.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow that’s dirty. No wonder those news agencies have no credibility anymore.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        They’ve already fired one or two producers over the video and another couple over the selective editing of the dispatch recording.

      2. hurf durf Avatar
        hurf durf

        Wow, its amazing you just learned that Zim was bleeding from multiple head wounds.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Following stories where the “facts” change 50 times isn’t a priority in my life.

      3. It’s dirty but worse has happened. Reuters edited video of the Gazza flotilla raid to remove weapons out of the hands of the crew and blood from the deck to make the Israeli teams response look worse. Journalism at it’s finest: edit fact to fit your worldview.

  8. IF his story is 100% true; then obviously he isn’t guilty, I’m sure a few details are sugar coated; but I’m sure his final intent wasn’t to kill him. But like I always like to say about this; None of us were there, so shut the fuck up and quit pretending like you are the final verdict.

  9. ironchef Avatar

    I am pretty sure Zimmerman getting out of the car and walking around, even if he was looking for the kid, was 100% legal..even if dispatch said not to, their ‘request’ is not a lawful order. If the prosecutor can prove he had intent to pick a fight and/or shoot, that would be the only real thing he can be caught on that would negate his “defensive” shoot. But as it is, the racist mob out there will riot and do what they do best…hopefully the mob doesn’t effect the jury. I for one, believe this guy and while he probably did some stupid things, I don’t think he broke the law and I’m actually happy he took one more thug off the streets. Also, the kid had a gold grill so he was moving far away from that cute little kid picture the media uses and was definitely turning to the thug life…IMHO.

    1. A trap house is always the sign of an upstanding member of society.

      1. Actually, I take that back. I know that I read about it and saw the tweet but can’t find it anywhere.

  10. dave w Avatar

    I find his story much more likely to be true than the jackson/nbc lets start a race riot version.

  11. MrMaigo Avatar

    They’re trying to fuck up his jury selection. That’s all this is.

  12. I project that he will be aquitted, if you look at the evidence that has been made public it’s not even questionable. Now what we can hope for is that he gets a medal, he sues the shit out of everyone he can, and that Nancy Grace has a heart attack

  13. Clutch Avatar

    In my mind he should have called the police and then gone the fuck back inside. He’s not payed, trained, or capable of handling himself in that situation. Maybe not murder but certainly a stupid loss of life.

    In the end its a small time hood vs a guy who takes neighborhood watch a little to seriously. If they had both been armed how would that have played out? Two untrained idiots blasting about in a neighborhood?

    This guys actions say to me that he can’t handle the responsibility that comes with a CCW permit.

    1. It doesnt matter if he is paid to deal with this. He was trained to deal with this, Flordia CCW permits require training. And was more than capable of handling himself, he survived, the shithead died. The loss of life was completely justified. The only reason things got this far was because the police were doing a poor job of protecting Zimmermans neighborhood, otherwise a neighborhood watch would have been unnecessary.

    2. soless Avatar

      “Trained” to handle what “situation”? I don’t think people train to get their ass beat. He was doing no more than a paid “trained” security guard trying to observe and report and make himself a visible deterrent to any possible shenanigans. In the end it was a thug that went up against the wrong neighborhood watch volunteer. Your words tell me that you are no smarter or responsible than Zimmerman.

    3. hurf durf Avatar
      hurf durf

      Everybody, stay inside lest someone beat your ass.


    4. sapper911 Avatar

      What do you mean cant handle the responsibility? He waited until his head was being bashed in to the concrete to finally pull his fire arm and use it! He gave treyvon plenty of time to stop his attack! This is what a CCW is for!!!!!

  14. Theblackknight Avatar

    Why does anyone feel they have a right to formulate on opinion on this or any high visibility court case. All the public knows is what the media tells them,and you really think you can shit an informed,relevant statement about a court case that your not even involved in? There is a reason juries are forbidden from watching anything to do with the case they are involved in media wise.

    No one cares about your shitty opinion on this case, OJ’s case,that bitch in florida with the dead kid, etc etc. It dosent matter.

  15. Jayson Avatar

    Seems to me he’s perfectly innocent. IF this is how it went down. Searching for a street address does not constitute “starting it.” #itmustbetwosides

  16. It should be obvious by now that there is more to play here than whether or not Zimmerman is actually guilty. The media wanted a case to push their agenda. They got it, they twisted it, and now they have the sheeple who take this kind of crap at face value right where they want them to make an attempt to effect whatever change they are seeking. That being said….

    None of us were there. I will wait for forensics to tell the tale, and reserve my judgement once the case is all said and done. TBH I think the problem is not that this even happened. It’s the prick media’s handling of all of this. They able to report on anything they want, willy-nilly, with no regard for the truth, human decency, morals or consequences. If this had started a race riot (and it still can) shouldn’t the media be held criminally liable?

    I’m still hearing “Zimmerman needs to be executed right now!” from people. Makes me sick. The TV is now the almighty, omnipresent oracle, feeding idiots the pressure they need to explode in a shower of retarded bat shit crazy bat shit.

    1. Theblackknight Avatar

      this post is the fucking truth

  17. Wasn’t there a time in American history when you could walk down the street without worrying about someone following you and turning you in to the thought police?

  18. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    $100 says blacks will riot if Zimmerman gets off. Just look at history. This case is big enough that it is a reality.

  19. Zimmerman was within his rights to follow someone. Martin was within his rights to try and lose the tail.

    That Martin came back and laid hands upon Zimmerman, that puts Zimmerman in a self-defense position. Once Zimmerman is in self-defense mode, that starts getting into appropriate level of force, but does not take a firearm off the table as appropriate response.

  20. anthony Avatar

    after seeing this i think trayvon might have thought he was about to be raped by this guy, looks like a case of mutal suspicion.

  21. Snackeater Avatar

    The police report from that night reads “…I could observe that [Zimmerman’s] back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he’d been lying on his back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and the back of his head.”

  22. If you can not beat the ass of the person you are following, you should allow the police to do their job. If you want to be a cop, go to the academy. Leave the cop work to the cops.

    Unless dickhead broke into the property and you saw him do it beyond a shadow of a doubt, leave it to the police.

    I wish an asshole would try and jump me, trayvon would have been tray got his ass kicked.lol

    People like dumbshit Zimmerman need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Weak ass people have no right playing cops and robbers with real criminals. He should have blacked out before he got a chance to shoot his firearm. Dumbass!

    Now all we hear about is how gun violence is up. Dick!!

    Trayvon wasn’t a rosy innocent little flower and Zimmerman was a wanna be cop dumbass. Either way…two dickheads are off the street.