Ammunition Song

FXhummel for a Canadian gun podcast?

Canadian gun podcast… now that’s a niche if I’ve ever heard one.  “Radiohead – Creep” is such a classic.



4 responses to “Ammunition Song”

  1. Viktor Avatar

    About 3 million of us own guns in “the hat” ;)

    The guys at Canadian Reload Radio are cool and their show is pretty polished now, give them a listen!

  2. Good Lord man, what is that on your head!?!?!?

  3. Am I the only one who noticed the Blues Brothers moment? (They never take off their sunglasses, except for when Jake has to talk to his ex).

  4. Siddhartha Avatar

    I expected a McClatchy. CRR is a pretty good show, they actually get Norinco Mini14’s up there, next thing you know they will get the M1’s that Obama wont let come into this country.