Vigilant Spectre Examines Some Glock Myths

Busting some Glock myths:

Everything was safe enough up until 4:53… “Tactical Bacon” pushes him in the water, no big deal I thought that was funny… but then what happens next blew my mind…


OMG my head just exploded… These guys were made for each other.

Thoughts?  Hopefully Vigilant Spectre doesn’t file another police report on me for this post. ;)


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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    At 6:09 they go full on homo. Other than that I always that Winchester white box was the least reliable maybe I am wrong.

    1. James M&P Avatar
      James M&P

      *thought that Winchester

  2. Yeah I’m wondering what they did internally, to screw with it…I’m thinking they took it apart, and missed a part or screwed with the extractor or ejector.

    I shot mine with all sorts of ammo, and even tried it underwater once…always ran fine.

    1. James M&P Avatar
      James M&P

      It really could be anything from a poor extractor to a shitty recoil spring. Weapons in the hands of total idiots tend not to function too well doesn’t matter what make; Kimber Glock Beretta.

  3. I am really interested in how they got a Glock to malfunction that many times. They have been blown up, froze, thrown off cliffs, out of helicopters, shot, drug behind cars, buried for 2 years, soaked in motor oil, ran in concrete mixers, I think nutnfacny even tested one in his colon.

    And did they really expect it to run under water?? It’s not designed for that. So much tactical derp.

  4. TomThumb Avatar

    “embedding disabled by request”

    I don’t think they like you…

    1. Ratings are disabled, too. Truth hurts?

    2. And they pend comments for approval; they confuse being trolled and being called fucking morons. I guess either way it’s not in their favor…

  5. Vhyrus Avatar

    This is a gen 4, so the rumors could be true. On the other hand they did mess with it so it’s also possible they’re just retarded.

    Oh wait, they ARE retarded! I totally forgot.

  6. Just waiting for these guys to full deliverance.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      You really think they’ll upload that? What makes you think they haven’t already fucked up majorly? lol I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all if they had….

  7. What really hurts me is that they are torturing a firearm, and still try it out wearing no eye protection of any kind, no earplugs nor ballistic armor.
    We saw (on this blog already) what CAN happen with a firearm (a M1 Garand in this case if I remember well) even when clean and correctly used…
    Damn, even if it’s a Glock or whatever AK-47, and you expect it to cycle very well after this kind of exercise, put some fucking glasses on!

    If I had to test this, I’d even attach it to a tree an pull the trigger with a long, long string the first time… Just in case!

    1. It’ll hurt them more than it’ll hurt you if things go wrong. Lol.

  8. maaaaan.. I’m always late for these kind of post :D “video embedding disabled”

    1. bima,

      That just means you have to watch it through youtube. Click on it like normal and it should take you directly there.

      1. yeah, but i can’t click/press on the link on my tablet. will see it once i reach home..

        1. just so the vid.. that was so derp !!

  9. I can’t wait till one of these idiots shoots himself in the foot.

  10. What are these douches wearing? Who throws BDUs on in their backyard? I don’t get all these fat dudes that dress up and play “operator” on YouTube.

    1. No on on here gets it either. Especially the horrible mixing of camos. It just adds to the derpness.

      1. NikonMikon Avatar

        Yeah one is wearing like A-TACS and another MARPAT and wasn’t one wearing ABU’s (airforce)?

        1. Aftermath Avatar

          I always assume it’s just airsoft war gamers upgrading to real guns.

      2. Yeah, the Camogrom pattern is so ugly!
        This would be enough for me for not trusting their judgment about anything…

    2. I don’t get it either.
      I DO however understand using BDUs when getting dirty, because wearing khakis all the time is just fucking insane. Just look at Sig’s marketing of the 516 here, starts around 14:10 seconds, and moves on to “messy”.

      Would I wear khakis while doing shit like in the video ENDO-Mike posted here? Hell no.
      Would I wear BDUs? Maybe pants, but even then, probably not.
      What would I wear? My goddamned Carharts.

      1. HERE HERE!! Carharts ftw…

        1. I’ll third that! Carhartts FTW!

      2. liquidflorian Avatar

        Or even those Duluth Trading Fire-hose pants…

    3. Man, one thing that, to me, perfectly illustrates how stupid this shit is is a real small practical one.
      Why would you reach into the water to retrieve that pistol with your glove on and sleeve rolled down?
      Is that part of the ‘function test’ of that pistol under ‘operator’ conditions?
      Just from my experience with hunting, it’s a real pain in the ass to have part of you soaking wet and you’ve still gotta sit out there for 3 or 4 hours.
      These tools are playing dress up for sure. Wow.

  11. You are forgetting that they have done this before. Also, Mike since you keep bringing it up:
    Through communications with the guys over at VSC it sounds like his wife is the one that actually submitted the complaint and report. You should probably feel like a complete douche for scaring the poor girl and remove your previous post in good faith. That shit just ain’t right and should be reserved for that tubby veteran hater and the like.

  12. Yes! Friday morning follies.

  13. VoodooJak Avatar

    It’s the damn Internet; if he ( or his wife for that matter) cannot handle the criticism that comes with putting videos on the web then they need to get into a more genteel line of work. I wonder if he has thought of selling girl scout cookies or underwater basket weaving.

  14. I dont think its the criticism that was the issue, if it was then why would they continue, knowing that Mike is trolling the shit out of their page looking for “safety violations”. I think it has more to do with him republishing loosely connected information that could compromise their safety. For that sort of action against one of our own I think that Mike has blackened his soul a bit and it’s just not right, even if you don’t agree with them or their practices. That sort of crap should be reserved for people like Mucho Moore and the rest of the Antiguan activists.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Take your complaint up with Mark Zuckerberg, he made the info public not me.

    2. I agree with Mike on this one; anything you post on the internet is considered public; anybody can connect it however they want, if you want privacy don’t post your personal information on websites that in their terms 100% admit to sharing your info.

  15. dave w Avatar

    Well, i cant see his feet in that murky water so i cant say where he was shooting but i do love a good piss the glock fanboys of video.
    Proper glock operation is only achieved after rubbing it all over your sac and ensuring plenty of anal lube and jizz have been worked into the mechanism.
    Fortunately most glock fanboys have a penis size that will easily fit in the barrel of their chosen caliber so they can achieve this and save not only having to buy themselves a fleshlight but the embarrassment of having their mom find it when she cleans the basement.

    1. It’s possible he was sitting on his feet.

  16. Please put on some eye and ear protection.

  17. How much did they change the Gen 4 that this is happeneing?

  18. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    Just shows the 2 ways to get lots of views for your videos: Be at the top of your craft, or be a total douche. This video will probably get more views than Ayoob’s latest one unfortunately.

  19. I like how he tries combat you talking shit by disabling embedding of his video; as if we can’t just click “View on Youtube”.

    1. Oh god why would someone beat up their glock like that for no fucking reason; the thing is proven to fucking work you don’t need to spend $500 and then treat it like shit to prove that oh god. Spend your $500 on a gym membership and stop dicking around in the woods you morons.

  20. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Cokeman’s underwater shooting videos are much better.

  21. Baseplate Avatar

    I enjoy a good piss off the Glock humpers video but I don’t enjoy guys putting on camo to shoot in the back yard. I have a very confused boner right now

  22. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    The best part of the link on YouTube is the “As Seen On – Everyday No Days Off”. That and all the views are probably from the link here. These videos are a great “what not to do” teaching tool.

  23. Oh god why? These guys just need to stop.

  24. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    I’m confused, his glock failed so all glocks fail?
    seems like for every video on youtube featuring a weapon malfunctioning there are 10x that many showing it working properly………………..

    also what is that aweful intro they are using

  25. KA-BAR-A-RANG Avatar

    What a bunch of fat little piggies who don’t rate to wear my beloved MARPAT running around like a bunch of ricky recons.
    P.S. As long as you wear a boonie cover you have special forces powers.

  26. VoodooJak Avatar

    I Have to agree with el duderino (excellent use of a lebowski term) that spectre is just a dueche and i will not give him the additional views on you tube anymore even if it is just for my entertainment

  27. Glocker23 Avatar

    I would love to detail strip that Glock to see what was really going on in there. I can’t see how some dust (which is all that was in there, after shaking out the dirt and then firing it) and some water would prevent any firearm from firing. Underwater I can see some function issues, however, being that I don’t believe that this Glock wasn’t messed with first, no need to even get into that. Even if all they did was install the maritime spring cups, that requires a detail strip, and I’m not even sure these guys could figure THAT out without breaking something.

    Meh, these idiots dressed in camo that flag themselves with firearms and act/look like complete tools attempting to “prove” something to me isn’t going to make me lose any sleep. If they don’t enjoy Glocks, I’ll be happy to take that piece of crap off your hands. I’ll even be nice and give you $100 for it, given the first thing I will do is switch out any parts you “installed”.

    1. I’m with you.

    Has this one been covered yet? Really hard to believe this thing isn’t just an elaborate joke. Dude gets tripped up by a bolt action rifle?

  29. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    Well guys ENDO Mike didn’t update today and he never takes a day off (ENDO….?) That being said the best logical conclusion I have come up with over the last six hours is that it’s on us to organize a SAR mission in the back woods of Ohio. I guess this post just pushed the “Spectres” over the edge. I’m willing to take a free formed militia consisting of able bodied US citizens, that LEGALLY own their firearms. Find some helo guys (6-8 birds) that are familiar with current infil/exfil operations, stop at an armory along the way for extra supplies* (*get a working list going, they generally have a lot of goodies at these places*)…. Well Gentleman/Ladies I must depart with due haste!

    Titty Sprinkles


  30. Everyone seemed to have missed that he “installed Maritime Spring Caps” on his Glock. I had to look up what that was. It replaces the spring caps on the firing pin spring and requires breaking down the gun further then normal user maintenance. In the video it looks like they are having extractor issues, which makes me think, maybe they put the gun together wrong. And everyone knows once you start replacing parts the Glock may or may not work like it did from the factory. I will not be putting Maritime Spring caps on my gun anytime soon.

  31. hydepark Avatar

    What everyone here seems to be missing also is this: that dust test or whatever they want to call it is NOT how it’s done. A grit / contamination test is done with a loaded magazine and a round in the chamber. If you’re in the shit your pistol had better be chambered first thing every single morning. I’m actually really shocked nobody here has mentioned this yet, unless I missed something while reading all 50 comments above.

    I like that Mike posts stuff from everywhere on the internet. But I don’t like these guys.

  32. Curtis Avatar

    Who loads a pistol like that? Swich hands and grab a mag with your firing hand?

  33. Some loads a HANDGUN like that because they have trained to limit the amount of time they spend out of the fire control position.

    1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What the heck are you talking about? Loading a handgun with one’s firing side hand is faster than using the support side? I’m fairly certain that if you hold onto the pistol in the “fire control position” you can eject/insert mags pretty easily…. It’s either that or I’m retarded, but all things considered it is the former.

  34. There must be something wrong with that particular weapon. I admit I’ve never fired a Glock, and never worried about how great they are. But if 100K+ LEO’s, military and others carry them with no major issues, they did something to that one that is causing the issue.

  35. Good god I watched Mr Tactical Bacon and his video , these guys are pathetic the constant banter is retarded at best. Someone else nailed it when they said , dress in some form of BDU and then apply boonie hat and become super tac operator. its a matter of time before this band of merry men shoot a neighbors cow or one of themselves EPIC FAIL

  36. York city Avatar
    York city

    Wow fake G I joes these guys are absolutely ridiculous as a marine I want to put my boot in there asses! You are truly pathetic

  37. Wow so us real marines are now watching these fake G I joes on youtube thanks for the laughs keep up the good work. You have to watch the frog lube test then tactically google hot steal and water. Any bets on which one shoots himself first we are guessing the Navy guy, just on experience from IAD guys that I have worked with.

  38. Aside from these guys beimg about the biggest dorks I’ve see in a long time, it was obvious from the very beginning of the video that they had a plan to try and ash the glock for some reason. As soon as they they began to shoot the glock I remember predicting that they would somehow have a problem. It was so obvious what was coming. The glock appeared to be ejecting very weakly. It appeared that they were using weak loads or maybe a .40 recoil spring in it for the tests or something.