AR-15 Ball Launcher On The Drums

Richard Ryan gets it done:

haha pretty neat idea.  He said he got the idea from this David Beckham video.

He should have played Queen – We Will Rock You and sang the lyrics.



7 responses to “AR-15 Ball Launcher On The Drums”

  1. We are the champions?


    Is he the guy who supplied the AR-15 golf ball launcher for the human target shooting contest you showed us a few weeks ago Mike?

  2. Definitely an interesting idea. He would need several people to actually play the drums with any real rhythm.

  3. Those aqueduct pipes are great for shooting rabbits under. They use them for shade and are easy picking. No problem getting your legal take of rabbits for the day.

  4. for someone of means, that video was pretty boring to watch IMO. also, the drum part was lame.

    1. i mean hes someone of means, not me lol

  5. All I can think about is how this guy is all buy himself out there and how funny it would look if you drove by him… lol

  6. I’m thinking that soaking those tennis balls in charcoal lighter fluid would have been great. Nothing says “fun” like flaming tennis balls……..