Madonna Brings The Guns Out In Israel

Madonna is obviously starving for some media attention:

Madonna, follower of Jewish-sect Kabbalah, began it in a glass confessional as a Hebrew prayer was read then shot her way out with a rifle and burst into her hit Girl Gone Wild.

Later, during Revolver, she wielded the Kalashnikov AK47 automatic rifle, used by modern-day insurgents, while a dancer held an Israeli-manufactured Uzi.

Full story – HERE

Those pics are from her concert a few days ago in Tel Aviv.  Mission Accomplished with the controversial move to use guns to gain media attention.  So original material girl. *eye roll*

She should have went “all in” and had an interlude/skit where she was the anti-material girl, and shot an anti-materiel rifle at watermelons placed at the beyond the crowd.  Waving guns around on stage by themselves is amateur.



14 responses to “Madonna Brings The Guns Out In Israel”

  1. she looks straight up frightening.

    1. Poppy Avatar

      I agree, I find this image awfully difficult to masturbate to.

      1. so much win!

      2. DaveP. Avatar

        I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge.

  2. she is 53, why does she still try to be/think she is sexually attractive, or otherwise let her tits hang out? if she didnt have that bra on, i’d bet they’d fall down to her vag. and whats up with that cross?

    1. Soless Avatar

      We must have been separated at birth. I thought the exact same thing.

  3. these kind of “attention whore”-ing using firearms, are more exposed and seen to the public..
    giving a negative effect on them :(

  4. Andrew Avatar

    I guess I am a modern day insurgent, I love my AK47 and 74…..

  5. Croppedxout Avatar

    Her tits look like 2 rabid manatees engaged in a fight to the death. Not saying I won’t jerk off to this picture later but still… I won’t be happy about it.

  6. Jayson Avatar

    Gawd. Retire, PLEASE.

  7. enfieldem2 Avatar

    Gawd. Retire, PLEASE.


  8. Aftermath Avatar

    Good on her – not many older transvestites can still get such a large attendance to a performance.

  9. I’m more curious about the audience’s reaction to the AK and having guns pointed at them in general. The Israeli’s are probably one of the few populations as a whole who are not opposed to the sight of guns, but I’m just curious how this particular event was viewed. Did the audience just roll with it, or were they put off?

    Also, I’ve never liked Madonna, but I’m surprised that we have similar taste in weaponry.

    1. It was probably her security guards that picked the weapons.

      Never a big Madonna fan.