FPS Russia Gets White Castle Tanked And Blows Stuff Up

The Russian accent starts off strong… but then gets weaker as the video gets cooler:

In my opinion, the fat jokes he was making while waiting for his food were unnecessary (starting at 1:38).  That said, the tank has some serious firepower!



9 responses to “FPS Russia Gets White Castle Tanked And Blows Stuff Up”

  1. Is that a flatbed at 0:51 for transporting the tank? I can’t quite tell. The first shot of the main gun was awesome haha

  2. Vhyrus Avatar

    Where can you get stuff like this? I have looked all over and can’t even find demilled tanks for sale.

    1. Pretty much have to buy it overseas and have it shipped to the US.

      Interesting article about the author procuring a T-72 –


      1. ‘attempting’ to procure I should say.

    2. Viktor Avatar

      You mean you’ve never been on http://www.armyjeeps.net/ ?

    3. liquidflorian Avatar

      MVTF.org has a t-54 for sale for around $60000…

  3. StrykerCav Avatar

    I remember I used to think his shit was so cool. Then after I was in the Army for a few minutes I’ve developed the opinion that he’s just a bit of a moron. No trigger discipline, no awareness of his surroundings as he’s shooting, etc. This is the 3rd(4th?) video I’ve seen him make jokes at other people’s expense as they get him food, so he’s honestly just kind of a dick as well.

  4. Al T. Avatar

    I can’t get past the stupid accent. Having a couple of real former subjects of the USSR in my circle of friends, I find it grating beyond belief.

  5. Kevin Avatar

    The fat joke was pretty stupid. “Oh she must be a contisure”, Oh! You must be a fucking moron pretending to be a Russian!