YouTube Gun Community Safety Nazis

MrColionNoir has a public service announcement:

Heheh I love the Vigilant Spectre dig at 1:32.  I believe I did an on camera safety check in my few videos.  It was mainly just to avoid people’s comments, because I agree with MrColionNoir on the fact that it was checked a million times before the record button was hit anyway.

Although a lot of you guys would probably consider me a safety Nazi about a lot of things (mainly muzzle discipline when it comes to other people being around)… i’m gonna have to say I really don’t care if someone does a courtesy safety check in their video.

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21 responses to “YouTube Gun Community Safety Nazis”

  1. Jacob Avatar

    You made fun of omega ad for the entire cartridge shooting, how does his intro differ? I love his videos. But that bothers me every time I start one.

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      It’s not the entire cartridge. This has been covered a TRILLION times before…. fuck.

      1. BBJones Avatar

        yep it is a flat base bullet. Not all rifle bullets are boat tails.

    2. sirkut Avatar

      You really can’t tell the difference?

  2. Jayson Avatar

    Another great vid. All truth and no filler (a quality to his videos that should be heeded more often.) As to the opening graphic, it’s a rifle bullet without a boat-tail.

  3. ironchef Avatar

    Good video and thanks. Safety Nazis have gotten so absurd that I purposefully don’t unload. I’ve made several videos with either my carry glock or AR where I keep my guns in their 24/7 condition…loaded with one in the pipe (AR just loaded mag). However, I still handle them as if they are loaded and still keep the rules. There was even a time when I made a quick clip to show off a port cover where I chambered a round in my AR in my house, with the kids in the room – of course no rules were violated even though it wasn’t the wisest thing to load a round in the house. Point being, no need for safety nazis…or is there?

  4. Chris Avatar

    I’m going to disagree here. Yeah I’m sure there are a lot of comment nazis, but I think a quick chamber check is a good idea. It’s when people get complacent with guns that Bad Things happen. Part of gun safety is making sure, FOR YOURSELF, that the chamber is clear before you handle a firearm. As in check it yourself, don’t trust the guy who hands it to you. Always verify, never wonder if the gun is clear or not. I think a video chamber check is part of that, so the viewer is never at all wondering if the gun is clear. Besides, it can be done in only a few seconds, just open the action, angle the top of the gun at the camera and say ‘chamber is clear’.

    1. I think the point hes trying to make is that just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been safety checked. People don’t like to feel obligated to do things to appease a few others, that appear to only go around giving safety lessons, when the bulk of the viewership is trusting the handler to have already made sure the weapon is safe to handle.

    2. A quick chamber check is a good idea, a very good idea, but as I state in the video, I have already chamber checked it 100 times before putting it on camera. If someone wants to chamber check on camera I have no problem with that, but I shouldn’t be forced to chamber check on camera when I have already done so. Why would the viewer need to know if the gun was clear? They are not in any danger. Ask anyone who knows me, I am a safety nut when it comes to firearms, but chamber checking on camera is an exercise in futility if I have already done so 2 secs ago.

      1. ironchef Avatar

        No, it’s the nerds who overdo it by pulling the mag out (why couldn’t you do that before you started rolling???), showing the mag to the camera, then locking the slide back, showing it to the camera, then zooming into the chamber to see, showing the empty magwell, then going back to the chamber and sticking the pinky in there…then closing the slide…then just for good measure they think they need to talk about it for a minute before getting to topic. Yes! We get it, you are awesome at safety and we’ll subscribe now! lol

  5. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    If the weapon leaves your sight for more than 0.0001 seconds and/or someone else handles it and you weren’t looking directly at them the whole time, do a safety check. This can be as little as pulling the slide/bolt back slightly for a chamber check. Always lock it all the way back before putting it away, handing it to someone else (unless you know you’re handing them a loaded gun and tell them so), or disassembly (especially important with Glocks for a rather obvious reason).

    With that said, our prolific videographer makes some great common sense points. But then again I find most shooting videos to be pretty stupid.

  6. Terry Avatar

    Speaking I the Spectre kid I thought this one was actually funny.

    Mike I know that you will disagree with the camera angle-which is kinda cool IMHO, because it captures that 308 muzzle flash so well. I’m going to have to give props to the watchful ghost team on this one.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha the start was funny. Yea i’m not a fan of that camera work.. but that’s not the most unsafe thing I’ve seen them do, so at least they are getting better.

  7. Terry Avatar

    Right, they are cleaning up a bit which is I think is good. I don’t think that trying to eliminate groups like that is an upright goal- we are on the same side after all. If you are going to do dangerous shit like that ensure that you convey some measure of responsibility to your viewership, which I think they have taken to heart, at least by the looks of their website, which was recently updated, it looks like. Just my 2 cents.

  8. HSR47 Avatar

    Honestly, all the empty-gun-nazis on Youtube make me want to purposely show that my firearms ARE loaded before I upload any videos.

    Seriously, most of my firearms STAY loaded. As a matter of fact, of the firearms I currently own, the only one NOT loaded is my alternate primary EDC. My primary EDC and BUG are both loaded and on my person, my OC gun is loaded, my nightstand gun is loaded, and my AR has the bolt locked back on a full magazine.

    I don’t own guns to leave them sitting unloaded in a safe; I own guns to defend my life, liberty, and property.

    1. dave w Avatar

      They make me want to do a video where the first thing i do is load them.

  9. ozwald Avatar

    i’m gonna sneak into one of these gun dude’s houses and load a magazine into someone’s firearm when they looking…

    1. ozwald Avatar


  10. mrcolionnoir, thanks! I’m really liking your videos, keep em coming!

  11. I look at it from the viewpoint: if someone is complaining about what they don’t/haven’t seen, it means they can’t respond to the original charge.

  12. This guy is the shit!