I Hate 1911s

A long but funny rant:

He make some valid points.  I’ll probably buy another 1911 someday, but I still have to get over my anger regarding my Springfield Loaded 1911 that pitted with rust in less than a year.

The Double Barrel 1911 is still classier than the Double Deagle and Double Glock though.



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  1. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    My first truck was $500. If you pay the same price for a 1911 be prepared to have a shitty pistol. I have to agree with his complaints on price and mag capacity.

  2. enfieldem2 Avatar

    Been hanging around here for awhile and this had to be the thing that got me commenting. First off, we live in a capitalist society where you can buy all sorts of legal firearms. If all guns were limited to police and military I would have more time for these rants because, military personell especially have to run whatever they are issued and they are often issued whatever crap made it through some random process at the lowest price. So in short, don’t like 1911s, then don’t buy one!

    I don’t know perhaps it was my parting company with a 1911 that set me off, traded a Sig scorpion 1911 for a glock 21 and cash, (I really needed the money) and that glock is driving me nuts. Oh it works just fine, but so did the scorpion and that 1911 didn’t feel like I was wielding a brick. Although the cerakote finish cracking on me was a little disconcerting.

    Oh, and you can get a decent 1911 for less than a grand, last time I checked Remington 1911s cost less than 800 on average and weren’t made in a Philippine sweatshop. One of those or a Ruger 1911 might be my next pistol purchase after a CZ-75, inshallah.

    1. HSR47 Avatar

      I have one of the aforementioned Remington 1911 pistols; a local gun store ended up with a bunch of Remington’s dealer sample pistols (the ones they bring around to show dealers) and my brother and I each ended up picking one up. If I recall correctly, mine ran me somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 bucks.

      So far, I’ve put 510 rounds through it; the only issue so far was the rear sight coming loose after I had 300-400 rounds down the pipe. No failures to feed, no failures to extract, no failures to eject, no failures to fire.

      So far, it’s actually doing better than the M&P I just bought (1 failure to fire in 215 rounds), which cost more. Honestly though, none of my guns tend to have issues with quality ammunition, some just have ammo they don’t like.

      1. Funny you say that. I bought my M&P in November, 1 malfunction in 5000 or more rounds. And that one malfunction was actually a defective round (the gun took it in stride, the only scar is a mark on the breech lip!).

        I will likely never own a 1911. But even if I liked them…this guy is hilarious! I love his vids.

        1. HSR47 Avatar

          I didn’t mean to imply that I believe the M&P platform to be unreliable; I have put something like 500-1000 rounds through various M&P pistols with just that one failure to fire, which appeared to have a solid primer strike.

          To be honest, I bought it maybe a month ago, and I haven’t had much time to get it to the range.

  3. Aftermath Avatar

    Oh my, the faces. I snorted.

    1. You beat me to it, I can’t beleive how good this guy is at making fucked up faces!

  4. Vhyrus Avatar

    The glock video was funnier but this definitely had its moments.

  5. Jayson Avatar

    The Armscor 1911’s have an amazing ROI for the price. Typically seen as Rock Island Armory, Citadel, and some others I can’t remember. I believe the castings are done in Philippines, and assembly and everything else is completed in the United States.

    I bought a Rock Island M1911CS which is from their “tactical” line, in Officer size. It shoots wonderfully, digests brands of ammo without hiccups, be they JHP or ball. (~300 rds total so far) Accuracy is typical for any 4″ barrel. No surprises .

    Unless of course you want something like a Les Baer, you might consider the Rock Island / Armscor stuff..

  6. Brice Avatar

    Someday my 1911 will get here and I’ll be able to form an opinion about my pistol…. 5 months and counting.

  7. Kevin Avatar

    Cool video great points but I think the cut scenes are lame lol

  8. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    If I go shoot, I shoot anything.
    If I go hunt, I carry an H&K or M&P.
    If I want something to look awesome in my gun case, I get a 1911.

  9. Dom P. Avatar

    I got rid of my Colt for a G21 with 3 mags and night sights and had $400 left over. Better mag capacity, easier to maintain, lighter, cheaper, and best of all twice as reliable. I’ll never go back.

    Awesome torture test:


  10. after no end of crappy, high dollar, 1911’s in a 2 year attempt to get 1 (yes! one!) that functioned from NIB i bought an H&K USPC 45ACP…
    no a burp, not a twitch, functioned perfectly from NIB, and….
    COST LESS than any of the 1911’s i tried…
    (have had various 1911’s since early 70’s)…
    i won’t ever go back to the 1911 platform for any reason…V

  11. Jbeyea Avatar

    My issue with 1911’s is not the gun it’s self. It’s been around for 100 years clearly it’s not junk. My issue is with the guys who think its the best pistol ever designed. Clearly it’s not, otherwise glock, sig, berreta, smith and wesson, fnh, etc wouldn’t be multi million dollar companies. For me the 1911 is dated and upgrading it would be like trying to put air conditioning and power steering in a model T ford. I like old guns because they are old and historic that doesn’t mean I’ll be taking a M1 garande to a fire fight against people with m16’s and ak47’s.

    1. Clutch Avatar

      Most of us don’t think that its the best pistol ever designed, some mall ninja types my spew that on the internet. But it does have the best trigger ever designed. I have lots of experience with 1911/2011 pistols, and have well over 10k rounds on some of my match guns. Yes, they cost more. But they also cost more to make.

      I also like polymer guns. I have had many XDs and M&Ps and they have all been wonderful guns. With enough money you can have a 100% reliable 1911, but you can’t get that short, crisp trigger in a striker fired gun for any amount. You can get a nice trigger out of them, but it will never be the same.

      I shoot more than most people. As a matter of fact, in the last 10 days I have shot 3 matches consisting of 19 stages and been at the range 7 days. In that time I shot almost 1000 rounds of 9mm, 500 .223 and 500 birdshot, and have driven about 1250 miles. Oh and next week I’m driving another 2500 miles to do some work and shoot another major match.

      Most of the people I know who shoot a lot, and do it fast and accurately choose the 1911/2011 platform. Thats mainly based on the trigger and the ability to build the pistol exactly the way you want it. If a Glock, M&P, Water Pistol, etc was better then you would see the tides turn in IPSC, Bullseye, IDPA, 3gun, etc. The people that push their guns the hardest overwhelmingly choose guns from the 1911/2011 family.

    2. paul kimble Avatar
      paul kimble

      why not? 30-06 hurts.

    3. liquidflorian Avatar

      That’s not a terribly apt comparison, because folks mod those old Fords all the time.

    4. HSR47 Avatar

      Actually, depending on the terrain, the M1 Rifle may well be a valid choice.

      Clearly, the 1911 is a very nice pistol design, and clearly there are tons of 1911 fanboys who refuse to admit the platform’s shortcomings. Clearly, there are plenty of different designs for tactical tupperware pistols which make up for some of the 1911’s shortcomings.

      Personally, I tend to carry my tactical tupperware outside the house, and my 1911 inside the house.

  12. Eh, I bought a Filipino 1911 for $300
    6 years ~3000 rounds of expensive as hell ammo and it’s still running without any issues so I’d give them a nod for making a workable gun.

    However, my killling gun is still going to be my West German Sig… not going to let that one go for a while =P

    1. Bilbo Avatar

      I’ve got a cold war west German sig iwont get rid of as well!

  13. 2Wheels Avatar

    Sigh… Either he’s trolling or he’s an idiot. I had a writeup to counter his BS, but it got too long and I’m not gonna bore everyone.

    I figured it out! He’s an idiot, because his answer to the 1911 is a Sig P250.

    1. Vhyrus Avatar

      You might want to talk to your doctor about that stick in your ass. It looks painful.

      1. Seconded.

  14. gr-lll Avatar

    Thank goodness more people are out there saying this. *For what you’re getting* 1911’s are ridiculously expensive. But hey, if the 1911 hype drives down the price of exceptional polymer-framed striker fired guns, I wouldn’t mind too much :)

  15. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    Saw an old man and his Kimber ultra carry II. Every two shots resulted in a Jam. I wanted to hand him my XD9 and tell him “Here Pops you need this more than I do” Then I felt like fuck it, he spent his hard earned money on a over priced hundred year old design.

    1. HSR47 Avatar

      I seem to recall something similar, but in that case, the gun was brand new (so he said), and he only tried shooting it one handed.

  16. liquidflroain Avatar

    You know, the only beef I really have with my 1911 is the ammo capacity, and if I have any criticisms of his video its that the “cleaning” scene should be a “lubricating” scene. I haven’t run but 500 rounds through mine, but I kept it lubed up between sessions (that’s what she said!). I only had one double feed on the factory magazine in its maiden voyage. Reading up on these I found a good video on Larry Vickers tactv.com about maintenance. He also pretty concisely points out where the 1911 is surpassed by modern firearms. Cool thing was he was able to do it with out being a douche like Rob Pincus or Buck Yeager, and managed to teach me some things about my pistol at the same time.

    And Wilson Combat makes bitchin magazines, so his point that no factory makes good mags is a little false.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LAV didn’t call you “Homes” and tell you to it was time to pay attention because he has something to tell you, and to stop what you’re doing? hahah (see video #2 https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2010/11/27/vickers-tactical-training-series-carbine-i-and-ii-from-daniel-defense/ )

      1. liquidflroain Avatar

        LoL… Yeah, and he throws around more “Dudes” on his show then at a Lebowski fest. I dig his sense of humor.

  17. This was tough to watch. He seems like he likes to watch and listen to himself a whole lot, I really can’t stand him.

    Does anyone really argue that the 1911 is a more efficient gun??? Obviously you would want more bullets and no misfeeds in a gunfight, but that doesn’t make a 1911 a “bad” gun.

    And if you think a 1911 is that heavy, I don’t know what to tell you. Your stainless steel travel mug full of coffee probably weight just as much and you don’t complain one bit.

    1. Clutch Avatar

      Have none of you ever seen a 2011? My STI has a polymer frame, 23 round magazines, and has had exactly 1 failure in the last 10,000 rounds. That was a case head separation that comes from me being cheap and trying to get one more load out of some old brass.

      So what about better sights, a better trigger, and a better gun do you guys think is silly?

      Yes there are some garbage and overpriced 1911s out there, but then again you could say that about any product thats been so widely copied and emulated. Yes a 1911a1 circa 1927 might not be the best pistol to have in a gunfight in 2012, but then again I don’t see any of you wanting to drag race cars of that era against modern automobiles either.

      All of this my gun is better than your gun stuff is silly. The best gun is the one you know how to use and a comfortable with. Like I said before I have owned both, used both, and carried both. Pick a platform and train with it. Unless you are planning on a horde of zombies coming at you the magazine capacity won’t be an issue. If you have fired more than 8 rounds in a “self defense” situation be prepared to answer to the man. That is unless you were attacked by 4 armed men who didn’t run away when you started fighting back, and you are so ninja that you managed to defeat 4 people who likely had a plan, surprise, and just about every tactical advantage I can think of.

      And hey, if you think its about cost just buy a hipoint. The gunshop guys have proven that they work. For me, my life is well worth more than $750 so if I think a $3000 1911 is what I need to defend it I don’t have a problem spending that.

      1. liquidflroain Avatar

        …don’t forget you can get a Para Ordinance double stack gun for like $900.

      2. If a 3000 dollar 1911 is what you want to use to defend your life, I have an island to sell you ;).


        But no seriously I think this rant is specifically targeted at the 1911 platform. He does not mention 2011 anywhere on here.

        Also, I disagree with your assessment of 8 rounds being just the right amount to avoid answering to the man. Perhaps you miss, perhaps you don’t drop him, maybe he’s high on something (reference: guy eating someone’s face the other day in Florida? The fuck makes you do that)?

        Just saying.

        1. Clutch Avatar

          If you miss 7 times you dont need to carry. If you don’t drop him with 8 rounds of .45 acp, give up and run away! If the first two don’t stop him, the third on will, no matter what kind of bath salts he’s on.

          Disclaimer: I have never been in a concealed carry type of situation but I have been in some gunfights.

          However, if you are at the mall, you damn well better be sure of your shots. Be they guy that carries 19 in his glock so he has more ammo, and then tag a little girl because you can’t shoot, go right ahead.

          No matter the tool you choose, when you are using it in a concealed carry situation it has to be a precision instrument, not a bullet hose. Magazine capacity is really a null issue. I’m not saying you are going to shoot perfect shots, but it’s not Iraq. You don’t need to dump 5 rounds to suppress the guy who is robbing the quicke mart.

          Also, what would you consider a 2011 if not a 1911 platform gun? As most of the parts are interchangeable?

          Again it comes down to being a master of whatever gun you want to carry! Most of the summer I will carry a kahr PM45, but I’ll go back to my commander length 10mm when I can wear more clothes. I don’t know where you guys keep these full sized service pistols that most people claim to carry anyway!

          1. Haha, I agree with the bullet hose thing. I just prefer to have more rounds. Doesn’t mean I can’t be accurate with the first few. You just never know with people.

            As for a full size double-stack, I’m a taller dude with broad shoulders so my tshirts drape down enough to cover the M&p when worn with a galco concealed holster that tucks it against my side and cants it forward. It’s not perfect, and if you really look (or I stretch my arms and forget) you can tell. My answer to that, for the REALLY hot northern VA summers, is an LCP. .380 isn’t ideal but It fits anywhere and I never have to worry about it. If it’s a chilly night I throw it in a belt holster and put a long sleeve over it. If it’s sweltering, pocket holster + side cargo pocket of my shorts.

            Honestly though, and this will sound wierd, I wear those bermuda print shots. The pattern does wonders to break up the imprint if I have it in the pocket.

  18. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    My Springfield Range Officer works just one. Only 3 FTF’s in over 1,200 rounds. Probably the ammo. I bought it mostly for the bragging rights of saying “….yeah, I own a .45”, and for the historical value of knowing “….yeah, I own the pride and joy of American firearms”.

    With that said, my baby still my Ruger SR9. I’ve sent 2,000+ down the barrel without a hiccup. Not one.

    1. Peter in DC Avatar
      Peter in DC

      Replace “one” in the above first sentence with “fine”.

  19. Pliskin Avatar

    My 400 dollar GSG 1911 does pretty good, although it is a .22 plinker and nothing more. The guide rod broke but they sent a new one in 6 days. Its almost flawless with federal bulk. Talk about a cheap and fun 1911! I like the all metal frames of 1911s. The reason they cost so much is the hours of hand fitting required to get that perfect gun. Those hours obviously weren’t spent on my GSG but its still a reliable and accurate .22 and without a breakin period. Funny vid though with some valid points.

  20. I got a 1911 for the same reason as I got a 69 Chevelle…it’s cool. When I’m all kitted up, I have my m4, my Glock 21 or SIG P220, and my trusty Gerber MkII. I trust my life to my weapons and I take care of my weapons…and they take care of me.

    in apprx. 15000 rounds down range in training, I’ve had only 1 or two ftes and about 5 FTF…due to the ammo itself (springfield trp pro) I’ve owned the rock island variant 1911 and fell in love with it. I didn’t want to spend 2$K right off the gate. I was pleasantly surprised. Not 1 hiccup on that EVER. I used that weapon to learn how to play gunsmith. I tweaked it a bit and added a few things here and there. But it was great. It had a smooth 4 pound trigger pull from the factory. I traded it for a remington 700 sniper setup with the detachable 10 round mag, 10-40x by 50 scope. Ad a case of ammo. Just an awesome rifle.

    But I only did it because I wanted a higher end 1911. The Springfield pro is absolutely outstanding. I love it.

    I love all firearms and am expanding my collection as often as I possibly can.

  21. Florida Spooter Avatar
    Florida Spooter

    For what it’s worth, I’ve had a Springfield Loaded 1911 with Parkerized finish for over 3 years and it doesn’t have a hint of rust on it. Of course, I store it in an air-conditioned room and religiously clean it after every range trip. It eats everything I feed it, from 230gr factory ball to handloads with 230gr Hornady XTP and 200 gr LSWC, and shoots accurately with all. My pistol has thousands of rounds through it so far, and still runs like a top. I paid $750 for it before the Obama Regime’s second War on the Second Amendment began.