VigilantSpectre’s 42 Minute 5.56 Clinic

I really don’t have time for a 42 minute derp analysis, but maybe some of you do:

After a cursory skim through the video I can see they are in full OPSEC mode in typical Vigilant Spectre greyman fashion.  Like I said, I don’t have the time or the energy to critique 42 minutes of them, but on quick glance there seems to be remarkably less derp (when it comes to safety anyway.. although there is far more talking than shooting).  I’m not a fan of the camera man’s position at 27:52… i’ll say that, but a lot of you probably will disagree.  17:40 – Spraying Rem-oil on all their barrels because it helps cooling by “creating a layer that directly heat-exchanges with the atmosphere around the barrel”.  Sounds like messy redneck science to me.. plus they are just shooting semi-auto.  There we a couple other “tips” I heard that I know were incorrect, but it was nothing that would hurt anyone so that doesn’t concern me as much as some of the stuff in the previous videos.

They connect with the target multiple times at 400-650 yards toward the end of the video… that is pretty good by my standards.

See, I’m fair!  Like I said in the comments of the posts I criticized them on… come out with some good stuff and i’ll praise it, but if you put out unsafe instructional derp vids i’ll call you out and burn you until my hands hurt from typing so much.

The whole “I filed a police report listing Mike and EverydayNoDaysOff in it” threat was just plain retarded.  I consider that water under the bridge now… but seriously why even make such a ridiculous threat when that was all information you made public?  What did you think would happen?

Hopefully this is the start of safer, less derpy videos. Once you guys realize you can edit out some of the misinformation you spout when you’re nervous, and the occasional safety slip up you’ll probably find your youtube comments and other feedback is a lot more pleasant.



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  1. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    You’re too kind…he talks about the “linear compensator” ensuring that all your muzzle energy is properly crowned (???); advises viewers to wear nylon shirts which will protect against flash burns (while spewing a can of gas around….) which is flat false–the light nylon will melt almost instantaneously and bond with your skin. It is a hellish combination; I saw a young woman who ignored the USFS rules to wear non-flammable underwear on helicopter operations–the helo went down and her bra was nylon. You don’t want to know the rest of that story. And then…spraying Remoil all over his rifle…action closed, hand OVER the muzzle….and what happens when you rap out a few dozen rounds, even semi-auto? Answer: your very own fog machine. Sheesh. A big BZ for them for hitting targets a few hundred yards out, but that really only makes me think that they’re perpetuating the world’s most elaborate april fools joke.

    1. Dilhack Avatar

      I can attest to the nylon thing…in high school I had some kind of baggy military-esque (looks only…and barely so) pants that were mostly nylon that caught fire in a few spots at a bon fire. Not exactly flame retardant and I have some dandy scars…it literally melds to your skin.

      1. ozwald Avatar

        wore a nylon shirt to a roman candle fight. i don’t even know how i survived my childhood…

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I didn’t catch the “linear compensator” and “nylon shirts” part.

  2. Dilhack Avatar

    At the 27:50 mark I’m pretty sure he would fail your typical safety stuff…I couldn’t make myself watch it all, just clicked random parts of the video and watched long enough to be ashamed that I live in the same state…

    Later he says “these rounds are hitting left for some reason, I don’t know why…”. Just a wild guess… maybe you should site the weapon in for the ammo you are using, or adjust your aim to compensate. It hurts.

    1. Dilhack Avatar

      Maybe I should read your comments before I put my own…just noticed you already got the 27:50 safety slip :-p

  3. kingof9x Avatar

    They are like a disinformation campaign. If they do have any good tips, they are lost in all the retarded no-direction talking. Even if they did have good advice or tips I wouldn’t take it. I just couldn’t take anybody seriously that calls them self a specter or a wombat.

    1. I second this.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    Airsoft guys who somehow aquired firearms.

    1. liquidflorian Avatar

      I airsoft and their is no way we would do dumb shit like this.

      1. Agreed, these guys are much worse than your typical airsofter.

  5. I missed that these halfwitted morons had filed a ‘police report’ over you copy-pasting the information they made publicly available on the intertubes… What do you want to bet the cops they spoke to had a good laugh at their expense and shredded the paperwork shortly after they left?

    And, yeah, nylon for protection against “flash burns” is pretty much the worst idea ever. While not in the same category, spraying oil on your barrel is just damned stupid to boot…

    So glad I have not wasted any of my time on these videos…

  6. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    mike. ur awesome dude. the website is very cool. you make me laugh alot.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks a lot Spencer. I’m Glad you enjoy the site.

  7. Al T. Avatar

    Wow. Think Crunkleross nailed it. No training, no experience, no clue.

  8. Seriously the camera man is horribly annoying.

  9. Matt G. Avatar
    Matt G.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure these dudes went to government school. Once you reach temperatures where Extra heat dissipation would be necissary, guess what happens to oil? IT BURNS. now you have a great smoke screen hiding you from sight, but it also kinda makes you obvious. Not to mention the whole bit about lots of oils being flammable at high tempuratures and add in the fact that you have an explosion going off right next to it and that’s a recipe for a rifle on fire.

    And a rifle on fire is no fun when your wearing nylon for “flash burn protection”

    1. Matt G. Avatar
      Matt G.

      Also technically the oil would fill in microscopic pores in the barrel, thereby reducing the surface area, thereby REDUCING the heat dissipation.

      1. liquidflorian Avatar

        Also, if the oil was to get muddy wouldn’t that create un-even heat dispersion giving you insulated parts of the barrel?

  10. Terry Avatar

    Well at least he can hit things if nothing else. And it looks like he can reload as well. I didn’t see his friends shoot at all though. Thoughts?

  11. Do they discuss how their face paint affects accuracy at those ranges?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      According to the manual, face paint can improve shooting by up to 1.63 MOA. :P

      1. LIKE.

      2. Hard_Harry Avatar


  12. Brian Avatar

    I couldn’t make it past the first 90 seconds…when the camera man started singing, I closed it.

  13. Terry Avatar

    “Matt G.
    Also technically the oil would fill in microscopic pores in the barrel, thereby reducing the surface area, thereby REDUCING the heat dissipation.”

    Look not Really defending him but, it’s apparent that you never took or passed a thermodynamics course.

  14. I can’t get over their burning of the short grass in the first few minutes. Talking about how their lighter is “Gay” colored and just kind of pouring gasoline into green brush to clear the bottom 6″ of a target for vision… all the while spouting off tactical words they’ve heard in training DVDs and Act of Valor.

    I know plenty of rednecks that can hit a target. Years and generations of deer hunting has gotten trigger control, sight alignment, and breath control into their shooting knowledge. Looks like the internet and a shroom-trip filled in the rest in spectacular fashion.

  15. Oh god, I don’t know why I left it on while I was doing some writing, but I heard the line “Oooh this cordite smells so good”. I don’t think he knows what cordite is. Right around 34:05.

  16. Kevin Avatar

    I still don’t understand the outer barrel oil. What kind of a fucking moron?

  17. CitizenSniper Avatar

    We also make fun of the wombat….

  18. Nothing they say in that video makes any sense. They are just throwing terms around for maximum derp and trying to make it sound like they know what they are doing.

  19. Tekkie Avatar

    Sounds like they have an F1 circuit in their backyard…

  20. I seriously doubt any of them had any real military training or been in combat. They may have been ex military but most likely where supply clerks or cooks ….. lol

  21. Oh and oil on he outside of the barrel all that will accomplish is a a mess and a dirt magnet

  22. I’m still recovering from seeing their camo-faces… (1st my eyes are still sore, and I hurt myself when I bounced off my chair laughing).

    The oil-barrel thing seems VERY silly to me, but plenty of other things do. For instance the part about being sure that nothing comes in the line of fire you when you shoot, like “weeds”. Man, you should be worried about positionning yourself behind a goddamn fence and a f*cking tree !!

    I missed the part about nylon protection against fire, thank you guys for filling me in !

  23. It reminds me of Groucho Marx saying:
    Practically everybody in New York has half a mind to write a book, and does.

    These guys do record videos while only have half what it needs to…

  24. NikonMikon Avatar

    These guys are fucking FAGGOTS. If you agree with me reply and +1

  25. NikonMikon Avatar

    Okay Okay I actually watched the WHOLE video after making my comment above. The guy who held the camera at first (WOMBAT FAGGOT) is the one who irritated me the most. After he disappeared the video became FAR MORE tolerable. Some seemingly derpy things remained like oiling the barrel but I am going to have to redact my blanket statement above. I would love to take my SKS out there and really wow them. I shoot iron sights at 500 yards commonly so long distance shooting interests me and thus I have a little respect for the main guy. Damn I feel like the asshole that I am for calling them all ‘fucking FAGGOTS’. Ah well.

  26. Terry Avatar

    “I would really like to take my SKS out there and wow them”
    An the Spectre channel is derpy? At least he chooses a proper weapon. You are a fail check the table below, I think your range finder is broken.

    Name: 7.62x39mm

    BC: 0.2400 (G1) Temperature: 73.0 degrees Cant Angle: 0.0 deg.
    Weight: 124.0 grains Humidity: 73 % Sight-In Range: 200 yd.
    Caliber: .311 Pressure: 29.92 in. Muzzle Angle: 8.466 moa
    Sight Height: 2.00 inches Crosswind: 8.0 mph TargetSpeed: 0.0 mph
    LOS Angle: 0.0 degrees Altitude: 25 ft. Target Angle: 90.0 deg.
    Sect. Density: 0.183 Air Density: 0.0738 lb./ft.^3
    Air Density: 96.5 % of Sea Level

    Range Drop Velocity Energy Momentum Windage Lead Time Elevation
    (Yards) (inches) (ft/sec) (ft-lbs) (lb-sec) (inches) (inches) (secs) (moa)

    0 -2.00 2345.0 1514.0 1.2913 0.00 0.0 0.000 —–
    25 0.00 2259.8 1406.0 1.2443 0.09 0.0 0.033 0.00
    50 1.58 2176.3 1304.0 1.1984 0.35 0.0 0.066 3.16
    75 2.70 2094.5 1207.9 1.1533 0.80 0.0 0.102 3.60
    100 3.32 2014.6 1117.4 1.1093 1.44 0.0 0.138 3.32
    125 3.41 1936.6 1032.5 1.0664 2.28 0.0 0.176 2.72
    150 2.91 1860.5 953.0 1.0245 3.35 0.0 0.216 1.94
    175 1.79 1786.4 878.6 0.9837 4.64 0.0 0.257 1.02
    200 -0.01 1714.6 809.4 0.9441 6.18 0.0 0.300 -0.01
    225 -2.56 1645.1 745.1 0.9058 7.96 0.0 0.344 -1.14
    250 -5.90 1578.0 685.6 0.8689 10.02 0.0 0.391 -2.36
    275 -10.12 1513.7 630.8 0.8335 12.35 0.0 0.440 -3.68
    300 -15.29 1452.2 580.7 0.7997 14.98 0.0 0.490 -5.10
    325 -21.49 1393.9 534.9 0.7675 17.90 0.0 0.543 -6.61
    350 -28.81 1338.9 493.5 0.7372 21.13 0.0 0.598 -8.23
    375 -37.34 1287.4 456.4 0.7089 24.68 0.0 0.655 -9.96
    400 -47.19 1239.9 423.2 0.6827 28.54 0.0 0.715 -11.80
    425 -58.45 1196.4 394.1 0.6588 32.71 0.0 0.776 -13.75
    450 -71.22 1157.2 368.7 0.6372 37.19 0.0 0.840 -15.83
    475 -85.63 1122.1 346.7 0.6179 41.96 0.0 0.906 -18.03
    500 -101.75 1090.9 327.7 0.6007 47.01 0.0 0.974 -20.35

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      I have fucking video of me shooting at 500 yards. I don’t need a rangefinder because it’s at a shooting range and there are range markers every 50 yards all the way out to 500. But just to satiate you, someone who does have a rangefinder and frequents the range I shoot at has confirmed with me that it is 500 yards to the target.

      Furthermore it’s on a military post so I’m pretty sure the ranges are fairly accurate.

      Also congrats on figuring out how to use a ballistics calculator, you might want to adjust that BC and use the correct weight projectile. I don’t shoot 124 grain. My humidity is far greater and I don’t sight in at 200 yards. The caliber is also 310 not “.311”. Curiously, I checked Wikipedia yesterday and claims it is a 312 caliber projectile. I grabbed some m67 ball and mic’d it at the reloading bench. It’s 310 or 310.5. Hornady actually sells 310.5 caliber projectiles for 7.62×39.

      So in closing, I checked out your neat little bullet drop table. Thanks for showing me it. Was there more you wanted to show me? I have youtube footage to show you if you still want to be a fucktard and argue with me about my shooting my sks at 500 yards.

      I know the SKS is not a long range rifle, it’s still very entertaining and challenging to shoot out to 500 yards. You mad bro? Get over it.

  27. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Sweet feathery Jesus these guys are beyond moron status! And whats all this shit with the about bullet jackets, talking out their asses, talking out their asses. Oh yeah, and a match grade bullet loaded by a moron is no better than that wolf ammo they use so much.

  28. i will go just a bit against the grain maybe. they are relying on knowledge from a navy reservist and some youtube vids.cut them some slack. what they are doing does how ever look like a shit ton of fun(provided they work on some safety issues).some of my army buddies(regular and reserve),a couple marines (all reservists)and a some “select freinds “are working on developing a similar kind of “club”.however instead of focusing on video taping everything we would rather just get in some trigger and tactical play time.hardest part is finding the property where we can shoot multiple different directions safely.we are not “pros” either but we can still have fun