Gun Budget Song

FXhummel1 gun-covers a Smashing Pumpkins song:

I feel like I say the same good things about FXhummel everytime I post a video of his.  It’s not just because he wears my t-shirts either.  The dude is just good.  

This song he’s covering (Bullet With Butterfly Wings) really brings back some memories for me.  I liked Smashing Pumpkins a lot back in the day, before I got into rap and never looked back.  Maybe Fxhummel1 will bust a couple rhymes for ENDO some day?  I have some classic beats i’d like to hear you rhyme over if you’re interested.

Can anyone read lips? What is he saying at the end?



11 responses to “Gun Budget Song”

  1. I think your dog just shit its self dude.

  2. lol, she wandered in the room about half way through the tune and sat down at my feet. I was trying very hard to not let it break my concentration
    @mike Rap? Me? oh boy. But now you got me thinking about it…

  3. Al T. Avatar

    “But now you got me thinking about it” ARRRRGGGGG!!!!!

    But, hell, I’ll have to watch anyway….

    What about country?

  4. Al T. Avatar

    Oh and just to continue a theme – where’s the hot chick? :D

  5. I hope you send him a few free shirts.

    1. Mike’s been very good to me

  6. hydepark Avatar

    So where are all the little HK cry babies? I mean, he desires a new HK. I thought there were a few guys on here that are all like “oooo I hate dat HK”

    Guess they’re either pansies or else they don’t really dislike the HK like they’ve said before. Dope song though, man.

    1. thanks man. Bring on the HK hate! I can take it

  7. Another great tune, keep em coming! :)

    1. thanks man, will do, well…will try anyways

  8. Major dog spook, heh. Awesome song.