You’re A Gun Nut When

MrColionNoir speaks the truth:

I thought most of the points were dead on.  The Cory & Erika comment seemed like a reach considering how unknown they are, but I imagine MrColionNoir and them have a strong YouTube bond, and they are a pretty cool couple so i’ll give him a pass on that one.

Anyone else have any to add?  I’ll add “When you think solvent and/or burnt gunpowder smells nice”


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  1. Larry Avatar

    lol awesome, so much of that is….sadly true

  2. 1) You look up guns on if you see one you can’t ID in a movie
    2) You know about most of the upcoming and newly released guns
    3) You follow bloggers that record SHOTshow

    On a side note which writing the above reminded me of: just watched The Avengers and saw the M&P that Nick Fury wields. It would be a sick marketing ploy if S&W sent the studio a prototype M&P SHIELD used the Avengers to market it. (S.H.I.E.L.D. using the M&P SHIELD =P)

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I heard about the M&P product placement in Avengers. I gotta see that movie sometime. I haven’t been to the theater in ages.

  3. hydepark Avatar

    You can recite Wal-Mart ammo prices…………………………………….
    You think sons of guns sucks…..but you watch it anyway……………
    You’ve watched an entire Nut’n Fancy video…………………………….
    You watch all YouTube videos about the guns you already own……

    LMFAO fellas we gotta get this guy to be some sort of public gun
    advocate for us. He’s seriously like some sort of mysterious truth
    speaker. On a serious note, cultures are viewed through social
    prisms. We should be advocating this advocate.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      We should be advocating this advocate.

      Nice… I’m gonna have to keep that line in the chamber to impress someone with someday.

  4. I wish a Mother F**ker would call me a gun nut…

  5. I was following it up to the “Larry Vickers is your hero”. Was that trollin’? I lost him again at the cory and erica comment you mentioned. I saw your link to their video but I still dont care. Beside those two things, good video as a whole.

  6. Damn I busted up at this one. I am really, really liking Mr. Noir.

    “You find empty shell casings in your clothes while you do laundry…”

    Fun fact: one day, when I was a sophomore in high school, we were asked to pull out our history textbooks in class. I opened mine, and a fired .300 Weatherby Magnum casing fell out on the floor. THAT was awkward. (Cultural context: this was in southern California in 2002.)

  7. I’d add those.

    When you take a cleaning rod with you on holiday.
    When all the people at the range know your name and which gun you own.
    When your wife/husband actually thinks it would be a good idea to buy new furniture only to store your guns.
    When your wife/husband can name the part of the gun you let on the kitchen table.
    When you sigh and eyeroll at people who talk about “undetectable ceramic guns”…

    1. Ted N Avatar

      I bite my tounge a lot at work. I’ve tried to stomp out myths and bullshit a few times, it’s just not worth it.

  8. Dennis Avatar

    You might be a gun “poser” when the animated bullet on your video logo still has the bullet case attached.

    1. Dennis is a hater Avatar
      Dennis is a hater

      You might need to pay more attention when you try to call someone out when you obviously didn’t even try to confirm your statements.

      Clearly a large caliber bullet with no casing

      1. Thank You! That’s like the fifth person to try to call me out on that bullet. There is no casing.

      2. Dennis Avatar

        I saw on reddit later that someone made the same claim as I, and others said it didn’t have a casing. It could go either way, depending on how you interpret the shadows.
        Hey, first time to be called a hater on the internet. I guess I have arrived!

        1. NikonMikon Avatar

          NO, it really can not go either way. It doesn’t have a fucking casing. The creator/proprietor of the animation says it doesn’t have one either.

  9. Matt_Mg Avatar

    You’re not american and a lot of the above apply to you :p

  10. David Avatar

    This guy is awesome. Seriously most of that applies to myself. I think that’s hilarious.

  11. ironchef Avatar

    “You save your brass even though you don’t reload.” I noticed this the other day! lol

    I’d add that “You only watch movies to ID guns used” or maybe “You call out each gun’s make and model” when it’s displayed in a movie” Or “You correctly tell the TV screen how many rounds that gun should have fired.”

    Speaking of, I just watched “Foolproof” and the bad guy in it is showing a Glock 19 to another guy and then gets all educated (but not really) claiming it’s a “45 caliber longslide glock thirty(something) with 4 groove polygonal rifling..(and some other fake stats).” I called it out and my wife rolled her eyes, as usual! lol

    1. …when the very mention of the movie Sniper 2 causes you to have an aneurism.

  12. You think Hoppes No.9 is an air freshener.

    1. Corbin K Avatar
      Corbin K

      Lmao, my friend just came to my house the other day wondering what that “smell” was after I used Hoppes No.9. Its just such a great smell to have

  13. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    You notice when an action hero has a Beretta in one scene and then its a Glock in another and you want to choke out the director for messing up.

    1. Dom P. Avatar

      Like in Mindhunters?

  14. When your firearms jargon is more developed than that of an active duty soldier in a hot zone…

    If a Wildlife and Fisheries agent has ever commented that you look like you’re “about to go to war” on a hunting trip….

    In sticky situations, your friends naturally move behind you…

    …or they fan out, move towards cover, and establish overlapping fields of fire around the potential threat.

  15. If you have to return to your car…twice…before going into an NPE/through a metal detector.

    If you have to check and empty your suitcase or carry-on 2-5 times the night before a flight…

    Or you’ve ever had to toss a blade, mag, or bullets at an airport…

  16. Curtis Avatar

    …when the gun store clerk knows your name…

    and you’ve never been in that store before.

  17. …when you are watching this video…

  18. Curtis Avatar

    I really like that its “if you’ve watched an entire nutnfancy video”. Not all of them, not ten, just one. They are long as hell.

  19. Luke C Avatar

    Hah, this was just perfect. I am very much a gun nut.

  20. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    when your bathroom is stocked with 10 years of shotgun news

    1. Broadkil Avatar


  21. When you can’t remember the last time your hands DIDN’T smell like gunpowder

  22. Dom P. Avatar

    When you have watched an entire nutnfancy video LOL!!!!!

  23. When you have a blogroll of gun blogs you check every day, and you read all the comments on the posts.

    1. Buzzy243 Avatar

      Heck yeah.
      I read a lot of blogs but gun blogs are the only ones where I read the comments.

      1. Ted N Avatar

        I start at SayUncle and branch out from there.

  24. Not quite that bad. I still need to add a .32, .38 and a .380 to my arsenal.

    But one he missed:

    You have a laser for every firearm, including your shotgun.

  25. concealed Avatar

    Oh lord……..that’s me in a brass shell

  26. This guy is halarious!

  27. Broadkil Avatar

    “You think Hoppes 9 would make a great cologne”
    “You like to go to gun shops just to talk over the sales reps heads”
    “You have come up with a new round *complete with reloading data*”
    “You look at a parts kit and ponder how to improve the design”
    “you have bought a beat up gun, but not because it was cheap, but to practice your skills on applying blue/dura/park and to smooth out trigger pull”
    “You bought a semi-auto MG-42 when the assault weapons ban went in”
    “You look at an Mosin Nagant and think “This could make for a nice weekend project!”

  28. Ken Smith Avatar
    Ken Smith

    I can say yes to most of those, however:
    I must be a much luckier man than I thought. Guys at work, jokes with friends, friends that really do… I have never had to hide a firearm (or any other) purchase from my girl. Her usual responses range from “I guess we are lucky they still allow us to legally buy anything in CA”, to “Show me how to break it down so I can clean it after I shoot it”.

    My 2 all time favorites:

    1. I’m playing Xbox, don’t remember the game, but I pop 1 guy, pop another guy, get popped. She just happens to be walking by, looks at the tv, and on her way out of the room says “Never shoot from the same place twice”.

    2. I ask her how, as a nurse that has seen plenty of gunshots and death from gunshots, she has not turned anti gun? Best response ever: “I have seen what a gun can do, and if another person is going to try to shoot me, I’m going to make damn sure they get as much as they give”

  29. k.rollin Avatar

    If you buy a firearm while other firearms of yours have been confiscated/held by the police for an investigation.