Trying To Ban The Bullet Button In CA

Senator Yee, fighting against law abiding gun owners:

“What I am proposing is to essentially prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of an assault weapon into a way that you can fire these magazines upon magazines without effort” -Senator Yee

I have two questions:

  1. How often are what the media likes to call “Assault” rifles used in violent crimes in CA?
  2. What percentage of  “Assault” rifles in evidence right now have bullet buttons or fixed magazines?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to both questions… but i’ll humor Senator Yee and support his ban if the answers turn out to be “Very often & most”.

Full Story – HERE

The initial restriction, and this new bill about to be put forward is a typical example of bullshit that does nothing but further inconvenience the law abiding.  Go interview 100 gang members and ask them what they think of magazine capacity restrictions, adjustable stocks, and shoulder things that go up.  I’ll save you the trouble and let you know in advance you’ll get 100 guys laughing in your face.


Hat tip: Adrian Y.


53 responses to “Trying To Ban The Bullet Button In CA”

  1. Looks like Senator Yee did not get enough hugs as a child.

  2. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    monsterman grip, bullet button, hammerhead and 10 round blocked mags.

    should probably feel lucky they still let you have firing pins and strikers.

    lol california

    1. Jwhite Avatar

      well… Ok.. the work around is the following…

      1) Exchange your pistol grip for a monsterman grip
      2) Remove/Pin adjustable stock
      3) Remove flash hider exchange for compensator
      4) Remove foregrip, exchange for finger index

      You can now use your 30 round prebans

      fuck this lee guy and fuck this state.

      forgive my language

    2. Dude, you need a permit just to get a water gun in California. This is retarded.

  3. California legislators aren’t over-burdened with either common sense or intelligence.

    1. Soless Avatar

      That is a true statement my friend!

  4. Corry Avatar

    I just wrote that ass clown an email i suggest everyone does who sees this.

  5. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    They need to read the constitution. How is this hurting anybody? You need to be able to take out your magazine in some way to properly maintain your weapon. Does this guy just not understand the point of the second amendment or something? I mean, all this is doing is riling people up. If you want to prove to people they don’t NEED the second amendment right now, you should give them full access to it. Chipping away at it constantly is making people edgy. In no way is a detachable magazine linked to crime. I mean, we’ve had them for over 100 years now, it’s not like it came out for the sole purpose of murdering babies.

    1. They don’t care. My family and I fled that oppressive state and can’t be happier to be out of there. CA is the first state to pass legislation that allows illegals to pay IN STATE TUITION.

      California is billions of dollars in the red and THIS is what they spend their time doing.

    2. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Same with switchblade’s, how does a spring make a knife any more lethal?
      Yet, almost all states have some form of restriction against them.

      1. Ted N Avatar

        One thing at a time, one thing at a time…

        Someday, the dumb shit’ll be repealed.

  6. I hate the way politicians think things like this are important….where as balancing a budget is their primary job right now not this. I mean what has event has happened to show AR15s are the evil every media outlet makes them out to be! I starting to feel I should move to another state!

  7. Yee you wong Avatar
    Yee you wong

    Yee’s quote: “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion”

    Wrong! It was put in the US Constitution to protect us from people like you.

    1. hydepark Avatar

      Love the name, bro. Also, is this guy having a senior moment or what? I mean all us guys here are well aware that most LEO’s in California have all types of jacked up assault weapons. I hope he remembers to take those weapons out of their hands too.

      Here’s the point guys. If all he wants is these weapons out of our hands, then this discussion is no longer taking place with facts and reality. If the point is public safety and getting weapons out of the hands of anyone who “MIGHT” go postal with them then all LEO’s are also human and therefore capable of such activity.

      But in any case we can all agree that this joker is the reason we need 30+ round magazines. We have the right and responsibility to overthrow him using deadly force to protect our individual rights. And yes, this is me advocating using lethal force against a public office holder if he chooses to attempt to do this shit.

    2. Lee is a commie Avatar
      Lee is a commie

      There is no way that Lee or anybody else is going to be able to keep individuals in California from owning assault weapons. All the gang bangers have them – and they’re not going to give them up. That is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion…

      Yee is sadly out of touch with reality, even by San Fransisco standards. He is a child psychologist who introduced a bill in 2005 to ban “ultraviolent” video games, claiming that they caused juveniles to engage in violent behavior. The bill passed, but was declared unconstitutional in 2011 by the SCOTUS.

      Also: aren’t “assault weapons” usually capable of fully automatic fire?

  8. i dont get this, whats a bullet button? a mag release safety?
    ona second note… california…..never mind i dont even want to know.

  9. yes help us clog his email box with disapproving comments please. [email protected]

    people in Northern Cali are fucking commie idiots.

    1. Thanks for including Yee’s Email address. I just sent him an Email. For Yee, this only the start. Like most liberal Democrats we wants to ban all firearms. Mexico banned all publicly owned firearms in 1968. Yep, that really worked!

      1. wah, wah, wah... Avatar
        wah, wah, wah…

        Mexico now gets their guns from all the southern border states with loose gun laws because there is no law banning bringing an unlimited amount of guns out of the US. Mexico banned guns and law-abiding Americans are supplying the cartels. Its just funny how the violence in Mexico always gets thrown in to justify gun ownership, when it is our loose gun laws that supply them in the first place…

        1. I think your post was actually so stupid it just sucked some of MY braincells out. It’s like a black hole of stupidity.

          Just….. Just, No.

  10. Ted N Avatar

    What a useless tool(Sen. Yee, of course). Glad that its now loud and clear that he only wants subjects and criminals in his state.

    Sir, could you go inspect the inside of a woodchipper? You’re not helping anything with your day job, that’s for sure.

    1. Ted N Avatar

      Finished the video. Sen Yee is a very sad, deluded man. Why can’t he pump some money into the justice system to actually catch some murderers and rapists and other scum?

  11. I really laugh at this. Why? Because the only people using BBs in Kalifornia are the ones who have to go to public ranges because they have nowhere else to shoot… He’s a dumbass that doesn’t have a clue about an “assault” weapon.

  12. Caz25 Avatar

    This is really disturbing to me. How hard is it to understand that criminals who are willing to do something as terrible as a mass shooting aren’t going to worry for one second whether their weapon is Kali legal? Obviously this guy doesn’t get that or quite honestly anything about guns (just like most of the Kalifornia legislature and most Kalifornias in general sadly). They are so afraid of the ar’s and ak’s because of their menacing looks that they can’t understand that the M1a which can be legally bought completely un-neutered (aside of course from its ten round mag) is entirely more deadly and you’ll notice we don’t see psychos going around with those every day massacring people. They fear cosmetics simply because of lack of understanding. Too bad common sense left this state long ago. Remember guys, watch out for “the shoulder thing that goes up.”

  13. jodark Avatar

    Nevermind that California is about to become the first state to completely fail financially, clearly this is more deserving of their legislative time and effort.

    The only fortunate thing is that these people know so little about how AR15s work that they are only mildly dangerous to banning things. God forbid they try to outlaw something like the Gas Tube or Buffer Spring.

  14. tryandspeak Avatar

    I never realized this until now, but when I think California, I think a state that stands up and fights for individual and civil rights. For example, gay marriage, i agree the government should have no place tell people who can and can not get married. Legalization of marijuana, I’m not a fan, but I agree with them in that I don’t really see any reason for it to be illegal. It’s strange that they’ll fight so hard for these things but actively destroy an established, 200+ year old civil right.

    1. I don’t see drug use or gay marriage as a civil right, but I think I understand what you’re saying. I’m not interested in MJ either, but I say apply similar laws to alcohol and tax the snot out of it. growing it legally here in the US for sale will create jobs, tax revenue, and hurt the illegal drug trade

    2. Vhyrus Avatar

      They fight for gay marriage? Last time I checked they banned it statewide. Did I miss something?
      The medical marijuana thing is a lame attempt at legalized drugs since the feds basically mark you the moment you’re on the program anyway.

      I can’t see many things Kali has ever gotten right in recent years.

  15. jpcmt Avatar

    Having had a BB on my first AR15 while yet in CA (I’m in MT now) I realized that the purpose of it (according to CA lawmakers) is to prevent the gun from murdering babies and cute puppies by removing the ability to change mags. …all while operating said CA legal ar15 that can only hold 10 round mags. 10 rounds mags.

    This would be a nice time to challenge the capacity of magazines. Pretty cool to see Gene in the video…not a cooler, more educated level headed gun nut!

  16. James M&P Avatar
    James M&P

    I’m a go ahead and translate what Mr. Yee is saying. “God Damn it! We have to get rid of rifles that are hardly ever used in crime cause they are just so freaken scary!”

  17. DB327 Avatar

    I’m glad our forefathers won this country’s independence with harsh language because guns are immoral and have no place in our society.

  18. hahahahahahaha!!! That’s all I have to say.

  19. Mitch Avatar

    DAMMIT! I WAS ANGRY BECAUSE I THOUGHT THAT DAMN BULLET BUTTON WAS TOO RESTRICTIVE AS IT WAS! THEY’RE MAKING IT SEEM LIKE ITS A NEW INVENTION TO MAKE THE PROCESS FASTER! DO THEY KNOW NOTHING?! HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BRING ROUNDS INTO THE CHAMBER?! DO THEY WANT IT TO BE HAND LOADED? IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT? seriously… they wont be happy untill were reduced to muzzle loaders… then that will be too much too… so what if instead of wanting to throw a football, i want to shoot a gun… why cant they accept MY sport?

  20. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    i dont think you guys realize these laws are for your own good and keep you safer.

    1. Ted N Avatar

      “Keep my safer” fucking how Paul? You pull up one single case of any mushy headed feel good bullshit gun law slowing down or stopping an actual bad guy, and I’ll send you one of my kidneys. Free frickin kidney if you can show gun control helping, just one frickin time.


      1. paul kimble Avatar
        paul kimble

        ted do you honestly think the government would do anything that wasn’t in your best interest? they are here to help just sit back and let them do their job.

        1. Andrew Avatar

          The same government is the one that got us into the shithole in the first place, letting them do their job is the complete opposite of what people want them to do. You do know gun-control is just restricting law-abiding citizens from fighting back? Why to piss on the Constitution bro.

        2. Ted N Avatar

          -said the 100 million people killed by their own governments over the last century.

        3. Sure Paul, we can trust the government–just ask any Indian.

        4. hey paul…go kill yourself. hurry.

    2. Keep you safer? Yeah, if you’re planning to rob someone’s house. You’ll sure know they won’t have a gun. You’re stupid, Paul Kimble.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        I’m no internet sarcasm pro, but I believe he was kidding.

  21. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    Criminals don’t care about gun laws. Their firearms are purchased illegally. They don’t go to the store and buy them. They break the law. If 1,000 more laws are added it doesn’t matter. Why can’t politicians understand this? Criminals don’t care about gun laws!

  22. BBJones Avatar

    Yee wake up. This has been going on for years. You would think he would have noticed all the bodies in the streets. The BB must be responsible for 10’s of thousands of deaths.

    Or maybe only law abiding citizens bother to jump through these ridiculous hoops so they can obey the law as stupid as it is.

  23. I like California but their gun laws are fucking retarded. I’m so glad I’m in Florida.

  24. How many crimes are committed by “assault weapons”? How many crimes are committed by bullet-buttoned weapons? This bill is a joke.

    Next gun bill will probably require a magazine that is welded into the gun, and the magazine capacity is 1.

  25. 1.) do they not realize that you can have a monsterman or gorilla grip and not NEED the bullet button? a lot of guys have bullet buttons now and can’t change mags Quickly.

    If this passes ALL those guys will suddenly have “non-pistol grip” rifles that they CAN change mags on Quickly

    2.) do they expect to be able to inspect all of the homes of all of the gun owners looking for these sub-1″ parts to ensure they aren’t around? With how many mag releases have been brought into the state for how many decades you could NEVER ban them all. it would be like banning shoelaces. and how many stores have DOZENS of both mag releases AND dozens of bullet buttons on hand?

    3.) don’t they realize that LIKE the bullet button (and the people who choose to QUIETLY not use them) they’re just going to make a new, LARGER group of people who feel comfortable violating the law?

    4.) don’t they realize i have an M1A ? ;)

  26. Kommac Avatar

    “to protect the general public”
    By disarming them and creating a state full of sheep?
    That’s intelligent. What band of hippy gyps elected this guy?

  27. steven Avatar

    I am so sick of this state! Is the goal of the california liberal to have every productive person leave the state? I am about to that point! They forget that we have a choice of where we live and we are free to leave and take our tax dollars to states. This state is beautifull and the weather is the best in the country, but i cant stand our corrupt and insane leadership any more.
    Please spread the word to all of your friends that have ever thought about buying a black rifle. Encourage them to purchase at least a lower receiver this summer. Lets make this summer the best in the history of the state for black rifle sales!

  28. Bryan Avatar

    Shhh. Let him do it. If he sticks with the wording, then it wont affect anyone.
    My AR lower has a bullet button and never has been an “Assault” rifle (AW). So this wouldnt affect me. It would only affect two types:
    1. Someone placing a bullet button on a registered AW. Dont know why anyone would do it.
    2. Someone placing a bullet button on an unregistered AW. You are already breaking the law. TIP: Take the upper off first, so its no longer a center fire rifle. AW refers to centerfire only.

  29. Roger Avatar

    Shame on you lee, how unamerican, Men and Women just like you in the ” THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA ” won’t be satisfied until all guns are considered “Assault Weapons”. Nonetheless people just like you from the president on down make it your Joy/Job to step on our Consitutional Rights with your Dirty Shoes. Yours truly, “WE THE PEOPLE” (FYI) try to spend more time with the real issues (1) CORRUPTION (2) UNEMPLOYMENT (3) Federal Reseve who print money out of thin air and who pay no tax to the IRS.

  30. Bogey Avatar

    This type of crap pisses me off and I don’t even own an AR yet! In the end the people of Kali are the ones who votes the fucktards into office.

    One can only wish that Yee will be put into a situation where a gun could save him.

    Maybe he’s walking and a crazy dude high on bath soaps starts attacking him with a sharp weapon, he looks over to you for help but you are unarmed and don’t want to get fucked up either BUT by chance you are transporting your fixed magazine AR. Well that would come in handy but now you can’t release the mag without something to hit the button, sure you can top load it but it skips your mind.

    Oh well you can just call the cops, they’ll be here in a couple of minutes, he’ll be dead by then.

    Ok that probably won’t happen ever, probably just wishful thinking.

  31. Gabriel Avatar

    Well its good to know that former senator Yee has been arrested and is waiting trial for of all things trying to smuggle illegal weapons in to the country…these democrats are nothing but a bunch of damn hippocrites who want to disarm the people so their goon cops can kill us easier when they see fit.