VHS Assault Rifle

A little photoshop I whipped up for the Croatian bullpup rifle:

As the wikipedia page says, it definitely does look similar to the FAMAS.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever shot this thing?


20 responses to “VHS Assault Rifle”

  1. Dan The Viking Avatar
    Dan The Viking

    is that a famas

    1. Andrew Avatar

      Strange, it looks like a Croatian VHS to everyone else.

    2. AAFES Hot Dog Guy Avatar
      AAFES Hot Dog Guy

      Oui, Frankie. That is FAMAS.

  2. JScottNH Avatar

    The Croatian Army is trying to replace their stock if antiquated Betamax Rifles…

    1. Would a beltfed version be considered “streaming media?”

      1. Church Avatar


    2. Let’s face it, though – beta mags are cool!

  3. Woah. So the safety actually blocks the trigger? Wierd.

  4. Martin Avatar

    If that uses the “DF480” cartridge it’d be bad ass, thats 8 solid hours of “shooting” :p

  5. Baseplate Avatar

    Who watches VHS tapes anymore?

    1. Frank Avatar

      I don’t think anyone outside of being Croatia has shot one of these rifles before… Some exotic things come out to the states, but I’ve never heard of one being out here.

      Is there a way to adjust for a fuzzy screen?

  6. Matt_Mg Avatar

    A Canadian company is looking to import some… However they still won’t be 922r (or wtv) compliant for you guys down south.

    It looks expensive too, close to 3k!


  7. NKato Avatar

    The FAMAS itself was imported way back in the nineties, but it has since stopped imports. I’m not sure why, because holy crap, if a civ version of the FAMAS went on sale here, it would be a popular seller.

    That said, I’m very interested in this Croatian version.

  8. matt RRC Avatar
    matt RRC

    If Blockbuster sold this VHS tape rewinder in the 80’s they would zero financial issues.

  9. I’m still hoping for a civilian version of the L85.

  10. gir6543 Avatar

    ha matt dont be posting troll pics like that

    but i do like how the uniformed man behind her is looking at her like ‘how the hell did you get in here’

    i dont think i’d ever even consider putting my finger on the trigger pf a firearm with a magazine in it, esp around military personnel

  11. At least the VHS rifle allows you to skip that annoying FBI warning screen, unlike the DVD and Blu-ray rifles…

  12. So is it a 35MM or just the 12.7MM version or the mini DV 6.35mm version?

  13. There is a slight similarity to the FAMAS but quite a few differences in the charging hadle and trigger guard. Iwatched a factory clip on this rifle eariler and if it lives up to the claims it is a pretty impressive little piece of work. I will be looking into this further.