Ghost Recon Alpha Short Film

A prequel to Ghost Recon Future Soldier:

I had no idea what was going on 99% of the time, but it was very well done.  The video will probably make a lot more sense to you gamers.

Every time I see a quadrocopter I realize how much I need to get one.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier comes out May 22, and can be pre-ordered for 59.99.


Hat tip: Jon H.


22 responses to “Ghost Recon Alpha Short Film”

  1. You can see the 24 min version here…

    Now, I’ve never played any of the games, but the movie looks pretty interesting.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks Matt. That is actually the same video I posted, but the one Jon emailed me wasn’t off the Ghost Recon youtube channel, and yours was. I updated the link, thanks again.

  2. Glad to contribute!

  3. bryce Avatar

    everytime I see the quadrocoptor I think what a sell out FPS Russia is

  4. What is the gun they use ? I especially mean the one with the massive handguard we can see clearly (but really quicky) at 5:26. I guess it might be a prop, but what is the basis of this ?

    Good movie, very well done.

    1. Jon Hutto Avatar
      Jon Hutto

      Looks kinda like a some bullpup they did a hollywood job on. Magazine looks consistent with a 5.56 or like round, top barrel the same, lower barrel looks like a shotgun, not grenade launcher, too small. Then what is this big metal hook thing on the bottom?

    2. MenacingGuts Avatar

      its the MR8 made for the game. here a link for it:

  5. Al T. Avatar

    Surprisingly well done.

  6. boris Avatar

    you can have a quadricopter. but it doesnt have a gun on it though. look up the Parrot AR Drone.

  7. Church Avatar

    That was pretty badass! I would totally watch movies like that.

  8. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I think they all the gun you’re looking at a TAR 21. I’ve only ever seen airsoft versions, I think it’s a concept weapon. That would follow suit with alot of these video games snatching up concepts as actual field weapons because they’re “so cool!” There is a current percent of young airsofters who would pledge their first born to get a replica of a KRISS Vector because it was in COD or something. No amount of reason or experience can convince them that it isn’t end all weapon out there.

    1. JonMac Avatar

      Not a Tavor. Or if it is, it’s heavily disguised.

    2. Dilhack Avatar

      TAR-21 is just an Israeli Tavor…not a concept weapon, they have used it for at least 10 years if I remember right…

      Fantastic film though, just think what they could do with a Hollywood budget…I hope Part II comes soon!

  9. Wow…this is actually better than 99% of the action movies Hollywood is making these days. I would love to see this as a full length movie!

    1. Tekkie Avatar

      Agreed. This was the best war movie I’ve seen in years.

  10. alfa romeo Avatar
    alfa romeo

    The production value was phenomenal. The only thing that really bugged me was @11:32, the operator manually cycles the action of the Barrett. Kicked ass regardless.

  11. NikonMikon Avatar

    Oh my god this is awesome.

  12. The quadrotor drone might not be a realistic proposition with current technology, but as motors get more powerful and batteries get smaller, the future is going to be very, very scary :-/

    Governments already have few moral qualms using relatively clumsy Hellfires fired from drones and all the collateral damage that implies, imagine if they had access to a more discreet model that could put a couple of 22LR subsonics in the right place…

  13. The video was fantastic.

    The question is why not everyone was carrying a long gun. At about the 13:00 minute mark, the techy type guy tosses his M-16 (long gun) to the sniper guy. Why did the sniper need it?

    1. Grayson Avatar

      The ‘techy’ guy is the spotter for the sniper – and a G-36 is a lot faster to get the sights on multiple targets at rifle range.
      Absolutely outstanding video!

  14. Black guy gets it every time!