I Wish A Motherf**ker Would – Gun Owner Type

This is so awesome, you just have to watch it:

LOL so true… everyone knows someone like that.  I’d even go as far as to say if you claim you don’t know someone like the person he described, then it must be you.  The worst is drinking with guys like that, because it gets multiplied by 10… add another 10x on top of that if there are girls around.  I’m glad even when I was younger I had enough sense to avoid situations rather than roll the dice on my life or well being.

“when they made his gun, they stopped making everybody else guns”
^^^^ Truth

I’m looking forward to the rest of the videos in this series.



32 responses to “I Wish A Motherf**ker Would – Gun Owner Type”

  1. I like this guy more and more every video.

    Yeah, the “I wish a motherf***** would” guy suffers from one of the worst things a gun owner can suffer: a lack of appreciation for the gravity of taking a human life. It’s no joke…he hit this on the head.

  2. barfly Avatar

    This guy gets better and better, and nary a shoulder roll to be found..

  3. This guy brings some nice balance to all the jackasses with their boonie hats and tactical drills that appear here almost every week :D

    Mr. Yeager should be forced to watch these videos on repeat for about a month straight.

  4. jpcmt Avatar

    I don’t get the praise heaped upon this guy. He’s not saying anything new, nothing groundbreaking, his humor is forced/unnatural, and he’s plenty presumputuous. Is it just me? I just wish a mother f***** would… jk. I do agree with Will and appreciate that he isn’t some chest pack wearing shemagh wrapped high speed wannabe.

    1. lol, Damn Jpcmt that actually hurt a little bit, but I all is fair in Guns & Youtube. Considering the type of videos I am doing, there will always be a certain level of presumption required on my part. I just wanted to make videos about the stuff me and my friends talk about, and bring them to youtube to get other peoples opinions. I am just a normal guy who loves guns, and who over analyzes everything I see.

      1. jpcmt Avatar

        Awww dang, I didn’t think you’d read this. Friggen interwebz!!! That’ll show me. And hey, for what its worth, you smoke those old gun shop idiots who complain about their customers and act superior to everyone. For good measure, because I too am a normal gun nut who over analyzes everything, here’s free game for you to critique at will: http://youtu.be/4UeNkT8Zpe0

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          Awww dang, I didn’t think you’d read this. Friggen interwebz!!!

          hahah that’s gold.

  5. TheRealDave Avatar

    He makes good points, over and over though, lol. My training and experience have taught me a few things…

    1. Murphies law.
    2. A handgun (CCW standard), is minimal firepower and hardest weapon to master.
    3. One guy with a gun is, no matter how well trained… minimal combat power.
    4. Gunfights involve chance of fatality, shared by both sides… I happen to like to minimalize my exposure to fatal situations.

    1. LOL. I watched the video after I uploaded it and just about died. About 2min of that video was supposed to be edited out. This is what happens when you edit video at 3am half awake.

      1. TheRealDave Avatar

        And it is still a good video!

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha when I was watching it it seemed like it cut a few times and then you repeated yourself back to back. I didn’t really think much of it because I thought it was for emphasis, but that’s funny to hear.

  6. TimmySonOfTim Avatar

    Fuck what you got, nice Glock
    You acting like the people made yours and stopped
    My homie up the block, had for in the box

    -Random Axe

  7. Church Avatar

    This is awesome!

  8. I always watch these one day before I see them on endo lol. Anyway these videos are always good.

  9. Peter in DC Avatar
    Peter in DC

    A clown calling out the clowns.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      Why is this guy a clown? He’s not expressing any outrageous positions, and he’s speaking calmly and rationally. Frankly his position on gun bravado is really mature. You either didn’t listen, or listened with prejudice and didn’t hear.

      1. AR-47 Avatar

        I think Peter meant that the speaker in the video is calling out irresponsible gun owners. The “I Wish A Motherf**ker Would” guy is the clown.

  10. David Avatar

    I like this guy

  11. let the haters hate…you got talent…keep it up

  12. Lukas Hugunin Avatar
    Lukas Hugunin

    Hell yeah a CBGB Shirt, long live punk rock!

    1. I suppose wearing this shirt would be wrong :P

      Was rushed for the range after work the other day, ditched the grown-up shirt and threw on the first, best t-shirt in the closet, grabbed the bag from the gun safe and ran for the car. Wasn’t until people started staring I realized I had that one on :p

      But yeah, punks forever! :D

  13. Nice video series. In this case does the gun really have much to do with it? I’d bet money the guy would still act the same way if it wasn’t present. Just go to an unfree state/country and you’ll find the same stereotypical a**holes.

    1. Quoted for truth.

  14. Steve Avatar

    This guy knows a lot of a$$holes.

    I can safely say I’ve got one aspect or another of much every jerk-off he’s described. The only difference between me and them is I’m educated, trained, practiced, calm, and humble. I can’t say I do any of that Yeager rolling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv5qzMtLE60) or mall ninja crap, but I may want to try it one day with a plastic training gun.

  15. mrcolionnoir, Thanks for your channel and thanks to ENDO for spreading the word!

  16. In my younger years — I thought that way. At the same time legal carry was virtually impossible. Twenty-five years make a difference.

  17. I feel very fortunate now never personally knowing a single, “I wish a MFer would…” types. I guess they’re too busy ventilating ceilings on Youtube (then being grounded by their moms).

    1. These are the guys who invent all the “what-if” tactical scenarios in which they are always justified in using lethal force on anyone who frightens them.

      Most rational folks practice risk management and danger avoidance. These guys are stuck in “fear management” poorly disguised as “preparedness”.

  18. Really the “I Wish A Motherf**ker Would” guy is the flip-side of the guy who buys a cheap gun because “I’ll never use it”.

    One guy doesn’t see the point of carrying if he DOESN’T get to shoot somebody or something (BTW I suspect this is the reason why so many jackboot police raids end with a dog being shot…they’re in combat fatigues with guns running Ninja-drills…why WOULDN’T they shoot something…dogs are just less paperwork)

    The other guy, you wonder why he even bothers getting a gun in the first place…

  19. Always enjoy his videos.

  20. Funny fucker isn’t he? I enjoy the vids. Keep up the good work CN.