DERPnamic Secondary Presentation

I had to post another one by VigilantSpectre:

All their videos are just so bad, I can hardly believe it.  The camera man is ahead of the line of fire most of the time in this one too.

They all appear to be either using Blackhawk Serpa holsters or the kind that have snap closures they could easily go inside a trigger guard on a quick re-holster.  I wouldn’t recommend either type for guys like this.  In fact I would really prefer they weren’t even allowed to handle firearms, because frankly I don’t think they are intelligent enough to handle the responsibility.

Probably the funniest part is that all the guys hang onto every word that comes out of boonie hat derp’s mouth.  At points in this video it’s obvious he gets flustered because he hardly even knows wtf he is saying.  Starting at 11:05 is a real good example.

Bonus Hilariousness seen on their youtube page, and at the end of some of their videos:

Powered By:

East Ohio Firearms Sales LLC.
Contact: (740) 391-3231
Tell them Spectre sent ya!

So you mean to tell me that East Ohio Firearms Sales is sponsoring this train wreck?  I feel like just calling there and laughing at whoever picks up the phone over and over again all day.



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  1. Clutch Avatar

    Not even a real business grand opening is still 3 days away. Looks like they have less guns in their “store” than I do in my spare bedroom.

    Cory, bet they have some classes they’d teach you cheap!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah nice. I also love how their logo has a Jesus fish and right and left ejecting 1911s on it.

      1. Clutch Avatar

        Hey you know how these guys roll. Custom, 1 off 1911s machined out of billet with a dremel. You know they have degrees from WECSOG.

  2. InfoSecGeej Avatar


    This just blows my mind!
    These guys are all decked out like movie star operators and seemingly are JUST NOW practicing their draw/presentation HOT?!

    I didn’t even feel safe watching this from the comfort of my toilet seat…

  3. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    This one time, (Deep Breath*) I HERPED SO HARD, I DERPED!

    I leik herp derp boonie hat guy cause he keeps muzzle sweeping his own hand.

    I leik herp derp boonie hat#2 with the Beretta/Tarus 92 style – he is so eager to get out the gate that his severe sympatetic muscle responses on his ‘support side’ always get the best of him.

    *You’re so predictable herp derp boonie hat#2*

    I’m too bored with their silly antics to restart the video now that I’ve commented…

    Keep finding the gold out there ENDO Mike – you are bound to get rich one day…. o____o

    Titty Sprinkles – Discuss

  4. Willy Wonka Avatar
    Willy Wonka

    Oh man another one?..I just stopped the vomiting from the last video 12 hours

  5. AaronY Avatar

    Looks like we’re making an impact got this off their facebook page lol

    Hi all,
    Last night I had a bunch of trolls rolled in and gave one of my vids a lot of negative press. I would appreciate it if you and your friends all popped into the video for a few seconds. Do some rebuke and give the video a like if you havn’t already, and maybe even favorite or share it it you feel so moved.

    Well yeah your videos are getting negative press, because your fucking idiots and don’t want to listen to people giving you legitimate concerns for safety, and also they mad bro? Because I think they mad bro.

    Also this came to mind when I saw the facebook post

  6. thebronze Avatar

    I could only watch 5 mins of those retards…

  7. Tim S Avatar

    Does anyone else find their YouTube username a little ironic, “Vigilant”? I have yet to see a shred of vigilance in either of these two videos

  8. Crap crap crap, bullshit bullshit bullshit!

    The guys didn’t even open an survival/shooting manual. I don’t even talk about practising with real-life, trained professionals and taking actual lessons, but at least try to learn something from books written by those guys…
    They are making this up as they speak, it’s awesome !

  9. Vhyrus Avatar

    I love how their fearless leader’s ‘training’ managed to add about 2 seconds to their draw and fire routine. It’s not about hitting the target quickly… its about PRESENTATION!

  10. Vhyrus Avatar

    These guys should get together with Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel and have a bad training competition with a little circle jerk at the end.

    1. Lynn “I start shooting the moment the gun clears my holster, I have 10 toes and can stand to lose a few anyway” Thompson?

  11. The tactical words are not coming out of my mouth…

  12. These Ass-Tards are from southern ohio…our CCW laws are pretty easy…and alot of “Companies” have sprung up teaching CCW, gettin an FFL and “Dealing” off of gun broker… barnesville (where the Storefront is) is about as back-water as you can get. These dudes look like, although i can’t be sure, theyre training down around Re-claimed land after American Electric Power got done coal mining… The 740 area code on the phone number is from the more rural counties in Ohio. These dudes used to have some Trailer Homes parked down in Vinton County for a Shooting and Tactical Camp.

    Also, Mall Ninjas: I grew up in Ohio, and have had a 17 Year career through 3 branches of service and 2 different LE agencies..just to get that out before the “YOU DONT KNOW WHUT YUR TALKIN BAOUT CUZ WE DONT SEE NO VIDEOS” comes my way…

    This is horrific and terrible…and I’m sure these militia wannabees are on SOMEONE’s watch list…

    1. opiv6ix Avatar

      NE Ohio checking in. I felt shame when I saw they were out of Ohio. Even if it is southern Ohio (basically West Virginia.)

  13. Jesus fucking wept… What was all that bullshit about drawing the weapon?

    These fat tits just seem to have watched some Magpul videos from a torrent and decided they want in… Useless.

  14. Are they using message board user name to talk to each other in real life?

  15. 2Wheels Avatar

    I think what bothered me the most to be honest, was the guy who couldn’t run a 1911 to save his life. These guys really need to spend of their money on a real pistol course if they want to learn to run those pistols right.

  16. New rule: You can’t name yourself “sniper” or “spectre” unless you can ACTUALLY hit the broad side of a piece of steel that’s 20 feet away.

    I can understand protecting your identity by using an assumed name…but really? “Vigilant Spectre”? “Citizen Sniper”? At least I chuckled at CombatWombat.

    They all imply that they’re 1337 operators. I see not a shred of evidence of that here.

  17. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    Instead of Bonnie Hat Derp can we settle on Bonnie Derp? I think it has a nice ring and its fun to say. its also easier to fit on a toe tag.

    1. Seconded :D

  18. daniel Avatar

    My favorite is at 8 minutes when the human manatee is shooting his gat. I can’t believe none of these dipshits haven’t been shot, YET. Any fool with a camera can be a firearms instructor. I wonder when they introduce the mma body bag to the training.

  19. Maybe these guys can give them some pointers…!

    WTF?!? (still love bacon thought :-) )

  20. Church Avatar

    I have no words… I can’t even begin to understand how they’re all taking this seriously.

  21. Tekkie Avatar

    I couldn’t resist.

  22. I wish entrepreneurs the best, especially new gun dealers. But putting out “training videos” like this is not helping. What they could do, instead of making up needlessly dangerous bullshit drills, is recruit an actual soldier or retired cop to teach for them. Or at least contract them to put together a legitimate training routine. The midwest produces a disproportionate percentage of American veterans. Surely they could find a recently separated soldier/marine or even SF Operator to help them out.

    Or they could put on Airsoft vests and do needlessly dangerous shit in front of a webcam.

  23. I had to double face palm when the guy with the .22 1911 came out.

    Between the 1911 guy and the Beretta and Sig shooters I lost count of how many times a gun was holstered or drawn in SA without the safety or decocker being used.

    No eye protection while shooting close range steel? Good golly.

    “What did I say about safeties?! They should never be on!”

    I realize square range safety rules aren’t super hard when you’re derping in the woods, but COME ON they’re just asking to be shot when they’re trying to use guns and gear without much familiarity with gloves at full speed. Someone take away the soft holsters and tell them to put the holsters on their belts.

    I get that most of them don’t know any better, but fucking Christ Almighty is that scary to watch.

  24. pop n fresh Avatar
    pop n fresh

    this is by far their best video
    El Chapo for life, my new role model and inspiration. I want to personally mail him some pizza rolls.

    also that’s one sweet “SASS” they built

  25. brandon gerken Avatar
    brandon gerken

    how are you gonna tell him he shouldnt never have the safety on let em carry his handgun how he wants WTF LOL and he should learn how to manipulate the safety as he is drawing his firearm

  26. brandon gerken Avatar
    brandon gerken

    well i left alot of helpful comments on the vid for them but i dont think it will help

  27. I laughed through the entire video. They were so serious. I love this site. LMAO!!!

  28. pwrtrip99 Avatar

    All of these Elite Tier One super-operator combat effectiveness awesomo gunkata vids owe a great deal to the original progenitor of the genre: Elite Team Fighting.
    Feast your eyes and ears on this wealth of knowledge:

    This was awhile back, but some of you may remember it. Still gives me the creeps a tiny little bit, but it’s entertaining enough, until you facepalm yourself into the next county (There’s simply no avoiding this if you watch the whole series).

    1. Ninjavitis Avatar

      My ears are now bleeding…thank you for the link

    2. DB327 Avatar

      Damn. That guy just boiled months and years of training down to a 5:28 “no bullshit” session. I feel greatly enriched and can rest soundly tonight knowing that our country is protected by warriors such as these.

  29. Hogan Avatar

    Watch @ 6:15.

    Holy Shit.

    Their handling is bad and they should feel bad.

  30. Go look at the facebook site , they “broke ground ” on the shop leaning they just built it and look at the way its built …uhhh no foundation , its not even built with a crawl space or anyting you can clearly see the posts resting on the dirt …OMG doesnt ohio make you pull a building permit anymore ?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Wow, you’re right… for those that can’t find it.

      *facepalm* looks like it’s attached to a house too. About those posts you mentioned… that can’t be to code for a commercial building. And plywood floor and walls? Looks like a big safety and security risk to me. This is all probably some sort of FFL scheme for them and all their friends to get dealer discounts, which will not end well.

  31. TheRealDave Avatar

    I am amazed at anyone that can actually watch more than 3 minutes of this. I can’t so all I can comment is on… hahahahaha “so nobody can pull your weapon away from you”. Yes, I see it now, that is why you bring the weapon straight up during a draw.

    What is worse? Being 100% wrong, or 25% right? Sometimes I wonder.

    1. DB327 Avatar

      I made the mistake of watching the full video. I don’t think they’ll be honoring my request for a refund on those minutes of my life.

  32. Curtis Avatar

    Clearly, the fastest way to draw is:
    Don’t use a shot timer, just imagine the beep in your head after a few seconds pause, and
    Begin with your hand resting on the gun. Practicing acquiring a grip as part of the draw doesn’t matter.

  33. Curtis Avatar

    Oh yeah, if you can’t get your safety off, just start over. Don’t practice taking it off, or clearing malfunctions, or anything like that.

    1. TheRealDave Avatar

      And clearly you just go, shoot a live round, get a spot correction, and then launch into more live fire… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee