Weapons Preparedness Training for the DERPocalypse

It’s amazing these guys lived to be as old as they are:

Throwing someone down on a the ground for a drill, where that person then shoots at a close range steel target? seriously… that’s the drill.

First of all… velcro hat patch derp, is it possible you could take your finger off the trigger every now and then?

1:20 – Oh wow, full muzzle sweep of velcro hat patch derp, when boonie hat derp hit the ground.  Imagine that… I wonder how on earth that happened?

1:57 – Camera man ahead of the line of fire, when boonie hat derp is getting thrown to the ground with a loaded weapon. *shrug* of course… makes perfect sense. *eye roll*

2:20 – Velcro hat patch derp pushing boonie hat derp forward into the ground for a change.  *facepalm* Once again, camera man way ahead of the line of fire.

3:25 – !@*#&!@# That did NOT just happen.

3:59 – Velcro hat derp muzzle sweeps the head of boonie hat derp on the throw down.  Camera still predictably ahead of line of fire.

More of the same… video surprisingly ends with no fatalities.

These derps seriously better enjoy their lives while they last.  Darwin is coming for all of them, I guarantee that.

I was emailed a couple of the other vids featuring these guys off the  channel, and although they were just as derpy and dangerous, I didn’t post them because they were excruciatingly boring to watch… but post your favorites and your comments about them if you want.

They even have a team!  Check out the page that has the details on all 6 members.

Their goal you ask?

The VigilantSpectre Project is aimed at educating our viewers with the tools they will someday need when faced with difficult situations.

Gentlemen… a new bar has been set for DERP… and it’s set HIGH.

Thoughts? Save the vids. My guess is they will disappear fast.

Hat tip: Keith and the others who sent the vids of theirs in that I didn’t post.


61 responses to “Weapons Preparedness Training for the DERPocalypse”

  1. Ryan C Avatar

    I don’t understand the shoulder-knife solid snake thing.

    They should change their name to “The Darwin Project”

    1. Frank Avatar

      “Darwin Project” sounds like a wonderful idea.

  2. They are all using the same rifle. That’s one well-equipped militia they have there.

    1. When one of them shoots themselves in the head due to poor gun handling skills, the guy behind them picks up the rifle, etc, etc.

    2. They also seem to be saving money by having just one steel target and no dirt mound backstop.

  3. Wait.. what.. huh?

    I agree with Mike, how the hell are these guys still alive? This is the final evidence the christian “scientists” need to disprove Darwin. Nature still hasn’t taken these bozos out…

  4. Something tells me that these mall ninjas will go blind after getting some lead in the eye. Shooting at, just one, steel target from 5 feet away is pretty damn stupid.

  5. And people say airsoft is a bad thing? Perhaps it would have stopped these tubby dickheads from playing with actual guns.

  6. radion39 Avatar

    .22 ???

  7. Sure airsoft would be a less dangerous way to train when you are 5 feet from the target!

    I play airsoft too, but in case they want to try, there are some comments I’d do after seeing this:
    1) we wear eye protection all the time,
    2) we respect the four rules of safety,
    3) shooting so close to the target with an AEG is someting we don’t do, because it’s too stupid and dangerous, so this is even more relevant with a hot weapon (even if .22).

    Some more comments that are not (only) related to airsoft:
    -Who needs to shoot SO MANY rounds ? When you hit it, you hit it, move on!
    -Put your team together, their home page shows 5 different colors (Coyote Brown, OD, Arpat, Marpat, Muticam). Pick one and stick to it !
    – .22 = pussies.

  8. Al T. Avatar

    James Yeager gives two thumbs up!

    Always good to see eye pro (and probably ear pro) optional. Not.

  9. Kevin Avatar

    What is the effectiveness of practicing shooting when shoved down like a little girl? Oh yeah in a dog-eat-dog survivalist apocalypse when someone comes to take your life, they’re first move is going to be to have someone come from behind and gently push you to the ground like your on a school yard!

  10. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    I like their “safety Nazi” disclaimer at the beginning. May St. Cooper smite them.

  11. On their YouTube Channel, the above embedded video starts off with this note (I swear I’m not making this up):

    “The activities displayed in this video are inherently dangerous. Please, do not attempt this at home. Safety Nazis need not comment, for your personal distress will fall on deaf ears.”

    Safety. Nazis.

    These guys are the reason my insurance premiums are so high.

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      Jeez. Anybody else think that little disclaimer is gonna feature prominently in a courtroom one day?

  12. On their youtube page there is a link to donate.

    C’mon guys and gals, be generous.

    1. Donate? Money or organs?

      1. I was thinking blood.

  13. Keith Avatar


    “Dude your blowing holes in my barricade”

  14. @9:30 – yikes

    Guess I’m just a safety Nazi though.

    1. 9:30 in the barricade vid.

    2. ozwald Avatar


      “sweep the cameraman with the muzzle…”
      “hahaha i know.”

      what a bunch of chucklefucks!

  15. Keith Avatar

    I have been using my compensator the wrong way for years !!


  16. Keith Avatar

    Some please make this one into a gif


    1. Keith Avatar


      After watching this video I am going to call up Todd Hodnett and tell him I found a new instructor for long distance shooting

    2. Keith, that would be cruel.

      Ehhh, slow day at work.

      Here you go :-P


  17. TheRealDave Avatar

    Ok, few questions:

    What is point of drill?????

    And of course how stupid can you get, shooting a steel target at that range….

    As a graduate of various US Army Infantry schools, why have I never had this type of training yet was still prepared for combat???

    1. Dom P. Avatar

      I’m 11B too I see no point to this.

      1. Dude, obvious the Army has failed you. How many time have you been on patrol and one of your buddies throws you down to the ground as a joke; all of a sudden some Taliban show up!
        Gonna wish you practice these techniques.

    2. Jbeyea Avatar

      Probably because you were a real soldier instead of just playing one.

  18. 2Wheels Avatar

    Money can buy nice toys, but it can’t buy skills or common sense. I guess it’s cool to call us safety nazis when we call you out for not knowing what you’re doing.

    Their teamleader according to their team page only has all of… A basic handgun course and his CCW license. Oh and 20+ years of “firearms experience”. Yeah I started shooting when I was young too, doesn’t make me a Blackwater merc like he seems to think he is. Spend some of that money on some REAL tactical/firearms classes please!

    Oh and I love your buddy velcro patch hat guy who defended himself on the youtube comments by saying that although his finger was inside the trigger guard it was not ON the trigger because “this is how I train”…

    … Cause that makes it ok…

  19. I doubt he was using frangible in the pistol too!

    They are DAMN lucky nobody caught some jacket frags or some lead splash or a ricochet.

    This is the shit frangible was MADE for, and even then wear some eyes goons!

    1. Jbeyea Avatar

      I beg to differ. They should all probably catch a bullet or 2.

  20. Too much Black Hawk Down: “this is my safety” I guess.

    (you know, the Delta Force guy with a hot carbine in his hand in the mess hall, saying that as long as he doesn”t press the trigger there is no risk… even this guy, as tough as he may be, is a jackass, acting all superior and all…)

  21. the /k/ is great with these morons is what i feel after watching this…

    1. SAOperater Avatar

      the /k/….

    2. Church Avatar

      Well put v c. true /k/ommandoes here.

      1. ozwald Avatar


        these guys have guns, not /k/ommandos.

  22. Guns don’t make you safer, they make you a liability.
    And yes, I own 2 guns, so stfu!

    1. Dom P. Avatar

      2 GUNS! Holy crap you must be rich!

    2. 032125 Avatar

      If you are a liability (presumably to humanity) and you know it, man up and turn them on yourself.

    3. Can I borrow your copy of ‘How to Make Friends and Influence People’ when you’re done Mark?

  23. Two years on the Afghanstan/Pakistan border and never once was I thrown to the ground or thrown to the ground and had a target five feet in front of me. This seems like the guys stayed up drinking one night and were like “hey…you…you you know what would be awesome? being thrown down and then shooting…*hic* cuz it happens in all the GI Joe movies.”

    Next up, shooting while hanging from a rope tied around your ankle and shooting a room full of mobsters?

    1. Kevin Avatar

      because fat morons who can only dream to be a real soldier wanna spend their small expendable income on toys and pretend to be operators for the “apocalypse”.

  24. Jwhite Avatar

    No eyes on Boonie Hat Durp?

    1. Jwhite Avatar

      * Tactical Velcro Durp

  25. Robert Avatar

    Ho. Ly. Crap.

    With no eye pro at that distance on steel, how are these guys not all nicknamed “Patchy”?

  26. SANTI Avatar

    I am legitimately upset by this. Bunch of idiots who want to play military men. I wont be surprised if anti gun activist use these idiots in their campaign as an example.

  27. Kevin Avatar

    I’ve had the honor of working with several very talented elite SWAT and ESU teams during training; and various other forces that are very important to the community, county, and nation in what they are prepared to do based on the rigorous training they endure. I’ve seen how the real deal operates and I have been on the receiving end of a (training) barrel. This rich boy toy operator shit makes my fucking skin boil.

    I 100% support throwing money into awesome fucking guns for god knows why, but bullshit like this with no regard to safety or the way shit actually works? These dicks need to go back to playing video games OR take a REAL firearms training course and re-approach the hobby with a little more seriousness. And stop dressing like mutlicam dickheads with their undies hanging out.

  28. GothamGuardian Avatar

    I knew it was going to be all downhill when he couldn’t tell the difference between 5 feet and 10 feet…

  29. I love it when around 3:17 the camera guy says “I would not walk that close” as if the dude shooting steel at less than 10 yards without eye protection is going to heed any safety tips (if you shoot with me you wear eye and ear protection no matter what.) Of course that little nugget of wisdom was coming from a guy who was too cool for eye and ear protection standing in the area where, due the angle the target was being engaged, any spall or ricochets were going to impact…and he seemed to think that the extra 10 or 15 feet made a difference. Add in at least one other guy without ear protection, one out of the group with any eye protection, and some seriously terrible trigger discipline…the lack of even the most basic range discipline is appalling. It all explains itself when you look at the bios and find out the one guy has been a firearm owner for all of six months. Speaking of the bios, apparently the one guy goes by the moniker “Private Donut”…I almost shot coffee out my nose thinking about the verbal abuse I could heap upon that poor bastard!

  30. WOW … how soon till one of them is proudly displaying this:


  31. This was painful to watch.

  32. Ninjavitis Avatar

    I’m pretty speechless. I’m in the Army and the idea behind it is (at least a little) useful. Shooting from unstable stances and at weird angles was something we practiced for but throwing each other around while loaded is just stupid. At least one of them took the safety off before getting tossed. My team did some dangerous stuff during training but nothing like this.

  33. Tekkie Avatar

    I’m all for using the .22 conversion kit as a training tool, however shooting a .22 round (which are notorious for easy ricochets) at a steel target five feet away is just ludicrous.

    My guess: they started as a airsoft clan, and one of them bought an AR rifle. No doubt they will continue playing in the woods until one of them takes a round or piece of shrapnel; at which point they will go back to plastic bullets and the world as a whole will be a much happier place.

    1. Tekkie Avatar

      Holy cow. I’ve just delved into their website. This is like comedy gold. Some of the notable highlights.

      From ‘Spectre’s’ Bio: “Proper integration of all of the elements to create a maximum ergonomic advantage ensures a smooth and versatile development”. What?! Apparently someone knows how to access Word thesaurus, yet has no concept of basic grammar.

      Medium Range Marksmanship (-800m).” Again, what?! I would pay good money to see him attempt shots out to 800 meters.

      “20+ years of Firearms Experience.” 0 years safety experience.

      MrTacticalBacon appears to be attempting to shoot his finger off in his bio pic.

      CitizenSniper apparently missed the ‘proper grip’ portion of handgun training, as well as team PT.

      “This team is committed to excellence in their training, striving to hone both their individual and team abilities to a razor’s edge.” Yeah, I don’t even need a pithy comment to highlight the preposterous nature of that sentence.

    2. Tekkie Avatar


      Most fail tutorial I’ve seen yet. VigilanteSpectre is just the gift that keeps on giving! I could bask in the failness all night.

  34. Ted N Avatar

    Mother of Derp, I wish some people would stick to airsoft. Just frickin…wow. Just wow.

  35. Possibly the dumbest damn thing I have ever seen.

  36. Airsoft would even be too dangerous for these derptastic derpingtons.

  37. Darn! They seem to have taken down that video. Well, I guess I’ll have to get my freebie training elsewhere…