Sig Sauer 1911 Carry Nightmare = Troll Successful

Behold the 1911 Carry Nightmare in all it’s glory:

I know you guys probably think since it’s April 1st this is some sort of Sig or ENDO troll.. but I assure you it’s not.  You can check out the Carry Nightmare product page any time after today on the Sig Sauer website and it will still be there.

My worst nightmare is hardly a harmless 1911, it’s an 8 year old with a badge.   Just kidding.. but I just wanted to have an excuse to quote that and also “When you’re a cop people don’t sass you.”  When you carry a 1911 instead of a Glock though, prepare to get sassed.

The double deagle, double barrel 1911, and double glock… now those are carry nightmares worth talking about.

I wonder if any lawyers would try to play the name of a gun against someone if it was ever used in a self defense shooting?  Your honor he was carrying a gun called the “Nightmare”.  It was obvious he was looking to shoot someone.



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  1. Doubt anyone using it in self defense could be held criminally for the name… but it definitely could bite them in a civil lawsuit.

  2. Is it called that because it will be a nightmare to carry, on account of that big fucking spike that will stab the shit out of you when you try to carry it IWB?

    1. Church Avatar

      This just made my day, thanks AKMSF… whoever you are.

    2. No, not with many IWB holsters because, especially with my Crossbreed SuperTuck, there’s a healthy slice of horsehide between my body and the weapon. Sure, if you use a lesser holster that only the front half of the weapon is in the holster, you’ll feel it. But to me, that’s not responsible weapon retention either and is susceptible to coming out when you least want it to: like at the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop.

  3. i just peeked on sig’s website to see if they had an explanation of the name (no dice there) and was quite surprised to see that they will be offering it in a 357 sig chambering. one of the perceived benefits of the 357 sig is because it’s bottlenecked, it has the potential to increase reliability, but i read somewhere that for whatever reason in the 1911, the 357 sig had trouble feeding. any truth to that?

    as an aside, while i think the 357 sig is a relatively pointless cartridge, i have always thought it was pretty damn cool. i have shot a p226 in 357 sig and liked how the cartridge shot. mild recoil, and that shit is zipping out of the barrel.

    1. Vhyrus Avatar

      I know a guy who is former military, who literally sits around and jacks off to ballistics charts daily, shoots hundreds of rounds a week, and he swears by 357 sig… I used to think it was kind of a joke but if he uses them there has to be SOMETHING to it.

      1. DaveP. Avatar

        .357SIG is basically a way to fire 9mm+P+ without wrecking your gun. It has better penetration against barriers than .40 and .45 (which is why the NCHP and a bunch of other LE agencies adopted it) but as far as self-defense goes it’s probably not significantly better and not any worse than any of the other full-size cartridges when you use good-quality hollowpoints. If your buddy swears by it, then more power to him… as long as he takes a break from the charts and spends enough time at the range to put ’em where they’ll make a difference.
        I own a SIG 229; when you drop in the .357SIG barrel it becomes pretty much a 13-shot 3″ .357 magnum- with all that that implies. I prefer shooting with the .40 barrel.

        1. The .357 Sig was adopted by the Texas Dept of Public Safety for its Troopers mainly due to the fact that this hot round will penetrate windshields much more easily. It’s merely a necked down .40 S&W but MUCH faster. I, too, carry a P229 Equinox as my daily carry and just last night acquired a 1911 Nightmare Carry but cannot locate an IWB holster for it yet.

      2. Beasterdamus Avatar

        to shoot or jackoff?

  4. Vhyrus Avatar

    When I think of a gun as a ‘carry nightmare’, I think of something that is heavy, large, uncomfortable, and difficult to conceal. This is kind of like making a small car called the ‘2012 Gas Guzzler’… it just screams of marketing faux pas.

  5. I think having a pistol called the “Nightmare” could possibly be a criminal liability as well as a civil case one, in a case of armed self-defense. (Usual disclaimer, I’m not saying it’s sensible or the way it ought to be, it’s just the way our justice system seems to work).
    As was mentioned, the name “Nightmare” could be used against you in a civil trial to try to imply that you were guilty of vigilantism or something. The same principle applies to criminal charges one might face after defending himself, too. In the criminal case, if you’re prosecuted for defending yourself and the prosecution claims you were reckless or negligent (the heart of a manslaughter case), would it be easier to make that argument if your gun was called the “Nightmare”, or something else?
    I thought Mas Ayoob explained it well when I took his class, and this was the gist of it. Not saying it’s fair or right, it’s just that’s the question to ask yourself when you’re selecting equipment you may need to defend yourself someday. “Just in case they decide to prosecute me for manslaughter after I defend myself, will it be easier or harder for them to make the case against me if I have _____ on this piece?” If the Nightmare is truly that much better at what it does than any other handgun you want, then maybe it’ll be worth it to you to have one. If not, then maybe get something else that doesn’t have the wrong kind of name or punisher skulls or whatever on it.

    1. I’d love to hear your take the the Taurus “Judge” then…

      1. Shut up Frank, you stuttering fuck.

    2. I teach self defense legal protections and Tom is correct – your jury will be likely composed of people with little knowledge of firearms (FYI, 50% of jurors believe that “semi-automatic” means “machine gun”) but they WILL have certain preconceived notions based on TV, movies, etc. For example, if you happened to be carrying a .44 Magnum when you got involved in a self defense shooting, guess which fictional movie character’s name will come out of the prosecutor’s mouth? Dirty Harry, of course. Which is why one should NEVER even think about using an AR-15 or an AK for self defense – research on juries show that such firearms dramatically raise the probability of a guilty verdict in a criminal trial, and a big fat award in a civil lawsuit – and the more “toys” (lasers, weapons lights, bi-pods, etc) the worse the affect.

      Bottom line? If you going to carry a gun, any off the shelf revolver or auto-pistol from a solid manufacturer (Smith, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Glock, Springfield XD, etc). You should also avoid ANY modifications, especially to the trigger (and yes, they WILL test it to see if it is up to factory specs – anything less will be called a “hair trigger” in court).

      It’s just the reality of the world we live in – so why give prosecutors any more ?ammo” to use against you? Speaking of ammo, when you carry, use ONLY quality ammo labeled as “Personal Protection” or “Self Defense” and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LOADING any of the “magic” bullets on the market: Mag-Safe, Quick-Shok, Extreme-Shock, Thunderzap, DRT, etc. They use fragmenting, super-light, super-fast, or “exploding” bullets, usually claiming to drop any attacker with one shot. But we strongly advise our students to avoid “extreme” ammunition. It’s expensive, often unreliable, and could be a exploited in a criminal trial or a civil lawsuit – imagine your jury hearing that you had “Demon Devastators” in your gun instead of “normal” or “standard” ammunition! Why gamble with your life (or risk losing your life savings)? Carry only proven, name brand, factory ammo.

      1. I’m not arguing against you — the problem is finding hollow point rounds that are quality and don’t have Zombie Max on them.

        You obviously know that hollow points have less chance of penetrating the original target and doing a second penetration.

  6. dboy225 Avatar

    C’mon folks.. it’s not like it’s called “The Rapist”, it “The Murderer”’s a sweet 1911 and deserves a sweet name.

  7. Tom Gresham interviewed one of the guys from Sig during the Shot show. The ‘Nightmare’ series is named that because of some technical problems they faced during the design phase that made it a real Nightmare to put into production. You can hear the interview yourself in the back issues of GunTalk.

  8. I don’t understand why their bobtailed 1911 doesn’t come with flush fit magazines. The whole point of the bobtail is that you don’t have blocky pieces on the bottom of the grip that would increase printing.

  9. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I’m about ready to trade my 1911 commander for a Glock 36 because it really is a nightmare to carry for someone like me who is tall and skinny.

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      I used to carry both, and I’ll tell you that you’ll probably be very happy with the Glock. I found that most holsters that’ll fit a G19/23 will also do pretty good with the 36, but you pretty much have to order a mag carrier specifically for it.

  10. DaveP. Avatar

    Astra used to make a 3″ .44mag revolver called “The Terminator”. Now THAT’s liability.

  11. It would be worse if it was called the “I’m gonna put a hole in ya” 1911. But the term nightmare isn’t as bad.

    1. …would be worse if it was called the “I’m gonna put a hole in ya”

      Smith and Wesson is coming out with one called “I’m gonna put a hole in a suspicious-looking minority (and they’re all suspicious looking).”

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha that made my day

        1. :)

  12. “Nightmare”? Seems kind of racially biased of Sig to name a 1911 that, especially if it’s a black gun. They might as well have called it, “Black magic!” or “Darkness!”

    Source: April Fools’, or “Foos’” depending on your region or religion.

  13. 1911 and carry shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. I did it for about 13 months. I should know.

  14. Well then there’s the 1911 Carry Scorpion TB. Obviously made for a suppressor and is named after a deadly insect.

    Plus we all know about the The Scorpion and the Frog, don’t we?

    1. DaveP. Avatar

      I prefer the version from the RPG Legend of the Five Rings.
      “…Also, I know how to swim.”

  15. This gun isn’t for everyone and Carry Nightmare wouldn’t be anything I would name a gun. I can also understand a little bashing because it doesn’t fit a Glock lovers list of criteria. But for those with a more open mind, and perhaps deeper wallet, consider my perspective. I have a Sig C3 for my every day carry and love it. With the right holster and forward cant, this gun disappears under a t-shirt easily for me. The 4.2 inch seems to be the longest length barrel I can comfortably sit down in a chair or car with. My C3’s frame is shorter than the nightmare’s, but i feel like the fastback roundness might actually hide better than a sharper corner (I want to find one and verify this). I can’t see the 9 or 10 ounces, compared to my gun anyways, making a huge difference. But again, I haven’t found one to snatch up yet. I realize more weight tends to be more cumbersome, but I also know that more weight will help absorb the recoil of the .45. This combo might help me make longer, more accurate shots just for fun at the range, but also be within the parameters of my carry requirements. I can’t wait to find one in person.

  16. I just ordered one and I think it will be awsome. I have a full size scorpion, a tac ops and I carry a Kimber warrior. This will be sweet and I can walk past one of those big green recycle bins without being tempted to throw it in unlike some other pistols.

  17. DEEZNUTS Avatar

    Flocks fucking suck that’s why they are so cheap. I carry a mans gun not a toy, any 1911 out there out shoots the best block anyday. Get a real gun like the one above, glock ??? What a joke of a gun. They suck and ALWAYS will, only bitches need 17 shots I will get the first shot every time with my 1911.. Get a real job and save up for a real gun.

    1. That’s a little more harsh than I like to put it, but for the most part, my sentiments similarly… haha

  18. I have to agree. When the metal needs to meet the meat, I can count on a 1911. I’ve shot the snot out of a Glock 17 and it’s a pretty good General Practioner, but for surgery I’ll take a quality 1911 everyday and twice on Sunday.

    Work: Sig 226 (Robar tuned & finished), Carry: Kimber SIS Pro (small of the back).


  19. I finally got to hold one and it’s so perfect. I think it’s time to put one of these on my hip and pass my Sig C3 onto the wife. And continue to trash talk any ugly, uncomfortable glocks that I come across.

  20. Aww Eff! I got given one of these to shoot the other day and darned if it isn’t a comfortable feeling, bullet proof, battle-wagon of a gun. If they can figure out a nice 1/8 inch bumper for the magazines instead of that abortion that’s on there, and a bullet proof ambi like Wilson, this thing will be serious carry business at a fraction of a nice Wilson or Ed Brown. Can’t wait to put another couple thousand rounds through it.
    They’re just gonna force me to go out and buy one if it can take the hell-storm I’m about to lay into it.

  21. Update: A total of 4300 rounds downrange with this piece. The only nightmare out there is the one the opposition is going to have if they have to come up against a skilled operator packing one of these. It’s grouping 3 inches at 25yrds from a sandbag. I’m putting holes in 1.5in sticky notes at 15yds unsupported. Dynamite handgun.
    C’mon Sig, get a solid ambi on the thing. Bad guys tend to shoot at what’s aimed at them which is usually in the strong arm, and a serious operator shoots ambidextrously anyway.

  22. I’m jealous. I need to buy a house and upgrade one of our vehicles before I can convince the wife I need another 1911… I’ve also been drooling over a Noveske .300 BLK for some time. Priorities, priorities. You’re a lucky son of a gun. I used to carry an ambi-saftey pistol, but I work in tight quarters sometimes and it was all to easy for me to bump into something and switch the safety to “fire” position without even noticing… I carry cocked & locked, so that scared the Mr. Hanky outta me. Be careful with those ambi-safeties, brothers.

  23. OK first the name thing. Who cares what the name is. Juries don’t and any good defense attorney wiill put an end to that should it arise. IF any of you ever have to use such deadly force, you had better be more afraid of all the weapons and ammo that you stock piled and your comments on PUBLIC chat sites. The bottom line is if some one is trying to kill you and you successully defend yourself consider yourself lucky. NEXT: deeznutz (feel like a child just typing the name he chose) Glock is a fine weapon at a good price. That is why police and military use them. If you cannot shoot different systems well don’t blame the weapon. And as far as your “first shot” lets see how you fair when they are shooting at you, and you are moving for cover. BEEN THERE DONE THAT. Now lets talk about all this “its hard to conceal, or its heavy. If that iis the case then lugging that pistol around is a hobby and not a tool that will save your life. I carry a SIG P-229 in .357 sig on duty and stick it or a Colt 1911 in paddle holster under the seat of my truck when off. I then carry a ruger 380 when off w/ one extra mag in pocket as a SELF DEFENSE weapon very light very comfortable and always with me, even when running. If you must carry a big weapon to help your ego then stop the bitching. I doubt any of you have ever had to point one at anyone with the intention of actually using it anyway.

  24. Got mine today, LOVE IT!

  25. MARK M. Avatar

    Traded for one on Saturday. Took it home cleaned it, and drove to range fired 50 rds of assorted stuff accumulated over the years. no problems at all. Hydra shoks were very impressive. Why those mag bumpers? Traded mags for McCormicks I have for my SPRINGER R.O., and it really cleaned up the looks. By the way it shoots better than any other 1911 Ihave owned except for the R.O.

  26. MARK M. Avatar

    P.S. besides the mag bumpers, why are all controls natural finished, the barrel bushing is ok. This might give a bad guy something to think about. Large bore looks even bigger when contrasted with silver bushing.