Contour Picatinny Camera Mount – Giveaway

Today I’m giving away a Contour picatinny camera mount courtesy of the good people over at Strikemark:

One piece aluminum construction -no plastic clips or additional attachments needed. The tight aluminum fit and friction bond created by the anodized finish provides the snuggest of fits while still allowing for quick detachment. The Strikemark picatinny mount is compatible with the Contour camera’s railed grooves and is designed to elevate your HD camera experience. Seconds to install -slide the mount over the rail, tighten, and slide in your Contour camera just like you would any other mount.

More details and pictures over at Strikemark – HERE

I choked on the tea I was drinking when I saw Strikemark had a video with my favorite operator Rich Graham!

Remember him from these posts? Fog Of Derp, Response to Fog Of Derp, Tactical Internet Fail, Functional Fitness and Practical Shooting Skills.

Anyway.. here’s the less derpy video he did for Strikemark’s mount:

Where can I get one of those bulletproof truck beds he’s shooting from? :P

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a dick (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Easy.  Just leave ONE comment on this post.  Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate a random number.  The number will correspond to the winner, who I will then contact for their mailing address.

Good luck!


217 responses to “Contour Picatinny Camera Mount – Giveaway”

  1. agentorange197 Avatar

    This would go great on my M&P

  2. bigj0hn Avatar

    Even better on my BCM.

  3. Spartan745 Avatar

    I’d love to have this, it could be a great tool either looking downrange or looking back at you to see if you’re doing anything wrong.

  4. The contour camera’s seem to be the go to camera for action videos. Not only would this be great for shooting demonstrations, but it would allow me to show the “great driver’s” during my commute!

  5. I want to mount it to my tactical coffee mug…which I would then have to buy, if I were to win.

  6. oh…I’ve been wanting one of these for my contour!

  7. I’d love to see that mounted on my AR.. C’mon man, pick me pick me…

  8. PersonWhoIsCommenting Avatar


  9. mikeshin Avatar


  10. Brian Lee Avatar
    Brian Lee

    oh hell yea. contour gun cam.

    would love it if i could put that on my g4a3.


  11. SPC Fish Avatar

    if i dont win one of these then strikemark is gonna be getting some cash from me haha

  12. Sweet now i will be High Speed Low Drag AND in Hi Def. Oh man.

  13. Id love to mount on my AR for when i shoot watermelons filled with tannerite!!

  14. Herp Derpington Avatar
    Herp Derpington

    Oh hai.

  15. ONE!!!!!

  16. Very nice tactical herp-derping in that video. The beard however really makes it.

  17. Would love this!

  18. Holy crap I’d put this on my HK stuff. :D

  19. I’m in!!!

  20. in for one comment.

  21. MrMaigo Avatar

    Looks better done than the Glock Cam

  22. Marshall Avatar

    Man, I would love to have one of these, it would make my youtube videos much more interesting don’t you think? I hope it isn’t to late to enter.

  23. Its not midnight in alaska yet. Id love to make some 3 gun videos!

  24. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    Timezones guys…. The blog is on CENTRAL. This giveaway will run 24 hours.

  25. Here’s hoping for the best!

  26. Spencer Avatar

    My brother would love this as an early bday present.

  27. Fingers crossed!

  28. My Contour NEEDS one of these for our subgun shoots starting next month!

  29. Comment.

  30. I have a contour helmet cam…be cool to mount it to my rifle.

  31. ah man I never win anything

  32. I already feel like a winner…… might as well make it official

  33. What a great giveaway…..count me in.

  34. I need this thing SOOO BAD!

    I’ll even let you post blog entries and make fun of my youtube videos if I win!

  35. Tech666 Avatar

    Pick Me!

  36. Nathan Klinski Avatar
    Nathan Klinski

    Lights, camera, epic shooting footage!

  37. Heh. Derpa, Derpa, Derpa indeed.

  38. BossRooster Avatar

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  39. Alex Raymundo Avatar
    Alex Raymundo

    So is this giveaway just for the mount? Not complaining, I just want clarification.

  40. Sharkbait Avatar

    Very cool!

  41. Come on 12:01 AM!!!

  42. Cool! Hope I win.

  43. Cool

  44. I think I sharted!

  45. Thanks for the opportunity.

  46. I want one of these so bad.

  47. airmandan Avatar

    so i was up all night battling ninjas. they are suprisingly agile bastards. i discovered that if i thwo golf balls into they air, they immidietly strike. thus using this method and a shotgun, i quickly rid my home of ninja’s. however my ex’s cat is still here. creepy bastard

  48. Secret Squirrel Avatar
    Secret Squirrel

    Does the sound on anybody else’s Contour really suck?

    1. Oh God yes…its the worst! Let’s be friends.

  49. I think one of these would be an awesome teaching tool for my kids.
    Thanks for the chance.

  50. Andrew F. Avatar
    Andrew F.

    It’s commenting time!

  51. Doyletoo Avatar


  52. Count me in!

  53. Me too!

  54. Oh, hope I win. The wife would be hard pressed to complain about the camera purchase if I already had the mount. :)

  55. Please enter me in the Strikemark camera mount give-away.

  56. In!

  57. Greekfreak Avatar

    Yayyy! More giveaways!

  58. In

  59. Justin D Avatar

    In please

  60. Sandy Green Avatar
    Sandy Green

    Yo Joe.

  61. Brian W. Avatar

    Perfect for a hunt of wild pigs or coyotes!

  62. In on this.

  63. John M. Avatar

    Awesome! I’m in.

  64. Woot!

  65. ટીકા

  66. In!

  67. This may be motivation to swap out my hand guard.

  68. Patrick Jarvis Avatar
    Patrick Jarvis


  69. Yo!

  70. chris bastas Avatar
    chris bastas

    lets do this

  71. Keep up the good work!

  72. sarclmbr Avatar

    in for 1 :) …love the camera angle.

  73. J. Stone Avatar

    I want in!

  74. I wish I could win one of these times, Mike…

  75. Robert Booher Avatar
    Robert Booher

    Yes please.

  76. Count me in.

  77. This would be so cool

  78. Ryan Finn Avatar
    Ryan Finn

    I’m in. My buddy has one of these and it’s awesome!

  79. If I win I’ll make a video just for ENDO and it will be super elite tacticool.

  80. Here.

  81. In it to win it!

  82. Lets give it a go.

  83. Yo yo, ball.

  84. jumpthestack Avatar


  85. Yes please

  86. patrick Avatar

    here is me, NOT being a dick

  87. Wooo!

  88. dondrey Avatar

    GIVE ME A CAMERA MOTHER FU… oh yeah cant be a dick. Can I please have a camera, my rifle needs more things hanging off of it! I didn’t put quad rails on it for nothing!


  89. Nick Rosser Avatar
    Nick Rosser


  90. heisenberg Avatar

    Getting that would be awesome. I have a contourROAM and love it. All I need is the picatinny mount!

  91. Gophernator Avatar

    Here goes another shot.

  92. Corey Gashlin Avatar
    Corey Gashlin

    Boom thats nice.

  93. Come on Random generator!

  94. I’m in.

  95. I could make so much derp with one of those!

  96. Sam Slavich Avatar
    Sam Slavich

    I would like to respectfully place myself in contention for being awarded this lovely product.

  97. im in

  98. lets do this

  99. AWESOME!

  100. IN!

  101. Andy in West Haven Avatar
    Andy in West Haven


  102. Tim Ellwood Avatar
    Tim Ellwood

    I will put it to good use

  103. Invader Avatar

    Nice gear!

  104. Fish0331 Avatar

    I love all this free stuff you’ve been giving away! I think fxhummel1 should make a song about it!

  105. Count me in

  106. I want one

  107. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    big money no whammies

  108. So much gunporn ot be made here!

  109. I’m in.

  110. it ain’t real unless you can video it

  111. WildWeasel Avatar


  112. I sure hope I win, it gives me an excuse to get a nice picatinny rail for my rifle

  113. Inclement Avatar


  114. Pretty cool

  115. GoFightNguyen Avatar

    I would like this mount, please and thank you.

  116. giveaway galore!

  117. Derp. It’s what’s for breakfast!

  118. I like shooting and I like free stuff. Please help me combined these things….

  119. Lets try this again…


  120. I like the small profile.

  121. woot for give-a-ways

  122. in

  123. I am in

  124. Now I can prove my feats of accuracy. Or lack thereof

  125. that actually looks really awesome. cool stuff!

  126. Apparently the kissing cheek weld doesn’t help with accuracy.

  127. The Other Dave Avatar
    The Other Dave

    OMG. David wants…if only for my undying entertainment.

  128. Another great giveaway!

  129. want

  130. Ishtacka Avatar

    The video was more of an add for BCM. Yay giveaway.

  131. Count me in, and dont be a dick!

  132. I’m in.

  133. AlphaTango Avatar

    In like Flint!

  134. Say, “Cheese”.

  135. endophile Avatar

    Keep up the entertaining work!

  136. I want one!

  137. I’m in.

  138. Need.

  139. Tarantino Avatar

    I really hope I win, great give away! Keep it up.

  140. Count me in!

  141. RockRavn Avatar


  142. Dang… I could actually use this.

  143. Dean west Avatar
    Dean west

    I want it!

  144. Clint B. Avatar

    I can use one of these.

  145. I could definitely use one of those. count me in.

  146. Sean Brzozowski Avatar
    Sean Brzozowski

    This looks awesome!

  147. Would really love to win this! Great giveaway, and I love the blog! RSS feed to me everyday! :)

  148. Klrusmc Avatar

    Great Blog! Throw my name in the hat!

  149. Matt G. Avatar


    In for free stuff.

  150. Amazing giveaway.

  151. I need this mount! So cool!

  152. count me in yo!

  153. This looks like a very fun toy.

  154. Nice attachment, would love to win it !

  155. Wahmbulance Avatar

    I need one of these for my Contour! Oh, and a contour!

  156. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    i really hope i get one this time :(

  157. Robert F Avatar

    That would look sexxxy on my colt 6940 !!

  158. iakdrago Avatar

    Awesome video, as well as giveaway. Keep it up.

  159. *isnt a dick*

  160. Awesome giveaway. These seem like just the ticket for filming 3-gun stages.

  161. Cool little mount!

  162. Awesome giveaway! Count me in! Thanks!

  163. Well I only have a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 with picatinny rails, but i guess that’ll be good without the recoil on the camera.

  164. Count me in.

  165. beard for the win

  166. SouthpawByNW Avatar

    Wearing an ENDO t-shirt for luck!

  167. Alex W. Avatar

    Cool bit of kit.

  168. Steven Miller Avatar
    Steven Miller

    That mount looks pretty cool, but what is the deal with shooting from the truck bed?

  169. Wow, awesome. I’d NEVER sell that. That would be killer on our zombie shoot.

  170. I want one…

  171. customrust Avatar

    yes please.

  172. I’d like to have one of those.

  173. I’m in!

  174. P Washington Avatar
    P Washington

    Love the site, always a go to when on the computer.

  175. I neeed this.

  176. Panda One-One Avatar
    Panda One-One

    – This would compliment my Daniel Defense rail quite well –

  177. Eh, why not?

  178. JohnTheBaptist Avatar

    Im down.

  179. Joe Hollon Avatar
    Joe Hollon

    I love these contests!

  180. I would love to win this, also Im not a dick.

  181. Nice!

  182. God bless our troops and those who love and support the 2nd Amendment!

  183. Jarhead Avatar

    If I win this this, will it make me tacticool?

  184. I’ll make all your wildest dreams come true.

  185. gir6543 Avatar

    love your giveaways

  186. Ken Smith Avatar
    Ken Smith

    Just build my first rifle, a 300 AAC until I can find a “normal” upper to put on it and swap out….Wait, I’ll just build another one! Either way, I’d love to test fire the thing with a camera on it. I can prove to all my friends that said I was crazy to build one and should just go buy one that I did alright.

  187. Nic Norment Avatar
    Nic Norment

    This is an awesome giveaway!

  188. In it to win it.

  189. Guns are pretty cool I guess. Cameras just put icing on the cake. Legalize it 2012!

  190. awesome

  191. Gotta love it! Hope I win.

  192. In for the mount!

  193. Those cameras are neat as hell.

  194. i want they.

  195. Jester67 Avatar

    I want to show off how Tier 1 I am!

  196. I desire this fine piece of photographic equipment. Consider this an entry.

  197. Great stuff!

  198. Tim Oliver Avatar
    Tim Oliver

    Consider me interested in this camera

  199. Pete Marks Avatar
    Pete Marks

    Looks awesome!

  200. Awesome!

  201. BoBo Sensai Avatar
    BoBo Sensai

    It would be cool to shoot video while I shoot bullets. Plus it would look nice next to my Canon AE-1 Program and my Canon T2i.

  202. Can I win please? :)

  203. If I win, I would have to enter >another< contest for the camera…

    It's worth a shot!


  204. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    ENTRIES CLOSED. I’m going to draw a winner right away and will announce who, in a new post.

  205. DreadPirateJeff Avatar

    That’s awesome! Please let me win!

  206. Carlos U. Avatar
    Carlos U.

    Count me in.

  207. I need this so I can show off my just how tactical I can be!

  208. Cool!

  209. Ervin Aspell Jr Avatar
    Ervin Aspell Jr

    I would love to prove that I hit my target & here is a way to do it.

  210. I want this, so I can record my poor technique for posterity. :)