Clay Pigeon Golf

In an advertisement for the Kia soul:

Michelle Wie is the golfer.  According to google she’s a big deal on the LPGA tour.

On a related note.. DAMN that vehicle is ugly. At least it’s probably inexpensive.

The first time I saw clay pigeon golf thing a while back in a European tour golf commercial.


8 responses to “Clay Pigeon Golf”

  1. load of bollocks, give me the landrover the english chaps have any day!

    can anyone identify the specific model? looks like a series 3 or late series 2, but I’ve never seen that style of radiator grille before.

  2. Brian From Florida Avatar
    Brian From Florida

    I knew it, now there will be a three day wait for Golf lubs and a back-ground check. Coming soon.

  3. For what it is, which is an entry-level car for drivers with families, the Soul isn’t too bad. The decision not to put cruise control on the models with stick shifts must have been made by someone who never studied the American market, though.

  4. Thanks, but I’ll keep my guns and my dignity.

  5. Justmeagain Avatar

    Beautiful girl.
    They really need to get rolling on that whole cloning thing.

  6. I love my 2011 Soul.

  7. Euro cars are the best. My 1996 VW Golf is awesome. The Soul is like a generic Golf. Kind of ironic then that they would choose to use golf as the theme of this commercial.

  8. The first commercial she did for that car is mad funny. It’s not gun related though…