Samurai Chops An Airsoft BB In Half

200 mph is only 293 ft/sec, while impressive is not a “speeding bullet”.

Pretty cool how it did it from the draw.  One thing I’m less impressed by is towards the end of the video they slip up say “yep, this is the one”, meaning to me that they did lots of takes.

I’m pretty sure if someone shot a bunch of airsoft pellets at me,  i’d manage to hit one with a swing of a sword every now and then.



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  1. That is stupid. They comment in the video that by the time a normal person would be able to draw the sword, the pellet would have already gone past them – I don’t disagree, but this guy barely had his sword drawn in time to meet the pellet, so a real bullet would have been long gone by the time he had his sword out.

    1. +1 I saw this when it came out on the History Channel. The one they do of Bob Munden is much better.

  2. “This is the one” could refer to the bb not being just another rock, you stupid fuck.

    1. “This is the one” could refer to the bb not being just another rock, you stupid fuck.

      Because throwing rocks at him would be the norm? You’ve got some nerve calling anyone a stupid fuck. You may be an idiot, but you’re bold, I’ll give you that.

      1. Ladies and gentlemen, we present Josh: Tactical Ego Dismantler (TED).

        When I saw her comment I was like…she doesn’t know what she just got into.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL troll harder.

  3. Ninjavitis Avatar

    Watch his other videos, he may not be cutting speeding bullets but his skill is pretty impressive.

  4. Speaking of airsoft pellets hitting their mark, made a one in a million shot once: blew a buzzing fly’s head off with an airsoft gun when I was 15. Lets see them achieve that =P

    1. During the summer months in my city, “palmetto bugs” (big, ugly friggin roaches) will run along my fence. Airsoft gun + 6 pack + shooting roaches = redneck heaven.

  5. Justmeagain Avatar

    It’s a good thing that they went to a range instead of doing this in someone’s backyard. Yeah….that airsoft thing was much safer there.

    1. PersonWhoIsCommenting Avatar

      Little did we know they were using tactical nuclear semi fully automatic assault BB’s, capable of shooting the moon out of space.

    2. It’s LA, where holding a tonfa like a pistol will get you SWAT teamed and charged with a firearms violation because it could have been a pistol by invoking sympathetic magic.

  6. Ernie L Avatar

    Those pellets are light weight and slow down quite a bit ..especially over a distance of 70 feet…. still even if it was suspended motionless from a string I doubt I could split it with a sword.

  7. It is unbelievably racist how we in the west think of samurai/eastern martial arts/Asian people in general. We (most likely because of movies) attribute to them mystical or quasi-magical powers. This is another example of that. When the doctor talks about him “processing at an entirely different sensory level” she is being deliberately vague. Then they go on to talk about “normal people” not being able to do this. Neuroscience explains how the brain is like a muscle. When you work the same motion repeatedly, for tens and hundreds of thousands of repetitions, you build pathways in your brain. You process certain kinds of information faster along these pathways. This is a man who has spent well beyond ten thousand hours (the time it takes to become an expert and build these pathways) practicing with his sword. This skill is not mystical or unique to so called samurai (which is a title of nobility from pre-industrial Japan and not a job description); we see it all around us. As shooters, how is this any different than Byron Ferguson putting an arrow through a washer tossed in the air, or Tom Knapp hitting an aspirin with a .22, or any of the feats Bob Munden and Jerry Miculek are known for? How about great athletes like Michael Jordan who can catch a pass, turn around, and score a basket from near half court in less than 2/10’s of a second? All examples of men who took decades and tens of thousands of hours and millions of repetitions to create neurological pathways that allow them to do such seemingly impossible things so easily. But rather than explain that; they take an Asian guy, call him a samurai and add an air of “oriental mysticism” to what is really well understood science.

    1. I don’t buy what you’re saying. I think it’s pretty well established that every Asian kid is born an expert in martial arts. And, when they emerge from the womb, they do so with a calculator in one hand and a camera in the other.

  8. Everyone is crazy, who cares about if it slowed down, or whatever… Shit was pretty cool, I don’t know if it would have been as cool if he didn’t do it from a draw though… I wonder how many tries it took him.

  9. My guess is there’s a signal between him and the shooter. The shooter will always aim at a particular zone and signal, he always swings through that zone at the time of the signal.

    If they get the timing consistent between signal and swing, it looks like he’s reproducibly hitting the pellet by reacting to the shot.

  10. Here’s one against a 1911
    Except they clamp the katana in place instead of standing down range and using the Nukitsuke cut. Maybe the Yeager photographer would be up for trying that?

    1. I love the top comment:
      “This proves that steel is harder than lead.”

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah that voiceover is amazing

  11. I wonder what kind of velocity it had at that distance. I’m not knowledgable on airsoft pellet ballistic drop off haha. Still pretty cool to see though.

    1. Megalomaniac Avatar

      If they are using a 0.20g BB (most likely) with the hop-up tuned properly it will give the BB a level trajectory at that FPS out to about 80ft, but at that distance it would have slowed down to only 130fps.

  12. Your all wrong…he’s Mongolian! :)~

  13. You may notice he has his eyes closed when he strikes the BB. This is as much down to the shooter as the swordsman.

  14. Solace Avatar

    For all those critics making negative comments…let’s see you do what he did! Better yet, let’s see you properly even use a Katana. And if you do practice with a Katana and are still making those comments then it’s painfully obvious that you have missed the life balancing philosophy that the Katana represents.
    Grow up!

  15. Solace Avatar

    Oh, and by the way. Just because someone else can do somthing you can’t doesn’t mean it’s impossible. History is filled with incredible feats performed by people.