Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Trailer

Looks impressive.  I suppose the game play will be the real test though.

Anyone looking forward to this?

You can pre-order it for $60 over at Amazon with a October 23, 2012 release.


12 responses to “Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Trailer”

  1. I liked the campaign on the old MOH (the one with the super-bearded-operator-guy on the cover.)

    One of the issues I have with the COD franchise games is the downward slope of contrast. MOH seemed like a big improvement in that regard, even if the graphics didn’t look quite as good.

    I remember the good ol’ days, when you could SEE the other players. Like the original Halo… Or the numerous Bond titles.

  2. DanTheViking Avatar

    It might be cool, but I’m really sick of all these games coming out that claim to be the “MOST REALISTIC MILITARY SF VIDYA GAEM EVER!” and they have fire-explosions, slow motion, and characters with Plot armor that would stop a nuke at every turn.
    It gets extremely tiresome.
    How about we get colors back in video games, too?

    1. Matt G. Avatar

      You obviously haven’t played Medal of Honor.

  3. I can’t blame EA for wanting a piece of the Modern Warfare profit pie, but I wish the suits would allow their design teams to actually innovate for once to make their franchises more unique over the competitor. It might as well be which is the better cola, Coke or Pepsi?

  4. Dominos Avatar

    this might be an interesting game, but for the most part, I would like to get more in depth with the ending, when they scroll through a bunch of SF from around the work, now, I’m Canadian, so sorry if I am out of line, but seeing “JTF2” come up kind of brings a smile to my face….

  5. I love all MoH games and this one will be in my collection.

  6. Hopefully it will be a better experience, especially in single player, than the latest Battlefield and Call of Duty games.

    Also, it looks like the poster boy won’t be able to use his charging handle with that stock. I don’t know many people who need a cheek riser for an ACOG, unless it’s for the Docter backup on top, which is silly.

    1. Matt G. Avatar

      That is the reciprocating cheek riser developed by a company who’s name I can’t remember.

  7. Probably the most realistic game out there would be Arma 2. It dosen’t have that much plot armor there is no hide behind a rock if your shot because your medic has to save you, but this MOH I think will be one of the games I am going to get.

  8. I heard the game is going to be good, but to be honest, that “official release trailer” was total shit. Hopefully they spent all of their money on the game and didn’t have enough to make a good trailer…

    1. I referenced that here before too. I agree wholeheartedly.