FPS Russia’s Gold Deagle

At a price tag of ~$7000 that’s not something you’d ever see me buying.

Man i’m sick of that accent.  For some reason the production value of his video seems to have gone way down.  Now he’s just another guy that shoots stuff, but happens to have millions of kids following him.


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  1. DanTheViking Avatar

    Cokeman has a gold TIGER STRIPED Desert Eagle.

    1. Cokeman2423 Avatar

      fuck yeah i do faggot

      1. TMHonfire102 Avatar

        Indeed! search “desert eagle” on youtube and see who’s videos 1st pop’s up…

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          haha you legends both follow my site? Awesome.

          You guys are too mature now in your videos. I miss the old Cokeman and TMHonfire!

  2. His production values have gone down?
    Did you miss the $7000 handgun?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re impressed by that? Who says he bought it. Anyone can rent or borrow guns and shoot a video.

  3. I agree, I’m sick of the accent too.. His range is covered in paint now, smart. I want to know what the .50AE did to those blocks, the third one looked it was cracked.

  4. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    Gun shop near me is selling a gold DE in .50AE in BOX for $2,299.. Tat is only about a $600 premium to get it in gold.

  5. LOL his $7,000 POS handgun jammed

  6. I was amazed that the gun didn’t jam…until it did. Yeah that’s the Desert Eagle I know and love!

    That long action is just not conducive to reliable feeding.

  7. When I first saw it in his pants it reminded me of the black guy in Resident Evil 2 “Mother fucker please, look, my shit is custom!” hahaha.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah Mike Epps FTW!

  8. Cameron Avatar

    Okay, something I don’t get.

    Gun’s in his pants, hammer back. I immediately start going “wat”, thinking he’s got a cocked gun on his dick.
    Instead he draws it, cocks the slide, and no round ejects.

    Why did he thumb back the hammer earlier?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Exactly. Probably just put the hammer back because he thought it looked “cool”.

    2. Probably checked it to be empty and didn’t safety/decock before he stuck it in his pants.

    3. “Why did he thumb back the hammer earlier?”

      A better question: why doesn’t he drop that accent?

      1. Cameron Avatar

        Showmanship, probably. He started off with the accent and now people know him for the accent.

        Imagine if nutnfancy made a video that lasted only 5 minutes, or Cokeman dropped his persona of insane gun owner. The videos would be totally different.

  9. I was surprised that a $7000 gun was one of the most expensive he has featured. What about the minigun, and the 40mm artillery piece?

  10. hydepark Avatar

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think these things cost $7000. When I picked up my basic black Desert Eagle a year or so ago from Knesek guns (mine was around $1480) I could have sworn their gold models were a little less than twice that ($2500 ish)

  11. hydepark Avatar

    Forgot to mention both those prices (including the one I got) were in fact .50 AE

  12. hydepark Avatar

    And P.P.S. upon further review that “jam” wasn’t actually a jam. I took my buddy out a couple weeks ago to shoot my baby and on every single round he shot his thumb was riding up and engaging the slide stop lever. It happens to me now and then too. I’m not saying it never jams, but I don’t believe this was a jam. My most common jams occur when the bullet doesn’t ride the feed ramp correctly and ends up nosing against the butt of the barrel ( I think it’s a magazine design flaw and it doesn’t happen that often).

    If you look close at the video, it appears (to me anyway) that he engaged the slide stop. Sorry about the multiple posts, Mike, but I’m an unapologetic Deagle lover.