Baby Glock

Giant baby, or tiny Glock? The call is yours to make:

What’s next? Are we going to be taking pictures of babies with shoulder things that go up, and assault clips?  

We need to stop the madness :P

Hat tip: Josh


10 responses to “Baby Glock”

  1. It’s a Glock keychain that Glock give out at it’s how booths. I have a few of those laying around from the NRA show.

  2. did you really just answer the “question”? haha and yes it helps the baby sleep better at night, feeling safe.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  3. It’s probably one of those .9mm Glocks that the media keeps talking about.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea those things are deadly!

  4. “Honey, I shrunk the glock!” “Well, give it to the baby and take a picture, the internet would love it.”

  5. Amiable Dorsai Avatar
    Amiable Dorsai

    OMG! Call DCFS! I Have PSH!

    1. WTF BBQ

  6. Booger hook off the bang switch. Kid’s gonna grow up alright.

  7. Unless they live outside the US. The parents would probably be charged with something in some countries.