Rat Operator Backs Down Some Cats

Making this blog topic related is a real stretch, so I’m calling the rat an “Operator”:

He’s got some moves.  This video was too funny not to share.

I know in the comments people are going to tell me how small that rat is compared to what they have seen.  Let me hear it! haha

Hat tip: Bryan


11 responses to “Rat Operator Backs Down Some Cats”

  1. EchoVictor76 Avatar

    it’s a Russian rat. Those things are hardcore!

  2. And they call themselves cats…

  3. There’s a parasite, hosted by rats, that affects their brains in such a way as to cause them to lose their fear of cats.
    Interestingly, the same parasite is also hosted by as many of 50% of humans.
    Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised is the rat in the video is a carrier.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ugh gross. Now I feel the need to get tested to see if I have that parasite haha.

  4. Critter Avatar

    yeah those slavic rats are mean bastids.

  5. These cats today are such wimps. Back in my day, cats killed rats every chance the got. And my cat walked to school with me in the snow, uphill both ways. It’s just another example of how lazy cat society is getting.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha priceless.

  6. diqster Avatar

    It’s not the cats. It’s the rat. The rat is infected with a parasite that causes it to be fearless of cats and take extra risky behavior (so that it gets bit and transmits the parasite to the cat where it can sexually reproduce). Yep, just like Julio’s article said. Here’s where I read it.


  7. The parasite explains the rat ignoring its instincts to be afraid of the cat, but doesn’t explain the cats being such ignoring what should be their instinct to kill the little bastard.

    1. but doesn’t explain the cats being such ignoring what should be their instinct to kill the little bastard.

      God damn it, I need to quit changing what I’m going to say in the middle of typing something

  8. Those felines need to turn in their cat cards.