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  • The Raid With Clay Cats

    The video was a good reminder to me that I still need to see The Raid.  If you forgot how awesome the trailer looked, make sure to check it out. I don’t think I can even comprehend how much work stop motion animation is.  I’m amazed that people can manage to do such an epic…

  • Cash Cats And Their Firearms

    Ca$hCats is quickly becoming my favorite tumblr for obvious reasons: Make sure you head over to Ca$hCats and check out the rest of the pics.  They are all priceless.  It’s amazing the versatility of cat expressions… smug, mean, happy, scared… you name it. Thoughts?

  • Rat Operator Backs Down Some Cats

    Making this blog topic related is a real stretch, so I’m calling the rat an “Operator”: He’s got some moves.  This video was too funny not to share. I know in the comments people are going to tell me how small that rat is compared to what they have seen.  Let me hear it! haha…

  • Cats In Tanks

    Like the “girls + guns = win” formula I talk about, adding animals and guns is also usually pretty good.

  • Cats And The Guns They Love

    Inside the book “From My Cold Dead Paws”: Heh… just when I thought I had seen it all. The NRA spoof “Feline Rifle Association” seal is a nice touch. $11 on Amazon – HERE Most of the pictures in the preview on amazon (and on the cover) actually look like crappy photoshops of cats with…