James Yeager – Tactical Troll Shit Disturber

Mr shoulder roll himself… the guy who puts photographers down range during live fire brings us a two part troll series:

Part 1 – All Guns Should Be Glocks

With such gems as “1911s are kind of like strippers and Glocks are kind of like fat girls”.

Part 2 – 1911s Suck

“A 1911 that works correctly is just as rare as a Glock that doesn’t”  LOL trolls gonna troll.

What is that shoulder roll about anyway?  Some sort of nervous camera thing? or possibly an injury he sustained as a tactical operator operating in a black op?  School me in the comments.

I’ll admit I watch all this photographer endangerers videos when they come out.  Do I agree with all that he says?  No.. but he definitely has some interesting things to say.



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  1. Is this guy retarded, like, for reals?

    1. Yes.

  2. ManuelMurder Avatar

    Whats gonna be his next class or video over? How to keep your buddys in the killzone, run like a coward, and have your friends die?

    1. Personally, I prefer the “act as pathetic as possible, either through pissing yourself in terror or begging for your life, so that the enemy takes pity and spares your life.”

      Works like a charm!

      1. ManuelMurder Avatar

        He’s a pro at it!

  3. DanTheViking Avatar

    Fun fact: Jim Yaeger is an Ex PMC who abandoned his team in the middle of a firefight.
    Shootout broke out, sprinted out of his car and into a ditch and contributed nothing to his team’s efforts.

    Great guy.

    1. Reading the account, you have to give him credit for saying he fucked up… So unless you have been in a similar situation, and did everything perfectly, every time, you ought to think twice about flaming the guy… That being said, he IS kind of a tool at times, but he makes a living shooting stuff, so who am I to judge…

  4. There are 15,000 people out there trained by this guy?

  5. Diesel Mcbadass Avatar
    Diesel Mcbadass

    I wear a shirt advertising a fairy tale biker gang on cable tv. Marvel at my hardcore.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. The whole time I was watching that, I kept thinking “What’s up with that f-ing shirt?!”

  6. All he keeps saying is “1911” giving no manufacturer that has all these problems with their 1911 (Taurus??). That’s like saying my “AK” won’t work. Which one? That Chechnyan AK maybe by Abdar? That Century AK you paid $300 for? Or that nice new Arsenal SGL21 with one mag through it?

    All guns should be guns you can shoot, guns you can shoot should be in whatever caliber you want.

  7. I’d comment on those videos, but I think my time would be better spent watching the grass grow…

    Dann in Ohio

  8. Based on his description of fat girls I can conclude that the only fat girl he has ever had experience with is his own mother.

    1. And I’m pretty sure he hasn’t had much experience with a stripper that didn’t require his credit card.

    2. …the only fat girl he has ever had experience with is his own mother.

      I vehemently disagree. I would be willing to bet that this hillbilly idiot knows his way around a fat girl. I’d also be willing to bet is that what he doesn’t have experience with is a good-looking, intelligent, successful, educated woman.

      I don’t know how anyone can take this guy seriously anyway since his “tactical response” seems to be to not know how to put a fucking vehicle in gear and to abandon it instead. I don’t know why a cop with no military experience thinks he has any business in a combat zone anyway.


      1. This guy is like the king of sweeping generalizations and absolutes.

        1. (Referring to Yeager, not you Josh).

  9. Justmeagain Avatar

    Ah yes…..the bald head and goatee look.
    He looks like a bowling pin with a vagina.

    1. He looks more like a Dollar Store Stone Cold Steve Austin

  10. Breathtaking misogynism apart from anything else, at a time when other guys are trying to bring in more female shooters, this turd is insulting their entire sex.

  11. People say things for shock value so they get linked, get hits, and ultimately get business. ENDO fell for it.

  12. Piss poor trainer and a tool. Take a look at his “students” actions in the shoot the photographer video. Most of them have no clue as to what they are doing. That to me is more indicative of his inability to teach than anything else.

  13. Johnnie F. Avatar

    Meh. He’s got an opinion. There’s a lot worse out there. And interspersed in a lot of babble are some legitimate points.

  14. I don’t take anyone serious who wears Affliction t-shirts

    1. For those of you not familiar with the brand, a t-shirt cost $50.

    2. Andy in West Haven Avatar
      Andy in West Haven

      Yeah, gotta second that. I personally know FAR too many douchebags that wear Affliction shirts. Posing for pictures with the duckface. It’s unreal.

  15. Sometimes he stumbles across a good point but even a blind hog will find a root.

    Basically he’s a pretender with a large ego that needs sycophants around him to make him feel good.

  16. You never go full retard!

  17. “The reason 9mm is better than .45….yeah…well, fine…whatever.”

    Damn! I’m sold!!!

  18. Flame all you want…but my experience with 1911’s is no different. Granted, I’ve only fired four different 1911’s (Kimber, Colt, and 2 Springfields) and all four of them failed. Then again, my Glock 29 failed once on me too. So whateva…

  19. I’m not disagreeing with his points about 1911’s. Like I said, he makes some good points. But Mussolini made the trains run on time and yet was still an idiot.

  20. I’ve owned a M1911A1 for over 40 years. Never once has it malfunctioned. I carry an HK Compact .45 or a Glock 19 for concealed purposes, but that M1911A1 is my favorite pistol and I will never part with it.

    That assclown is a tool.



    1. Capslock: When you’re hoping that being a loud ass will distract people from the fact that you’re an ass.

    2. nice.

  22. Yes 1911s are awesome, but there are newer .45s which are better, such as the USP.

    1. What about Para 1911s? They can just as much as a USP.

      1. Insert “hold” in-between “can” and “just.”

        1. Disassembly is another issue, the USP wins over that. It also wins with +P, hollow-points, and being a modern pistol overall. Modern weapons always will overtake dated weapon. Yes 1911s have held their ground, but they’re growing obsolete.

          1. I have to agree on that point, disassembling a Kimber 1911 (the only 1911 pistol I’m familiar with) is absolute pain in the ass. But in regards to the different types of ammo (overpressure and hollow-points), aren’t all .45 ACP handguns capable of firing every different type of .45 round? I honestly don’t know, but I’d assume anything the USP can fire a 1911 can.

            1. IIRC some 1911’s don’t feed anything but FMJs without issues.
              Some 1911’s don’t like HP ammo. Plus DA/SA…

              1. Why would the bullet matter? As long as the rim of the round’s case fits with the bolt extractor thingy shouldn’t it feed correctly?

                1. The feed ramp on a lot of original-spec 1911s is not sloped or polished to feed JHP reliably. When the barrel and ramp were designed, hollow-points weren’t used and possibly weren’t even around.

                  Most 1911 custom shops and manufacturers will throat the ramp and polish it well enough to feed JHP reliably but that’s still a customization rather than an out-of-box spec.

                  1. Cool, thanks for the info!

                2. Joseph Simeone Avatar
                  Joseph Simeone

                  Poopy, you got no right calling other people dumb, “the bolt extractor thingy” the only bolts When you have are the ones in your neck

  23. @josh thanks for the article; how can anyone believe anything this guy says. When he was challenged most he did the exact opposite of everything he teaches (i.e. shooting randomly at houses, be sure of the target and beyond). Their is a word for this, war criminal.

  24. I own Glocks and 1911s, note the plural. I will say that Glocks do work unbelievably well and I regularly carry and shoot one. However, I’ve not had a failure in a 1911 in years. I have had failures in Glocks and 1911s. They happen. I consider them different tools for different jobs.

    I’m loving this from the two videos: Video 1 – “Glock fohevah!!!”

    Video 2 – “A warrior should not have a favorite weapon.” – Musashi. Uhhhhh. Wait, what?

    Compare your resume to Clint Smith. End story.

  25. vomedy like this makes me not want to retire. i might have to get a job like this and become an asshole. bigger asshole, really.

  26. “comedy”. and learn to type….

  27. So do you guys also think Haley and Costa are trolls? Because I have taken classes w both of them and they said the same thing (in so many words). “if I was given the choice between a Glock and a 1911 when going into combat, I would choose the Glock, every time, no questions asked.” -Haley

    1. There is a difference between saying “I would prefer a glock in combat” and “All guns should be glock 19s and every other caliber and platform is worthless, especially the 1911 which is one of the most prolific guns in history.”

      1. There is a difference between saying “I would prefer a glock in combat” and “All guns should be glock 19s and every other caliber and platform is worthless…

        Because the first is subjunctive and the second is declarative? And the comment, “if I was given the choice between a Glock and a 1911 when going into combat, I would choose the Glock…” is indicative, but probably should have been subjunctive and instead say, “If I were given the choice…”

        Man, you’d think I could find something productive to do this afternoon, but I really don’t want to put the effort into something like that.

  28. and here is the fire fight the article is referring to.


  29. I like how he says guys who say that Glocks don’t fit your hands look at the 9 year old girl.

    Yeah, I don’t have hands of a 9 year old girl. The Glock hurts to shoot and doesn’t fit my hand.

  30. Douche…
    Yeah he was a coward and lived. It’s unfortunate that things went down like that. Why on earth would you think you’re qualified to teach? It’s like getting your ass kicked and showing up as an MMA coach. I can’t believe he has made it this long, his students form a cult-like status.

  31. The Other Dave Avatar
    The Other Dave

    Hey, at least his recommendation for ammo is legit. That’s what I have in my nightstand is Corbon DPX.

    Then he recommends the XS Big Dot. Seriously?

    I sort of agree with him on the 1911 thing. They can be finnicky. I’m not hating on 1911s but you can buy a [insert Glock, M&P, CZ, etc.] out of a box and it will be reliable (generally). For 1911s you will most likely have a whack mag or the barrel bushing be off, etc.

    With that said, i love how he tries to quote Musashi and says that a “warrior” should never be in love with one weapon while he was just saying that every gun should be a Glock 19.

    And also, what’s up with the rambling? Does he have torrets?

  32. Gun Shy Tourist Avatar
    Gun Shy Tourist

    It seems like everyone and their brother is offering ‘tactical’ training of some sort these days. There are so many ‘tactical’ forums and blogs out there , that it will give you a headache. Most of them are just marketing tools for their courses and products. I made the mistake of joining one once. It lasted for a few hours. You can read about it here:


  33. He’s not worth commenting on.
    Nothing to see here.
    Move on to something good.

  34. I’ve found the there are some similiarties to the disassembly of both my 1911A1 and my H&K .45 Compact USP. Both are easy to maintain and I can disassemble/assemble both in the dark. I favor the H&K over my Glock 19 but the 1911A1 is the first firearm I ever bought and remains my “beloved”. Irrational to be sure, but farg it. My pistol, my choice.

  35. I have an old Llama 1911 9mm and a newer Kimber 1911 .45. I’ve had more stovepipes out of the LLama. I think I’ve had 1 out of the Kimber.

    But saying a Glock is the ultimate answer is not the answer. As Will said above “All he keeps saying is “1911″ giving no manufacturer that has all these problems with their 1911 (Taurus??).

    The real trick is to pick a gun you can carry concealed comfortably. If you’re a 115 lb. woman trying to carry a 1911 or a Glock 19 concealed it probably isn’t going to happen. A Kel-Tec P11 or Glock 27 is probably going to be the answer. But then is it the P11 10 rounds better than a 27’s 9 rounds?

    The point is that if you aren’t carrying anything you’re in worse shape regardless.

  36. Well, Mr Tactical Response, why not explaining how to choose an autofocus instead. In this field you seem very gifted as well…

  37. He makes some good points. People talk crap about him and what happened in Iraq. People that weren’t there. By the way, would it make you haters happier if he’d stayed ok in the stalled car and gotten shot?

    Be a real man. Drive to Tn and talk shit to his face or shut up when referring to things that you know nothing about.

    1. Don’t talk if you weren’t there is the lamest excuse ever. Shooting randomly into buildings where people live makes you a coward and a war criminal. Do as I say not as I do.

  38. I look at the 1911 as like driving a classic car. It’s going to cost more, and when it comes time to work on it you don’t want just anyone dicking around with it. You have to understand the downsides before you get one, and there are many. But they’re just cooler. Whereas a glock or M&P is kinda like a japanese car. they’re boring and one looks like the next but they just friggin WORK. I’ve had 3 1911’s and they’ve been pains in the ass but my Springfield operator just shoots SO well for me and feels so nice in my hand that I just can’t jump ship. Plus I think 1911’s look badass. My 2 glocks are boringly reliable (as boring as a day and the range can be. Am I right?) but there’s just something about the way a 1911 feels in my hand that I don’t get from my plastic fantastics.

    1. ZBalentine Avatar


      Yup. My take on it exactly, as well.

    2. Yep, you get it. Well said.

  39. Other Jeff Avatar

    The 1911 is the only one of my guns (other than my Mosin Nagant because its so friggin simple) that I know the insides and outs off, and can detail strip it in my head.

    That being said, its also my safe queen :P I have a CZ for my other business

  40. MaineGarda Avatar

    There is no such thing as the “best gun.” There is only, “the best gun for you.” This guy is a jack ass and sooner or later someone he trains is going to do something stupid and then he will be back living with mom.
    What do a tornado and a lawsuit have in common in Camden, TN?
    No matter which one happens, someone is losing a trailer.

  41. if i have said it once ive said it a million times. cor-bon pow-r-ball ammo sucks

  42. Dontshootmebro Avatar

    I am pretty sure he invested his ego into that tee shirt?

    Warriors should not have a favorite tee shirt?

    Tee shirts should not be decorative?

    Did Matt Damon wear that tee shirt in Dogma?

  43. Crunkleross Avatar

    When you have the baggage in your chosen field this guy has you have to overcompensate in every way. Add to that some other kind of insecurity you can figure out yourself and you have the recipe for this clown. It would be funny unless people actually pay to “learn” from him. No serious shooter I know of would use that big dot sight, the are useless, well I take that back they work fine in situations you don’t need sights like within 2m and the target is the size of a refrigerator. A lot of what he says has been said many times, people seem to forget the 1911 was designed in…..uhhh…….1911 or so? HP ammo wasn’t around too much then, modern 1911 design pistols don’t have feed problems if used with good ammo and magazines just like anything else.
    I’ve trained people at some famous places even, I’ve seen Glocks fail and 1911s work all the time, it would be ludicrous for me to trash all Glocks but ludicrous would be a good word to describe this idiot.

  44. What a big ole bag of douche

  45. Ask any armorer that does repairs at ranges where the pistols get a lot of use. All pistols can and will fail at some time in their cycle of operation.


  46. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    Dang, lucky thing we had Glocks in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and didn’t have to rely on that piece of crap 1911….

    1. So it’s okay if we issue our soldiers 1915- model brogans, 1938 standard medical kits, khakis instead of camos, and M3 tanks. Right? Because old stuff is always better than new stuff.

      1. I’d like you to show me where anybody has said let’s go back to all the old stuff?

        What the majority of us are saying that the 1911 may be older but just declaring it junk is not the answer. The Glock style may be the future, but a blanket statement of “all 1911 models suck” needs to be proven. Is it every Taurus? Is it every Kimber? Is it every Llama that they didn’t polish the ramp for JHP rounds?

        This guy is dismissing everything 1911 just because its 1911.

        There are “junk” guns on the market. There are also quality guns in both the glock and 1911 models.

  47. I’ve owned both a 1911 and a Glock… and I will probably never own another 1911. I will also never carry another 1911 as I did for well over a year. I experienced only about 2 malfunctions with my 1911 and I also had 2 failure to fires due to my grip on the pistol not depressing the beaver tail safety 100% (that’s my fault, but still inherent to the design of the weapon).

    I will agree with about 99% of what he states in part 2. If you honestly believe the 1911 is still the best carry option or should even be considered as a “combat sidearm” you are out of your mind. I’m just a realist and I too have learned this from experience.

  48. No way I’m wasting 13 minutes of my life on this. Reading the defensereview copy of the Edinburgh Risk And Security Management AAR was a way better use of my life.

  49. All I know is that when I roll my shoulder like that, it makes a lovely grindy noise. My injury is hardcore tactical 10-key.

  50. LOL. not even my comments make the hatters hate like this guy does.
    guess anyone that dislike 1911 and glocks dont deserve my respect XD

  51. The shoulder roll thing looks like he’s trying to come off like a fighter, limbering up those traps… or maybe he’s just got a twitch.

    Go with a collared shirt next time Sitch, that stripper will come back around.

  52. I don’t shoot 1911s because they are cool or tactical or hold a lot of rounds. I shoot 1911s because I like them. If they are quirky and complex, well, I accept that. I enjoy shooting single stack USPSA. It’s the same way some shooters like cowboy action, or black powder buffalo shoots, or military rifle matches.

    In his next video, he’ll tell how everyone should wear the same shirts and shave our heads. Is there no allowance for choice or freedom in his worldview?

  53. I agree with what he says about 1911’s- as a platform they just aren’t as reliable off the rack, and in fact are intrinsically more prone to failure even when there are no quality or tolerance issues. It’s a design from the early 1900’s, you can’t expect it to last forever!

    However, he seems a little bit fixated on glocks. Surely sig, springfield xd, FN’s pistols, HK USP, etc etc etc have something to offer equal to glocks, and in some cases these polymer pistols may beat glocks in certain criteria.

    I think he’s especially wrong about the grip angle- all things being equal, why not have a grip style that causes the shooter to point the firearm instinctively without having to relearn something that already comes as a first impulse?

    There are more choices than just glock vs 1911. There’s a whole world of striker-fired polymer pistols out there.

  54. This website makes no valid argument as to why he is wrong. Fuck a 1911, its overrated as fuck. Its over a century old firearm design. Lets just ignore the if it works or doesn’t work argument Mr. Yeager presents here, or the caliber debate. 7 or 8 rounds in a heavy piece of steel or 10+ in most modern pistols that don’t weigh nearly as much no matter the caliber? I pick more boolits. Not that Glocks are the end all be all. There are better more modern designs out there besides a 1911.

  55. darrel mcfadden Avatar
    darrel mcfadden

    opinions are like opinions ,,, everyone has em… but yeager is terribly onesided ,, the fella has not a clue about tactical response,,, his response would be textbook and that will get you killed 9 times out of 10,,,,,,evaluate and respond accordingly,,, with whatever means at your disposal,,,,,,,be it gun or knife,,,yeager is an amateur

  56. Rick higson Avatar
    Rick higson

    Jäger move to Europe where they make your favorite piston and leave 1911 alone you idiot!

  57. matthew lemon Avatar
    matthew lemon

    Yeager is an asshat. As far as someone standing down range. Been to plenty of classes overseas where the instructor would stand down range. No big deal. You’re not dealing(some may be) with kids or granny and her first revolver. Sounds like some people need to calm down.