Doomsday Prepper Not Prepared For The Loss Of His Freedom

Appeared on the National Geographic TV show Doomsday Preppers.   Declared Mentally defective.  Gets all guns seized:

The video is very long, and not really worth watching unless you have some time to kill.  The gist of it is in the title.

I didn’t watch this next video either (14 minutes long eeek), but it looks like he isn’t giving up, and is going to fight for his rights back.

If you missed the Doomsday Preppers trailer I posted you can check it out – HERE

A real shame that the whole point of that show is basically to make everyone on it look crazy… not prepared.   The guy in the video even says he did his best to act the craziest he possibly could in an earlier video he posted.



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  1. Yes, because no christian has ever committed suicide….

    I was on board with his case until I heard him mention the trolls that want to kill him and poison his animals… that was kind of the inflection point.

    The fact is he is probably competent enough to own guns. He may not be 100% there but he certainly doesn’t seem homicidal.

  2. Not that I cared for any of the nuts on the show, but I don’t think the government has any right to infringe on his rights and declare him mentally unfit and take what is his. If he could afford a suitable lawyer he could reverse that.

  3. He seems pretty competent to me. I’m not too sure about the troll comment, it seemed kind of sarcastic, though I’ve never seen any of his other videos.

    This is a clear example of a doctor abusing his power and the safe guards of the system failed him by appointing an attorney who’s going to be gone during hearings/proceedings. I have a feeling that they’ve been keeping this guy on their radar considering how outspoken he is.

  4. Can’t be a prepper with out guns?

  5. I still dont get why anyone went on that show, the first one made everyone out to be nutballs so why would you think it would get better the second time around?

  6. Never watched the show, but that sucks for this guy. He doesn’t seem crazy, maybe he has bad personal skills and his sarcasm is a bit dry, but no reason for him to have his rights taken away…

  7. The trailers are enough to get me not to watch the show. Fat f**ckers wearing “tactical sh*t” with their kid carrying goats to the truck? WTF? “We’re buggin’ out!” They’re already bugged out. Nothing to see here, move on.

  8. I too have seen the previews and have no interest in watching the show. Probably mainly because it looks like they’ve chosen some of the more “out there” people and also cut the scenes in order to make them look worse.

    I consider myself a mild prepper as my wife and I have a decent supply of food and ammo but we’re not spending loads of money and time on it all. We still have fun and spend money in average ways as well as trying to pay off our house so that we can truely be left alone in an economic down-turn (worse than it already is).

  9. I don’t know about the state he lives in, but ever since Heller vs DC…you can’t lose your firearm rights without a proper committal and finding of incompetency. An emergency committal doesn’t count. He didn’t go into detail on what the letter says, and what they used to find him incompetent.

  10. Komodo Saurian Avatar
    Komodo Saurian

    One can safely laugh at doomsday preppers.

    When the end of the world doesn’t happen – they fail.

    When it does happen – nobody will be there to say “told ya”.

  11. Crunkleross Avatar

    I’m not into prepping at least in the end of the world way but to each his own. I can’t help but think this guy got a raw deal. I don’t think he’s suicidal he’s just is not afraid to die and life isn’t that great for him right now. He is no threat to society and he’s giving some pretty good advice with the videos that I did watch. This would be a good subject for fx to write a song about, it would help get him off my shit list for doing the hate Ed Brown song.

  12. “He is no threat to society….”

    You often hear that……Just before they go postal.

  13. i guess i am a mild prepper, ,i keep a few weeks supply of food and enough guns and ammo to take care of any problems that come along. i dont know if that makes me a nutcase or not but i am smart enough not to let anyone know where i keep stuff and dont talk about it much. im not preparing for the end of the world, i prepare for what may happen when the real nut cases come out hahahahahahah. i hope the guy gets his guns back , but then he will be watched. be on the alert..