Nazi USMC Snipers

Nah not really.. just a poor logo decision:

Marine Corps scout snipers used the logo of the notorious Nazi SS organization while in Afghanistan in 2010, the service acknowledged Thursday.

We get it: Scout Sniper = SS … still what a terrible idea.

Full story at Marine Corps Times.

I hate to overuse *facepalm* graphics, so just know that the facepalm is implied.

Maximilian, the cartoonist that does Terminal Lance knocks it out of the park with this comic.



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  1. Regardless of the terrible historical connotations, National Socialist iconography is undeniably “cool” and I can completely comprehend how someone could appreciate the aesthetics without actually holding the same genocidal beliefs as those who created it.

    Unless these scout snipers were organised as einsatzgruppen I don’t see how they could be accused of anything other than poor public relation skills.

  2. That Terminal Lance comic just blew my mind off with laughter

    1. +1
      those guys should all grow charlie chaplin ‘stashes now.

    2. NotWagner Avatar

      Best comic site…ever.

  3. Wow. Wow…

  4. Unmentionably stupid.

  5. Regardless of the motivation of the press for bringing this to light (re: the pee pee incident), choosing this as a symbol for a U.S. military unit was a colossally stupid thing to do in the first place. If they are so “naive” that none of them realized what this symbolized then they are too naive to be behind a rifle, and should probably be behind the counter at a McDonald’s.

  6. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    it was for sniper scout you got that one backward buddy.

    1. it was for sniper scout you got that one backward buddy.

      Apparently the Marine Corps has it backwards too. Thanks for clearing that up. You better let the Marines know that they’re wrong.

      1. spencer wade Avatar
        spencer wade

        sniper scout was what this group wanted it to rep. otherwise they would have went with the marine corps logo for scout sniper. but i did momentarily forget that you know every and all things that have to do with guns. my bad.

  7. This is how it should have gone down.
    Reporter/do-gooder/ whoever brought this up “why does this unit use SS as a logo?”
    Marine representative ” What part of Scout Sniper cant you spell?”
    – “but it looks like the nazi SS logo”
    – “that happened to be the coolest font on the computer we had, Times New Roman didnt cut it.”
    – (pause)
    – “why? do you thing wing dings would have worked better?”

  8. The Schutzstaffel was not the Einsatzgruppen. The SS was the only German organization that literally told Hitler to go F*** himslef on at least three occasions. (I can outline these if needed). The Einsatzgruppen was the arm of the SS mainly responsible for the war crimes attributed to the entire organization. This is not a defense of Nazism, but rather the proffesional soldiers who joined the SS not bc they believed it was a way to commit attrocities, but because the SS was the most proffesional fighting force in the Whermacht, akin to a Ranger Battalion but maybe even a little more hardcore than that. I would argue most German soldiers were not rabid Nazi’s and felt more a desire to fight for family and country rather than a demagogue. SS does not = Nazi.

  9. NotWagner Avatar

    It’s not like this is a new thing…it’s just that it’s an election year…this logo has been around for ages…in photos everywhere…we’re just a new age of CONSTANT offended-ness in America for the sake of media attention…it’s cool though. Stuff like this is why the good, squared away guys get disgruntled and GTFO…what was no big deal up until a couple days ago has become a punishable offense because of someone, somewhere who has likely never served a day in their life…

    America, harden the F up.

  10. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB.
    2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB.
    3rd RULE: You DO NOT take pictures or video of FIGHT CLUB.

  11. They’re all 20 years old and products of our public school system..AND they never watched the History channel ever…not even for 5 we can’t expect them to know anything about the Nazis who don’t sell soup.

  12. What the fuck? <Seriously does anything else need to be said?

  13. Huh. And I thought it was the rock band “Kiss” logo.

  14. frank rizzo Avatar
    frank rizzo

    My take away is America is on top of the Nazi’s. :)

    That being said, I echo the point that others have stated who feel America (Media and the thumb suckers) need to harden the fuck up, and quite trying to find something to be offended about. Stop being a victim.

  15. Did they make an unfortunate choice of logo? Yes.
    Are they Nazis? Racists? Anti-semites? No.

    What probably happened was something as simple as this:

    Marine 1: “Hey dude, check out this flag I found. It says ‘SS.’ We can totally use it for the Scout Snipers.”
    Marine 2: “Bro, don’t you know that symbol was used by some of Hitler’s guys back in the day?”
    Marine 1: “Dude, we’re not Nazis. We just need a flag that says ‘SS,’ and I found this for cheap as hell down at the Army/Navy store. I asked Corporal Cohen if it was cool, and he said he didn’t give a shit.”