Stress Of Hunting Season Overwhelms A Deer

And he calls it quits:

Lucky they were inside the truck, that deer was looking to take a few people with him.

Hat tip: Chris G.


18 responses to “Stress Of Hunting Season Overwhelms A Deer”

  1. It seems he DEERly needed to see a doctor, but he was short a few BUCKS. The cost of health care is STAGgering. I guess he just couldn’t find the DOE….

    AAANNNNDD I’m spent.

    1. Jordan G. Avatar

      Well done, mate.

  2. shockfish08 Avatar

    Man that really sucks when something like that happens, not that anyone could’ve done anything to stop him :(

  3. Jesus H! I hope someone could at least make use of that meat.

  4. maybe we need to ban bridges….. because you know, they cause its death.

  5. Wow, that is actually kind of sad…. so what happened next?

  6. Hopefully they finished him off and took him home and ate him.

  7. Toadstone Avatar

    I would hope that even a non-hunter would haul ass down there and end its suffering. Poor animal.

  8. Search “deer jump bridge” on youtube. Apparently it’s not that uncommon a thing for deer to do.

  9. That was crazy! and I hope the people involved were decent enough to end its suffering.

    1. +10000
      Someones gotta go down there and do the humane thing, either rehabilitation (too expensive, and availability probably non-existent) or a .45 to the head.

  10. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I wish more of them would commit suicide. Deer kill people here in flyover country every year. You can’t take a dawn or dusk motorcycle ride here anymore. There has been a HUGE spike in deer v. motorcycle fatalities in the past two years or so. It would be fine with me if deer were an uncommon sight like they were when my dad grew up.

  11. free meat, no tags!

  12. You need to be real careful how you handle that situation. I see a lot of calls for ending suffering of the deer and taking it. You can seriously run afoul of the law in that type of situation. As a serious hunter, I’m the first one to want to end an animal’s suffering, but firing a weapon in that situation will land you in the pokey for sure. Approaching a wounded animal with a knife can be very dangerous. If you find a legal way to dispatch him, taking the carcass can be illegal depending on your state. Sometimes you want to do the right thing, but I’m not going to jail over a deer.

    1. I’m pretty sure the video evidence they had of the deer jumping off the bridge would exonerate them of any legal issues.

  13. If your worried about the law, put it out of it’s missery and leave it for the wolves. There is more then one way to kill a deer

  14. WHAT! That deer was “peace..Im outta here…oh shiiiiiii….”*splat*

  15. You can take him home in Missouri, just need to call the game officer and explain. Video proof is a bonus.