Beretta Nano At 100 Yards And Some Santa Baby Panties

With a knife and a fake police badge thrown in for good measure:

I watched the whole 12 minute video waiting for an explanation regarding the “Santa Baby” panties.  I’ll save you the trouble, there isn’t one.

Pushing sub-compacts out to distances is interesting to try.

Any guesses on the story behind having those panties at the range?  Is that part of his EDC?


5 responses to “Beretta Nano At 100 Yards And Some Santa Baby Panties”

  1. WOW that’s good shooting. Also notice how the little gun keeps worming out of his grip. That’s another reason why I’m such a kahr fanboy. The Nano is about the same size as the Kahr P9/CW9 holds one more round, and allows you to get all 3 fingers on the grip unless you have paws like a grizzly.

    Still I took my PM45 out breaking clays at 15 yards, and its doable but it takes a lot of skill. This guy is good!

  2. hkschalldampfer Avatar

    Maybe the panties are a banana hammock, and he’s making a joke about his manhood with the nano lying next to them?

  3. I like to push the limits with any of my firearms. It’s where you find their limits vs yours. I’ve pushed my P3AT and was very surprised at how accurate it is at longer distances. Soda cans at 25 yards? Not a problem, apparently.

  4. Crunkleross Avatar

    No doubt this is straight talk from a street cop. What a boss I can tell because he loads the pistol and then lays it down on the table but the real proof is at 1.40 when he points the loaded Nano at his own head, what a man. Later at 5.22 he points it at his spotter not doubt to prove his manly-ness. The whole time they go down range with the AR shown at 8.43 laying on the table muzzle down range with the bolt down and a magazine in. I’m impressed with the shooting for sure but the gun handling is just….so cop like it’s just outstanding if these guys are not really street cops they should be. Nano, Nano, Nano. If I get one do I have to act like these guys?

  5. Nice to see someone push the limits with a pocket pistol, but could you cut out some of the bad production value. This could have been a 1 minute really cool video with a little editing.