Snitches Get Riches In Newark New Jersey

Snitch on someone for carrying a gun – get a $1000 reward:

No conviction necessary? hahha man…

Are the taxes that high in NJ that you are only left with $500 if you snitch on someone?  That’s all Mayor Booker has got in his hand…

What do you guys think of this?  Ratting anyone out this weekend and spending the proceeds on ammunition and liquor?


18 responses to “Snitches Get Riches In Newark New Jersey”

  1. kosherbacon Avatar

    Just watch, everyone’s going to be reporting local cops. I would.

  2. why dont we all report booker?

  3. Pointed Sticks Avatar
    Pointed Sticks

    i might report gangbangers and the such for 1000, this probably means you could just report anyone and send the cops after them so for people you dont like….

    1. 1. use skype
      2. call goog 411
      3. use facebook to find people in newark
      4. police state
      5. ???
      6. profit

      Problem Jerz?

  4. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Okay…um…like what the fuck.

  5. +1 Jusuchin

    After seeing this, I should carry a 3rd gun and/or more mags.

    WTF does, “illegal gun” mean? Class III without the stamp?

  6. If all they care about is getting guns off the street (no conviction required!), why don’t they just cut out the middleman and do a $1000 a pop buyback (no “question” asked!)?

    I’ve got a Rohm RG10 copy “Saturday Night Special” that I paid $50 bucks for that I’ve grown bored of. I’d let the mayor have it for a measly $500. The pot metal frame should be super easy to melt down!

  7. bigghoss Avatar

    funny how they only specify ILLEGAL guns once and don’t even emphasis it. hell if they did a $1000 buy back all but one of my guns cost more than that. I’d take every single gun I had down there except my $1300 1911 and then go buy a bunch more guns AND pay of my credit card. heck I wish my town would even do a $100 buy back so I could unload the 3 $50 shotguns I have.

    come to think of it, Oregon doesn’t have a waiting period so if say liberal Portland did a ridiculously overpriced buy back I’d go there, sell my guns, go buy a bunch of brand new guns and turn those in for a profit and just clean out every gun store in the area. not likely to happen but if it ever did happen and I could get away with it I could double my salary in a day assuming everyone else didn’t catch on too and do the same thing and buy up all the guns before me, or the dealers just pull their inventory and turn it all in for double the sticker price.

  8. I guess the key words for me in this video were “illegal guns”.

  9. So… no conviction? Hypothetical: I know a person I don’t like who legally carries (A rarity in Jersey but not an impossibility). I call the number, report the guy, get a grand? And what happens to him? Hell for a grand I’d report MYSELF if I was carrying legally!

    1. As long as he was arrested. If he has his carry license on him he isn’t going to be arrested. The no conviction requirement is so you don’t get stiffed just because they beat the rap.

  10. Snitches Get Stitches.

  11. Instead they should setup a system for more law abiding citizens to be able to carry. (anti gun control woot woot!)

  12. Illegal gun means any gun in the hands of a non LEO I live in NJ and in a state of around 8,000,000 there are less than 2,000 CCP’s issued. We are fighting like hell to get that changed if you are interested in following the fight please visit or on Facebok @

  13. Brandon Avatar

    Looks like just another re-election ploy.

  14. So the only way for the police to verify any tips in any way would be to attempt to infringe on that individuals rights by harassing them, etc. What are they gonna do get a search warrant based on a anonymous tip? This concept is beyond stupid.

  15. I’d start with your men in blue.

  16. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    Living near Detroit, I could make millions with this program.