Shooting A Krinkov In The Basement Of His Lair

You had to know the video was going to be from Cokeman:

The AKS-74U is one of my favorite AKs.  I had to laugh when he called Red Jacket Firearms (the guys from Sons of DERP) “Shit Jacket”

No ear plugs in either of course… what a gem this guy is.



16 responses to “Shooting A Krinkov In The Basement Of His Lair”

  1. He does this stuff because he knows it pisses people off. As long as the only harm being done is to him he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do. I just hope anti gun dumb asses don’t use him as a reason to ban guns.

    1. Jarhead Avatar

      That’s what I’m afraid of. When the ass hat someday accidently injures himself or someone else there’ll be some new ridiculous law made where we have to put a combination lock on every piece of ammo, ruining it for the rest of us without fixing actually fixing his ass hat-ery

    2. Cartridgeholder Avatar

      If an anti sees this, then many years of trying to regain public trust in gun owners will go into cokeman’s crusty, bullet riddled toilet.

  2. was that the smoke alarm goin off at the very end? – coming from experience ;)

  3. hkschalldampfer Avatar

    King Douche.

  4. I just went an looked at the Red Jacket website after reading this and holy god fuck they overprice guns that would otherwise be cheap.

    $1k+ for a basic AK that I can get for $350…

    1. hkschalldampfer Avatar

      Yea but with Red Jackass…I mean Jacket, they sell their AK with a stupid, Foghorn Leghorn type saying that only rednecks like Cokeman understand, ” I know this rifle will work real good, like havnin a baby with your second cousin on a moonlit night in July.”

  5. For the love of God! The next video that you guys post of Cokeman better involve a firearm and self injury. I’m done clicking on view.

  6. No Ears? OWWWWW!

    I guess stupid DOES hurt!

  7. I seriously hate this guy. Its only a matter of time before some anti comes along (if they havent already) and gets freaked out at how ridiculous he is.

  8. Guy is crazy.
    Shit Jacket is funny.

  9. He does this because you keep posting his videos.
    If no one reposted these, he wouldn’t do this dumb shit.

  10. Ranger G (of the forest type) Avatar
    Ranger G (of the forest type)

    This is one where I have to say “stop encouraging the guy.” The give and take with some of the uber-silly “tactical” trainers is amusing and likely beneficial to sane firearms use, so I’m all for those little go-arounds. But giving this guy more exposure simply eggs his ignorant self onward to more stupidity. Gun owners get enough bad press from folks like him, and we should think twice before giving any more visibility to him than he can gain through his own effort.

  11. This guys dangerous.

  12. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    Give it 5 more years and his house will look like Warsaw in 1941.

  13. What’s ringing after every shot? Does he have a frying pan hidden behind those phonebooks?