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  • Shooting A Krinkov In The Basement Of His Lair

    You had to know the video was going to be from Cokeman: The AKS-74U is one of my favorite AKs.  I had to laugh when he called Red Jacket Firearms (the guys from Sons of DERP) “Shit Jacket” No ear plugs in either of course… what a gem this guy is. Thoughts?

  • Sons Of Derp Smacked Down By ATF

    Neva been done befo’: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a routine inspection of Red Jacket Firearms and discovered 10 guns registered to the company could not be accounted for … a big, BIG problem. Source – TMZ Yea not ideal. The article goes on to say that Vince (pictured left) was new guy licensed guy…