Sons Of Derp Smacked Down By ATF

Neva been done befo’:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms conducted a routine inspection of Red Jacket Firearms and discovered 10 guns registered to the company could not be accounted for … a big, BIG problem.

Source – TMZ

Yea not ideal. The article goes on to say that Vince (pictured left) was new guy licensed guy in charge, but then he left and two other unnamed bozos took over.

I wonder what will end up happening?  Is the deal that the feds struck with them to surrender their licences the end of it?  Because they are Z list celebs will this get swept under the rug?

As you probably already know from reading my previous posts on Sons Of Derp I’m not a fan.

Oh yea and *insert ATF project gunwalker jokes here*

Thoughts?  Hopes? Dreams?

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  1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Hey look! It’s the show where they make more useless looking guns that it makes Chinese knockoff Airsoft look legit!

    So, who predicted shit like this would happen?

  2. overkill556x45 Avatar

    I can’t even watch commercials for this show. The newest one showing a Maxim that must fire between propeller blades makes me want to scream. The idiots at Discovery HAVE to know that this problem was addressed in like 1913 with the “interrupter gear”, which is simply a lobe on the drive shaft that blocks the trigger from being pulled while the blade is in line with the gun. Another case of “neva been done befo” that has been done a million freaking times and started being done a hundred years ago. All they would have to do is read a book. Heck, I bet you can google it.

    1. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) Avatar
      Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

      Google? Jeeze I knew about interrupter gears when I was in third grade.

      Well, I was the weird third grader who left the kiddie section in library field trips and came back with Jules Verne and Ian V. Hogg books at the check outs.

      1. Yup… for me, Ian Hogg and CB Colby

    2. NotWagner Avatar

      They should know this because, if memory serves, Mythbusters covered the topic. I may be wrong about that, but I remember an episode years back about it…or maybe I’m delusional.

  3. spencer wade Avatar
    spencer wade

    dont hate cause you dont have the resources to make and play with the guns they do. its a cool show and they make cool guns.

    1. Hating on the show is really easy. The show is over-produced and has nothing to do with Red Jacket Firearms. Show producers create a “project of the week”, “relationship issue of the week”, and “game changer of the week” scenario that has little to nothing to do with RJF as a store.

      Take a show like this and treat your audience like idiots, you’ll get haters. Sorry, the producers of SoG screwed the pooch.

      1. That Guy Avatar

        Hatin’ on Red Jacket the company isn’t hard either.

        They’ve screwed-up — or simply butchered — Class 3 projects for two people I know. Both of whom were customers of Red Jacket long before this moronic show was created. Two former customers now — RJ decided that they didn’t need to keep their old customers happy when there were legions of mouth-breathers with credit cards, ready to order crude “custom” designs ripped-off from other gunsmiths.

    2. I get to make and play with stuff just as cool as anything they do, sometimes stuff that’s FAR cooler. What I don’t do is LIE about what we do, 90% of the time it’s drudgery and paperwork with a some days when we get to have some fun. What we don’t do is claim other people’s work as our own. Those cool looking 1919s they made? A shout out to TNW for building the kit they used would be nice. The 45ACP AR subgun they advertise on their site as made by them? They might want to give some love to Bazooka Brothers which is the company that actually MAKES the receivers. The “never done before” suppressed shotgun? I guess you could say that if shotgun suppressors hadn’t been created in the 20s and weren’t REQUIRED equipment at many ranges in Europe.

      And don’t even get me started on the various projects they stated were going to be used by the military…which ANYONE familiar with military procurement procedures knows is complete bullshit. Really, why would a military unit need some bunch of yokels to make a dual-mounted, water cooled AR machine gun system when they can simply purchase ready made M-249s which are better suited to the task? Beside which, the guy he was talking to wouldn’t even have the authority to initiate such development and spending.

      The show is crap. If you want a great Saiga shotgun, call Tromix. If you want a quality AK, call Krebs Custom. Red Jacket gets the people who can’t buy from those two because there is a waiting list for their work.

  4. I can’t stand that show. I can tolerate American Guns; maybe that’s just because the daughter is attractive and not obnoxious. I’m petty like that – that’s how I determine if a show is good or not.

    1. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      Plus they actually make beautiful guns. The guns on Sons of Guns are either plain ol’ matte black or trailered up. I see a lot more gunsmithing and negotiating on American Guns which is cool. Ol’ Mr. Hayden doesn’t negotiate price…

      1. Plus they actually make beautiful guns.

        I’d agree with that. Some things that have been made on American Guns have been pretty impressive. The stuff that’s being made on Sons of Guns is stuff that people who know about firearms pause and say, WTF?

  5. I’m not writing for or against the show, but I would like to encourage everyone to take their opinions of the show out of the equation and take a look at the real story here.

    One of the biggest and best gun stores in my area was shut down a few years ago after a similar audit. The ATF requested records for all firearms the store had ever sold which totaled almost 10,000 over 25 years. 17 were unaccounted for and they subsequently lost their license. No other business in America is held to these standards and the ATF is using this as an excuse to shut down shops.

    Read this article for more info. It’s old but very informative:

  6. This happened in 2009, so nothing is going to happen. I still hate the show.

  7. I look at it as what it is: reality show entertainment with guns.
    I like Will, Flem, Vince and the quieter guy who makes the explosive stuff (forgot his name).
    I don’t particularly care for American guns – that bunch comes across as kind of obnoxious.

    Be interesting to see how the yet to be shown episodes depict the recent “staffing changes.”

  8. Thoughts? Hopes? Dreams?
    Plastic surgery and a trip to the orthodontist for the chick.

  9. I wonder if this was part of the annual check up of their license as the ATF likes to do from time to time. If not then this was probably because a show about scary looking guns was gaining popularity on what is supposed to be a science channel (just like the History channel is supposed to be about history and not aliens/cryptozoological) and this has scared someone either in the area or in the national office to take a look at their paperwork to make sure it is all in order. I enjoy to watch the show from time to time, but it is just like all the other “workshop shows” that Discovery picked up since that motorcycle show about Orange County Choppers. Angry older boss, young upstart and stupid employee/family member are the stars with an occasional additional worker bee thrown in for flavoring for every eposide.

    American guns is another one of those shows that just annoys me as well, simply cause they violate so many safety rules. I watched them convert some hunting rifle into magnum chambering. During a test firing one of the machinists was holding the barrel and receiver in the water tank and doing a test firing. The damn thing almost swung out and hit his partner, let alone the damn thing recoiled up to smack him in the face. Most competent smiths that I have been to, usually have a simply hyd-drive recoil block setup for test firings into a water tank or a sand barrel. That way if something has a catastrophic failure the only thing hurt is the recoil block.

  10. I really wish bloggers would get the damn story correct. I hate the show but every damn time a new blog reports on this “breaking news” they fuck up the whole thing.

    This all happened 3 years ago. The dude who plays like he is the guy in charge on the show was the owner, they fucked up some records and the ATF shut them down. They cut a deal with the ATF to allow them back in buisiness as long as a new FFL holder was the owner, so they sold the place to the guy up there on the left. He is the owner. But now he is leaving sk they need a new FFL since the guy who acts like he’s in charge cannot own the place. This is not breaking news. This is not even worth the fuckin news ticker at the bottom of CNN. It’s just more ATF bullshit(i wonder how well they kept records on those F&F guns…). I am even more tired of hearing about this fucking story than I am of the people on The show and that is seriously Fucking saying something.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      3rd paragraph “Things went swimmingly until 2009…”. If I copy pasted entire stories that would be frowned upon. People need to read the source link if they want the details.

      That said, why is it almost 2012 and i’m hearing about this for the first time? I don’t know the legal system very well, but don’t some cases take years to get resolved?

  11. WOOT!
    I have nothing good to say about this show. If anything I’m glad they done goofed.

    Ney Been Dun Befo… Says it all.

  12. This show jumped the shark the first season.
    Put it down.

  13. Cartridgeholder Avatar

    I wouldn’t care if these guys lost their FFL. All they do is take a good gun and tacticool it, such as thompson M1928 painted black, with RIS rails and foregrip. Then they get smug as hell and claim that “they’ve opened up a new market”. With that logic, putting a picatinny rail on my flintlock and adding an EOTech opens up a new market in tactical flintlocks.

    BTW, they proved their idiocy after one of the guys shot a blank firing gun on camera at his colleagues. I think Brandon Lee rolled in his grave a bit.

  14. Dickie Sherpa Avatar
    Dickie Sherpa

    Why would you hate a tv show? Who gives a fuck?

    Get a life losers, haha :)

  15. Dickie Sherpa Avatar
    Dickie Sherpa

    Yea honestly who cares if you dont like a TV show – are you retarded? Why waste one second of life on it – IT’S A TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. WHAT A SHITTY BLOG – I diareah in your mouth!