The Gun Bias Song

Like you didn’t already know Glocks are the best… screw the rest:

From the same guy that brought us:

Killer to see he got a new camera!  Sounds even better than it did before when you kick it up to 1080p.

The lyrics are top notch in this song as usual.  There’s more than enough Kool-Aid for everyone… drink it up.



13 responses to “The Gun Bias Song”

  1. I now have something to link to every time some ____ (Glock, Sig, HK, S&W, Beretta, XD) fanboy starts spouting gibberish on a random gun forum.

    Besides, everyone knows Taurus makes the best guns. GAWD!

  2. I’m liking this dude a lot more than Steve Lee

    1. Yea, +1 on that.

      As a matter of fact, Steve Lee should hire him to write his lyrics. While he’s at it he should also hire him to do all his singing and play all the instruments on his recordings.

    2. I’m liking this dude a lot more than Steve Lee

      Yeah, this guy has some musical talent, Steve Lee doesn’t.

  3. Dude is too funny +1, “talks alot about guns i havent shot” lol so many people like that, keep makin these videos dude

  4. “strategic tactical group”

    tee hee

  5. Ernest Young Avatar
    Ernest Young

    I like this song but why is it today that people want to mess with songs I love.

  6. Thanks for posting man! I had some fun making this one. It’s actually not a new camera, I just realized the other day, because I’m an idiot, that the videos on my camera are better quality than the videos on my camcorder. :-)

  7. ooh! ooh! post the one about bows and guns! stairway to heaven is the best!

  8. Every time I see a guy at the range with an AR-15 and a GLOCK pistol, I just want to give them bonus points for originality.

    1. I fit that profile. AR-15, AKM, G17, G19, Rem700, Benelli Shotgun. I guess I get 0 flowmaster points.
      I may not be original, but I am happy. (also owned and tried 10 times as many firearms as I do now, this is what I liked and worked for me).

      Did anyone else notice his wife is a pretty good shot?

  9. I will be chuckling all day over those lyrics. And watching myself for signs of similar insanity….

    BTW, if FXHummel1 had taken the worlds worst combat course from Chris Collins (instructor to suicidal assclowns), he could have been shooting the videos from in front instead of behind Mrs FXHummel1. Need to step it up!