FPS Russia Launches Tractor Tires With An SA-80

5 minute video?  This guy is gradually turning into Nutnfancy:

WTF? So the Trijicon ACOG isn’t good enough for you FPS Russia?  The sight on the rifle is not an ACOG apparently anyway, it’s a SUSAT which althouth similar looking, isn’t even made by Trijicon.  Whatever… you shouldn’t need an optic with magnification to hit some Tannerite from 25 yards anyway.

At least he’s wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes most of the time… They don’t look like they would offer any actual ballistic protection but still better than nothing.

Pretty awesome when he shot the hay bales at the end of the vid.


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  1. after viewing this video, I’ve came to a conclusion that the SA80 is a complicated, impractical and non-ambidextrous piece of hardware.. I bet Her Majesty’s military operating on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan have a few complaints here and there about it.

    1. How’d you come to that conclusion? Like Jon said, training eliminates most problems with a bullpup. Reloading is only awkward if you’re untrained on it, and while ambidexterity is a good feature, I don’t see it as being a completely essential piece of gear. IIRC, the stock, baseline M4/M16 is not ambidextrous. For the most part, I’m sure if a left handed shooter couldn’t train himself to fire a rifle with his right hand, there could be special mirrored production models specifically for that purpose.

      But personally, I have a hard on for bullpups, so…

      1. well I’m comparing to my experiences from using a FAMAS, I didn’t need to flip it around so much. Just a bit awkward when changing the fire selector, which is just rear of the magazine.

      2. Ernest Young Avatar
        Ernest Young

        “The SA80 is a bullpup design so the ejector port is beside the firer’s cheek. This means the weapon can only be fired from the right shoulder. Most other bullpups allow certain parts to the switched around to accommodate left handed shooters, but the SA80 is strictly right shoulder only.”


  2. Not any more. Drills compensate for all of the issues you mention (though the design is flawed in a number of ways). Prior to the A2 model though, complaints aplenty.

  3. Friedrich Avatar

    The reliable/improved SA-80 is made by H&K.

    1. Not made by them – all extant SA80s were Enfield-built as A1s and retain their serial numbers, barrels, upper and lower receivers etc. HK’s A2 conversion was extensive, and probably qualifies as a rebuild.

  4. I’ve read/seen/made up that the SUSAT is the standard optic of choice for british military, so it sort of makes sense to not put an ACOG on it.

    Or, he’s just played Black Ops, heheh.

    1. SUSAT was indeed standard – now ACOG is, at least in-theatre and for front-line units. Many SUSATs still in service though.

      It would have been supplied with the SUSAT and mount. There would be no reason to remove the sight and fit the emergency backup sights, assuming these were even supplied with the weapon given that it’s fitted with an A1 charging handle.

  5. He can get nutty sometimes, but to hell with the critics. That’s my opinion for my own stuff. Do it for yourself and let the others howl at the moon.

  6. Is it just me or is his fake accent starting to get weaker and weaker? He sould kill himself (figuratively) and then reserect as a true hillbilly Georgia boy.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea he’s definitely putting less effort into being Russian. I like your idea for a transformation!

  7. Agreed, he should just be himself. Gotta add, this is the first one of his vids in a while I enjoyed.

    Another thing, having spent some quality (?) time with a HK variant SA80 I can confirm how awkward the rifle is. I would rather have a AK ergo wise. Anyone defending it hasnt spent enough time firing it. Its operation is interesting with how odd it is at first, but then it begins to grate on you.

  8. shockfish08 Avatar

    For all the foibles of the SA-80 it does have some slick features. The carrier rides on receiver mounted rails which eliminate carrier tilt and increase accuracy (and supposedly reliability). The SUSAT sight at one point was a revolutionary leap in terms of weapon mounted optics in terms of continuous accuracy and size and was copied by many european armed forces till better optics like the ACOG came out. The bolt head has 6 lugs (if I remember correctly) which in theory are stronger than the M16/M4’s 8 small lugs. And of course the fact that the weapon is a short bullpup package would make it desirable for crews entering/exiting small spaces like vehicles and houses.

    1. You’re right – unless the rails get bent, which happened frequently with the A1 and is still an issue. You can even get the carrier stuck in the receiver if the rails are slightly out of alignment. Armourers used to have to bash the receivers back into shape.

  9. Yes Chris. It’s fake and he loses the accent in a bad way part of the way through this vid. But what gets me, living in California, is the fact that he can shoot that thing full auto and not have the police draw down on him like holy hell. Is it me, is EVERY state in the union freer than mine. What the heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fake Accents dad isn’t in law enforcement.

  10. ObsidianOne Avatar

    Did he call it an AR at 1:52?

    1. Ernest Young Avatar
      Ernest Young

      He means “Assault Rifle”, I’ve seen people use this designation before. It’s incredibly confusing though.

    2. Yes, he’s using it as an abbreviation for ‘assault rifle’ rather than shorthand for ‘Armalite’.

  11. His vid is flawed
    Thats an L85A1 not L85A2, his gun is like 10+ years outa date. (you can tell from the cocking handle)

    You don’t need to reload like that, as the last shot kicks the working parts to the rear and since their is no ammo in the mag,…they stay thier, simply remove mag and put in new one, then hit the bolt release button on the “left” side of the gun and magic!

    You use BOTH hands when operating the rifle…so left or right handed…whats the difference lol, I can squeeze a trigger just as well with my left/right hand.

  12. Anonymous Coward Avatar
    Anonymous Coward

    Man, I wish I knew how he got one. Assuming we in the states ever get allowed to have new full auto weapons, the L85A2 is number one on my list, with the L86A2 being number two.
    Great weapons, the A2 variants have even been tested by the British army to be the most reliable military weapons in the world in military conditions (jungle, Arctic, desert, etc.)
    Forget M16s and AK-47s, I want an L85.